Rage and Grace: Super Soldier Roleplay [Signup/OOC]

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    Rage and Grace: A Super Soldier Roleplay
    Created by: AsarielNight

    If you're interested, pick a charrie and post a profile.
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    The moment the human genome was mapped, governments across the board began experimentation. In what ways could the genome be changed? Was there a time when one was too old, too sick, or too frail to have their genes toyed with? Could a better, more sophisticated human be built or modified? Most importantly, could a perfect soldier be created?

    With active gene manipulation and special psychological experimentation, perfects soldiers were generated. Men and women modified to be the perfect weapon, spy, infiltrator...whatever the needs were, there was someone designed to do it. Soldiers with incredible strength, pain tolerance, skills and loyalty previously unheard of in the human race.

    Soon, children began to be picked up where no one would miss them. Orphanages in the lost corners of the globe. Back streets and dark alleyways. Sometimes even in dumpsters or psychiatric wards. If the child would never be missed, or not a soul even cared for their existence, they began sudden "wards of the state". These "wards" were stripped of their previous identities, brought into underground government facilities to be tested, experimented upon and manipulated to become "the best of the best".

    At times, it was painful, unbearably so. Countless needles, drug cocktail and excruciating recovery times went on for days, months, sometimes even years as the methods were perfected. Despite it all, the young children hardly seemed to ming. The doctors, nurses, and scientists were so nice, so encouraging...as if they were their own flesh and blood.

    It was a twisted sort of family that the children so desperately wanted and so readily found, what were needles and tests when one finally had siblings and parental figures? Yet, the children bonded, with friendship and love, a kinship developed. These child super soldiers began to follow orders, so readily, with an undying faith that it was all for family, all for the best.

    But children grow. Truths come to light and adult's begin to question a child's faith. As adults, these Super Soldiers begin to realize their own potential, their skills and their superiority. They question their morals and actions, contemplating an orders potential, rather than simply following along like sheep. And the once friendly scientists, doctors and nurses begin to realize just how strong and smart their children have become, more so than themselves, frightfully so. But the higher-ups are ready for anything, and each generation of Super Soldiers seem to fall off the grid as they "age-out" at twenty-five.

    Yet the most recent generation is far more suspicious than their predecessors. The tight knit group has begun to question just what the Command Leaders have in store for them. Suspicions begin to take root and the elite team is starting to realize that their "family" is far too good to be true.

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          • -- The Leader (M)

          • Level-Headed:: Mindful Of Surroundings:: Team Support

      • Direct and Stubborn, THE LEADER is always the one to hold this band of misfits together. No one really questions how he came to lead them, but they wouldn't have it any other way. Little do they know how much he relies on his SECOND-IN-COMMAND for support and to keep his sometimes wayward tactics in line. His best friend, THE MUSCLE, only ever seems to assist in his crazy schemes. THE LEADER was the first one to become suspicious of their little family, wanting to get everyone out as soon as possible

    Vanessa Clairmont
    - 21
    level-headed :: motivating :: demanding

      • Where THE MUSCLE fuels THE LEADER'S fire, the SECOND-IN-COMMAND has to calm it. She's tough when she needs to be but much more nurturing that THE LEADER. It's probably since she spent so much time taking care of her little sister, THE MEDIC. Still, the SECOND-IN-COMMAND can't help but adore THE LEADER'S ways, though she often doesn't find herself getting along with his best friend, THE MUSCLE. Sometimes her best friend, THE MARTIAL ARTIST has to keep her from getting into a fight with THE MUSCLE that she knows she'd lose.

      • Asariel_Night

    [​IMG] --
    The Weapons Expert (M)
    Mark Simmons - 22

      • THE WEAPONS EXPECT is great with every weapon though his specialty is guns. He always knows which gun to get the job done and he;s the best sniper in the world. The team counts themselves lucky that they'd never have to be on the opposite side of him...they'd never see the bullet coming. As much as he loves his guns he's seems to spend quite a bit of time with THE MARTIAL ARTIST. He's spoken with his best mate, THE BLADE LOVE about his little crush, but she seems to always have her hands full.

    [​IMG] -- The Explosives Expert (M)

      • Never one to miss a chance, THE EXPLOSIVES EXPERT lives by the ideology that everything can be solved with a well placed bomb. From simple to extensive, he can rig anything in five minutes flat. His well place back-up have been known to come in handy in tight spots. He can always be found tinkering away on something new, but recently THE MEDIC has also been spending quite some time around him.

    [​IMG] -- The Stealth Expert (F)

      • THE STEALTH EXPERT is quick, nimble and can often be quite hard to find, even for her team. She loves to play tricks and is often a bit of a flirt. She loves a good challenge, especially ones that involve sneaking in and sneaking out. While she is great at getting into places she's also quite an expert at the game of disguises. Who knew the girl of many faces, however, had a thing for THE BLADES LOVER.

    [​IMG] -- The Muscle (M)

      • THE MUSCLE tends to be very arrogant and loud, something the SECOND-IN-COMMAND can't stand. He doesn't care, his best friend is THE LEADER and he tends to only listen to him. He's got more strength than three of his team member combined and that's saying something. Still, he can be a bit of a hot-head and for some reason only THE HACKER can seem to calm him down.

    [​IMG] --The Blade Lover (F)

      • A lover of anything quick and easy, THE BLADE LOVER can't help but prefer blades over guns. At any given time she has a number of blades on her person and you'd be hard pressed to find every single one. THE STEALTH EXPERT, however, seems to want to try. The two of them have this lovely game of cat and mouse going on that her best mate, THE WEAPONS EXPERT can't quite seem to grasp.

