Rage and Grace: A Super Solder Roleplay

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    Rage and Grace: A Super Soldier RP
    Created by: Asariel Night
  2. ┏━━━━━━━━━━youthoughtyou'driseaboveitall━━━━━━━━━━┓

    It was wonderful, finally being a member of a family; almost a miracle for those who had long ago lost hope.
    We were taken in from the cold, hazardous, often illegal living conditions. Brought in to safety and warmth...

    ...but there are always, always strings attached.

    And such things are always too good to be true.

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    The moment the human genome was mapped, governments across the board began experimentation. In what ways could the genome be changed? Was there a time when one was too old, too sick, or too frail to have their genes toyed with? Could a better, more sophisticated human be built or modified? Most importantly, could a perfect soldier be created?

    With active gene manipulation and special psychological experimentation, perfects soldiers were generated. Men and women modified to be the perfect weapon, spy, infiltrator...whatever the needs were, there was someone designed to do it. Soldiers with incredible strength, pain tolerance, skills and loyalty previously unheard of in the human race.

    Soon, children began to be picked up where no one would miss them. Orphanages in the lost corners of the globe. Back streets and dark alleyways. Sometimes even in dumpsters or psychiatric wards. If the child would never be missed, or not a soul even cared for their existence, they began sudden "wards of the state". These "wards" were stripped of their previous identities, brought into underground government facilities to be tested, experimented upon and manipulated to become "the best of the best".

    At times, it was painful, unbearably so. Countless needles, drug cocktail and excruciating recovery times went on for days, months, sometimes even years as the methods were perfected. Despite it all, the young children hardly seemed to ming. The doctors, nurses, and scientists were so nice, so encouraging...as if they were their own flesh and blood.

    It was a twisted sort of family that the children so desperately wanted and so readily found, what were needles and tests when one finally had siblings and parental figures? Yet, the children bonded, with friendship and love, a kinship developed. These child super soldiers began to follow orders, so readily, with an undying faith that it was all for family, all for the best.

    But children grow. Truths come to light and adult's begin to question a child's faith. As adults, these Super Soldiers begin to realize their own potential, their skills and their superiority. They question their morals and actions, contemplating an orders potential, rather than simply following along like sheep. And the once friendly scientists, doctors and nurses begin to realize just how strong and smart their children have become, more so than themselves, frightfully so. But the higher-ups are ready for anything, and each generation of Super Soldiers seem to fall off the grid as they "age-out" at twenty-five.

    Yet the most recent generation is far more suspicious than their predecessors. The tight knit group has begun to question just what the Command Leaders have in store for them. Suspicions begin to take root and the elite team is starting to realize that their "family" is far too good to be true.

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