Rage Incarnate

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The blood will boil, temperatures will rise and we all feel it. That tweak in the back of our heads that just sets it off. Anger is a necessary emotion, though a blinding on. An inhibiting one. As part of one of the deadly sins, Wrath, is something that often defines people. Would you consider yourself an angry person? Have you ever "Snapped?" Wha caused it, and do you think you'll ever let it happen again?

In my personal experience, I would say that I am an angry person. My patience seems to be a bit less than most, and often times it gets the better of me. But, I wouldn't say it's gotten me to the point of needing managament skills. There have been times when I have snapped, but none so much as this time when I lost it during school. The gist of it was, the bastard was being a dick, and I was defending myself, although physically and verbally, however he became out of line and twisted my arm. I took the liberty to pin him against the trophy case and curse him out whilst smacking him as hard as I could.

Though, as angry as I am, I would not say that Wrath is my sin.

What is your Rage Incarnate?
My temper can rage from easily snapped or really really understanding at times. They just fluctuate, I don't know why.

When I snap, I really launch into a blind rage and I go crazy, I've thrown people around during that blind rage. Good thing is, I return to my senses within seconds. Yeah, you read right. Seconds. I have no idea why it works like this but .. Yeah, I can go into a blind rage but it'll only lasts for seconds. Other times I'm just annoyed. I'll just be more short tempered and quiet, but I'm easily cheered up with a few laughs.
Staci does not rage.
Staci is the most calm being you can stumble upon.
Staci only feels sadness, and maybe can feel irritated when people are being jerky jerk idiots.
But never Rage.

- w-
It's much better to be happy! I wanna learn Tai Chi so I can be happier. Ever try laughing first thing in the morning? I heard there's a group of Buddhist monks that do it, and are some of the most calm people in the world. If lives are at stake you can always tap into controlled rage, but otherwise it does no good bu eat you alive.
*Places smoky flamethrower on the floor by the door, whiping the blood off of a knife as he enters.*

Oh... Um... Hi. What is this about again?
I don't handle my anger well. I tend to BURY and internalize it. Then it comes out in a big explosion, which... isn't good for anyone.

At least that's what I USED to be like. o__o My anger triggers have been reduced dramatically over the past few years. I firmly believe, if you have issues with anger, you have to find out what the -real- source is of all that rage and then take steps to FIX it.

I put that in to practice a lot now. If I have a repeat problem with a trigger, I look for ways to solve it. I HATE being angry. It's a very destructive emotion to my well being. x___x For example, if I get in to a fight with a person, I take a step back and decide whether or not it was even WORTH getting mad about. From there we talk it out and get over it. And if it can't be gotten past, I just... stop interacting with those people. XD Why talk to people that piss you off?

If it's a situation, like job, home, etc, you can still take that approach. Find out what about that is making you mad and see what can be changed. Even if you're 'stuck' somewhere for the time being, there's always ways to improve it. Even if that means changing your outlook and how you deal with it.

Roleplaying has always been great therapy for me. XD
I'm usually cool and calm. It's something I've trained myself to do for my mother's sake more than anyone else's. I could sense the hurt she felt whenever she experienced my wrath or uncontrollable sadness, and I did not like that. So, with time and patience, I taught myself to keep my rage within me. I found peaceful outlets so I could solve the problems myself instead of others having to deal with it for me, or suffer from it.

I'll be honest... I'm a monster when I'm angry. :/ I shout a lot, I swear a lot, I destroy things... Including myself. I have such crazy self destructive issues when I'm mad. It terrifies people. They never know what to do and they get scared, so I'm told. I don't want people to have to confront me when I'm like that so I maintain a level of peace, no matter how mad I am.

Now? I'm like, so calm that it shocks people.The last time I had a rampage thingy was like... 2 years ago, maybe? Anyway, I give such emotionless responses when people are panicking, ragin', etc. I'm the one that's there to say "Cool your jets" and then help sort out whatever the hell is going on. It's nice.

There is a rage I do from time to time, though. That's called nerd rage. *adjusts her glasses and makes a serious nod*
Hmm.. rage...hmm.
I'd say I don't but I'd be a liar... I'm one of those people that don't know when to stop once I start..not a good thing really. I tend to go straight to violence when I get mad. But, it takes a lot of certain key things to get me that way. But, once I am...God help whoever did it...
EXCEPT, I'd never hurt a female, just saying.
First it starts as apparent psychosis, I grow extremely malevolent to the point when it brings joy to cause suffering, then it will burn hotter and hotter into a berserk fury. Finally it freezes, and it honestley feels like ice is flowing through my veins, my thought process accelerates, the malevolence returns, and the adrenaline is still pumping so hard my body can keep up with my mind.

Then again I've taken drugs soley for the purpose of enhancing this feeling, not something I would permit another to try.
I don't get genuinely angry that often. Anger is a form of sadness, a fact I can usually recognize before anything unfortunate happens. I do get annoyed and frustrated a lot. Once upon a time, I thought I was good at hiding it, but apparently when I'm truly angry and disgusted with someone, I radiate hatred and ill will, even when I don't say anything. It's apparently kind of awful. I never get violent, and I only seem to go on cursing outbursts when I feel an incredible senseless injustice has been done.
Miru's grumpy face. :D