    [​IMG] -- The Martial Artist (F)

      • Quick, strong and fierce, one would be surprised by how level-headed THE MARTIAL ARTIST seems to be. Perhaps that's why she's such good friends with the SECOND-IN-COMMAND. The again she can't help but laugh along with THE MUSCLE sometimes about how their two leaders argue like husband and wife. Then again she seems to be the only one to really notice the chemistry between THE LEADER and the SECOND-IN-COMMAND. So why then can't she see the way THE WEAPONS EXPERT keeps looking at her.

    [​IMG] -- The Medic (F)

      • THE MEDIC is the youngest of the group and the most skeptical of THE LEADER'S suspicions, but she only voices such concerns to her big sister, the SECOND-IN-COMMAND. She's a sweet little girl, more adept at helping people than hurting them. Some might have called her a failed experiment with the way she seems to lack the speed and strength of some of the others, but no one seems to care. She's saved them a number of times and both THE MARTIAL ARTIST and THE EXPLOSIVES EXPERT can credit her with a second chance. She loves her little makeshift family more than she can say but she loves to spent time with THE EXPLOSIVES EXPERT.

    [​IMG] - The Hacker (M)

      • THE HACKER isn't one to shy away from any piece of technology, though he can't say the same about people. Luckily his twin, THE STEALTH EXPERT, is there to pull him back into the group. He can five a gun, like any good soldier, but he much prefers to use his computer as a weapon. As much as he'd rather fight with technology that a weapon he can't help the way THE BRUTE attracts his attention.

    [​IMG] -- The Lead Scientist

      • THE LEAD SCIENTIST has been with this program from the start. His/her ideology has always been about making a better human, not a better weapon. THE LEAD SCIENTIST hates seeing his/her beautiful children be terminated one group after the next. THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL can't help but be suspicious on whether or not he/she is really on board with getting rid of the latest group.

    [​IMG] -- The Government Official

      • THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL is here to make sure everything is going according to plan. He/She is the one giving the orders to eliminate the children as they age-out. They are cold, ruthless and prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure the continuation of perfect soldiers.

    [​IMG] -- The Doctor

    [​IMG] -- The Hunter (M)

    [​IMG] --The Hunter (F)
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  4. [​IMG]
    The Second-In-Command

    Vanessa Clairmont
    Alias: Nessa :: codename: Hawk
    Age: twenty-one
    Gender: female
    Orientation: heterosexual

    Vanessa is a girl with a rugged exterior but a warmth heart. She constantly frets over the well-being of her team, almost to the extent of being a mother hen. She might not be the oldest member of the group, but she has no qualms acting like it with her nagging and almost constant demands. Though she might bark orders at times, it's always in the teams best interest. She couldn't imagine losing a single one of them and she'll do everything in her power to be sure of this.

    Aside from her maternal instincts, she's a driving force of the team, inspiring hope when everything seems lost. She keeps her heads in the toughest of situations, except for when it come to squabbles with the leader. The two of them argue like a married couple, something that her younger sister constantly points out. Normally, however the two work like a well-oiled machine and she'll concede to his plans....when he's not being a mindless idiot.

    The only driving force greater than Vanessa's team is her little sister. Even though she does her best not to play favorites, it's more than obvious who's number one. She'll shield her sister from everything she can, no matter the sacrifice.


    Life before the program is almost non-existent to Vanessa. She remembers the streets and constantly being cold and hungry. Most of all she remembers clinging to her baby sister, the Medic's hand when things got too hard to handle. Her sister always came first. If there was only a little food for the night, Vanessa made sure her sister had it all. Even joining the program was in an effort to get her sister off the streets.

    A little pain and genetic mutations were nothing if it meant her sister would have a warm place to sleep and food to eat. The two joined the program young after Vanessa was certain they wouldn't be able to make it any longer.

    Likes: High places :: Hand to Hand combat :: small places

    Dislikes: poor planning :: red meat :: hot-hotheadedness

        • AsarielNight
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  6. [​IMG]
    The Weapons Expert

    Name: Mark Simmons
    Alias: Scott Hall
    Codename: Glaz
    Age: 22
    Orientation: Heterosexual

    Personality: Orderly, patient, and professional are all words that can describe Mark very well. He tries to keep a degree of professionalism about him on the job and in the majority of his interactions with people. Despite this, the other members of his 'family' know that he's always there for them. Being an avid weapon (mostly gun) nut he takes obsessive care of his equipment and has no qualms lecturing others on why they should do the same. Some of his most-used weapons have even been given names by Mark, and he gets a little irritated when someone else touches them.

    His shared love of weaponry has given him and The Blade Lover some common ground to bond on, since Mark thinks of her as a kindred spirit. The Blade Lover is one of the few people he's been willing to let his professional attitude down around. All he really asks is that she keeps his crush on The Martial Artist from getting known.

    History: He doesn't remember a whole lot of his youth, but only that he was involved in a accident where he accidentally shot his late sister. His father would later be arrested for a separate incident and he would be taken and placed into 'foster care.' Sadly, the foster care was really just him being placed into the experiments with other children. Whether through a cruel joke or a twist of fate, he was found to be good with firearms during the mutations. His place as the Weapons Expert was established.

    Likes: Firearms, planning, maintenance
    Dislikes: Negligence, hot-headedness, disorganization

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