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  1. The end is near. The walls between worlds wear thin and creatures are once again free to wander the earth, and everyone is put at risk. The few humans who know have no hope of fending off the plethora of demons and monsters now infiltrating their home. What hope do they have?

    It is up to us, the ragtag team of angels, demons and monsters that will do anything to stop it. Our intentions may not quite align, but it's the only chance we have to restore peace to this dying world, or we all may burn when the last of the walls come crashing down...

    Seraphina woke with a searing pain in her ribs. She opened her eyes to the waning crescent moon poking through between the heavy clouds. A subtle breeze fluttered across her skin, a chill running up her spine. Slowly, she climbed to her feet, brushing her damp blonde curls out of her eyes. The long blades of grass tickled her knees through the thin fabric of what was left of a dress. Dressed in a burnt and torn white sheet of a gown, she quickly found the nearest road and began walking, her bare feet stinging against the rough dirt and stones of the path.
  2. A short ways down the path a large intimidating Orc named Bazur stood above the bodies of two recently slain demons. He has a large cut on his arm. The demons look worse. One of them has a battle axe embedded in his skull. Bazur brushes some dirt off his pants, the only thing he wears besides a holster for his axe. Hmph, hardly worth the effort.
  3. Seraphina closed her eyes, pulling the power from her core to summon up her sword, a glistening white blade adorned with a silver hand guard. Even in her weakened state, she could still feel the divine heat pounding in her chest, pushing against her ribs. Crouching by the side of the road, she waited for the orc's next move.
  4. He looks at her and then at her sword. "Really? Just because I'm an orc doesn't mean I like to brutally murder everything in my path. Well, I do like killing but only when necessary? And these guys attacked me first!" He reaches for the handle of his axe and pulls it out of the demons head. A little bit of blood splatters on him.
  5. Walking down the road, a blue-white haired human-elf named Zach was tinkering with his prized iridium-platinum sword, with a silver hilt. Along the road, he sees an orc and an angel and wonders what's going on. He puts his sword in its sheathe and walks toward them.
  6. She rose, still suspicious of the man. "Well in these troubling times, we can't exactly trust everyone we come across." She turned to see another face coming towards them. She let go of the hilt of her sword, which flashed a bright light and disappeared.
  7. Once he got in closer, Zach said, ''Hi, name's Zach!'', with a smile. He noticed the dead demons and said, ''Wow... they probably deserved it, just saying.'' He offered a handshake to Bazur and Seraphina. ''What are your names?'', he asked.
  8. Bazur doesn't accept the handshake. "Bazur"
  9. Zach put the other hand down. ''Hi, Bazur.'', he said. With another smile, he held up his hand to Seraphina now.
  10. She took his hand gently, still unsure of her own strength in this form. "Seraphina." She said quietly.
  11. ''So, what're you guys doing here?'', he said, ''No one usually comes on this trail so much.''
  12. "I was looking for a new weapon. This axe is getting old."
  13. "I just woke up here." She said, looking around. "Wherever here is..."
  14. ''I think I have a good, new axe. I got it as a bounty, it looked cool.'' Looking in his backpack, he found the axe and tossed it to Bazur.
  15. ''Well, if you're wondering, this place is called ''America'' by the humans here... Weird name for a country.'',he said, pondering why they'd name it that.
  16. He catches it and examines it. Takes a few swings at a tree. "Hmmm, this is nice. How much for it?"
  17. ''Completely free,'', he said. ''I'm clumsy with axes, so I have no use for it.''
  18. "Very well. Now where were you going?" Bazur starts looting the demon corpses.
  19. "Zach, how far is it to the nearest town?" Sera asked, crossing her arms over her chest.
  20. ''It's about 2 miles north. I believe it's called San Francisco, quite cold there... I'm going there too.'' said the pointy eared warrior.
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