Ragnarok Girls

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  1. I'm attempting to reboot Princess Cronus, so I thought I'd reboot Ragnarok Girls, its intended sister project.

    While I play the titular gril in Princess Cronus, I play the main dude in Ragnarok Girls.

    So basically some guy gets a note from his mother that says some stuff about having three girls living with him because he wanted sisters or something.

    These sisters come knocking on his door asking about whether this is his mother's place.

    He will later discover that these three sisters are Fenrir(Vana), Jourmungandr(Jourmun) and Hel(Hel).

    In addition to inspirations from Norse Mythology, it will carry influences from Irish legends and some extent of Arthurian myth.

    Yeah, I know, it's one of those and that's the entire point.
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  2. I sure like what I was smoking a bunch of months ago.

    Oh wait - I don't smoke!
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