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  1. Calvin worked in for his family's delivery company, much to his dismay. He always aspired to be more than a delivery boy, but him being the only son to his parents, he was destined to inherit the family business. Since his father was still alive and active, Calvin often got sent off to do the worst of the jobs, and was bossed around. This went against his nature, he was the driving force in his circle of friends and loved to be in control. Trouble was, so did his father, and this caused a multitude of problems. The two of them never really got along, but they had a certain level of respect for each other, and this allowed them to work together to be the most profitable delivery service in town. They supplied all the major stores with their goods and restaurants and bakeries with guaranteed fresh ingredients. What was their secret? They had secret tunnels connecting nearby towns and farms that ran all over the surrounding area. They had the most direct routes in and out of the country to the center of the town. Calvin was on his way to do his usual route, the highlight of this was coming up in three more deliveries. Next stop was the stationary store, where he dreaded dealing with old Cynthia Caldwell, she was a little senile and often slowed him down. After that was The Ragged Ragamuffin , it was a filthy tavern, which always had some sort of crazy commotion inside and the owner Hugh Morris always had some even more absurd reason on why he would have to delay paying until a future date. He would say "Put it on my tab" with a deep laugh. Calvin didn't find humor in this, if it was up to him he would cut this place off of their delivery schedule. But then again, he just wanted to get to his next stop sooner. The next stop was a bakery, it was the antithesis of the Ragged Ragamuffin; there was always a pleasant odor in the air of freshly baked goods, and often times they tipped him in food. Delicious food, and this wasn't even half of the reason why he loved this delivery. There was a girl, the daughter of the baker, who he had often seen working there, she was close enough to his age for him to look at her without feeling guilty, and she was always nice to him. Today was going to be a good day he thought to himself as he stopped his cart in front of the back door to the bakery, he could smell his favorite pastries and bread being made and could here her singing from within. He stepped up to the door and knocked, in his special way, a way to let them know that there was a delivery for them and waited.