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  1. "THIS is the group I've been given?!"
    As you stand in front of Mother Roslynn, you look around at the six other kids. They look like they've been randomly selected from who knows where, and how you wound up being selected yourself is beyond your comprehension. As far as all of you are concerned, this is the first time you even knew you had powers. Mother Roslynn glares in disapproval. This journey is going to be a hell of a ride.

    Rag-Tag Magic is a modern day magical kid AU where all of the characters have been randomly generated from this website. Seven girls, all without knowledge of their great destiny, are chosen by the great Mother Roslynn to save the world from demons and monsters that lurk in the darkness. However, these girls are far from the perfect specimens. This roleplay chronicles their adventures and their formation as a group.

    1. No god-modding or Mary-Sues. Your characters might be magical, but they can't control everything.
    2. While the descriptions of each character are copied and pasted from a website, everything else is up to you. As long as you keep the basic info from the description, your character is free game for customization.
    3. Diversity is absolutely encouraged!! Does your magical girl like other magical girls? Awesome! Is your character not into relationships at all? Cool! Is your magical girl transitioning into a magical boy, or vice versa? Totally rad, and so is every other possibility!! This is a safe space for all of you cool LGBT RPers and your cool characters.

    3a. On a similar note, if you're uncomfortable with non-straight or non-cisgendered characters, this probably won't be the place for you. We don't allow any jerks in this RP.
    4. No NSFW. You'll be too busy fighting demons to do the do. Smooches and cuddles are fine, though (if you have the time).
    5. When fighting the demons and monsters, acknowledge the fact that you will get hurt and you might not be powerful enough. You might be critically damaged and die. If that happens, you can be revived ONCE by a teammate. ONCE.
    6. Mod (me) will be Mother Roslynn and demons, so you will have to DEAL WITH MY WRATH.
    7. Have fun!

    1.) This tense magical girl has wide brown eyes and long, curly, silky, sand-colored hair worn in a simple style. She has a graceful figure. She has evil powers that are activated by magical gestures. Her uniform is mostly black and brown, looks like a fusion of a schoolmarm's outfit and a coverall, and is a thing of angles and shapes that suggest pain and suffering.

    2.)This witty magical girl has narrow cobalt-blue eyes and neck-length, straight, thick, purple hair worn in a businesslike style. She has a lithe figure. She has reptile powers that are invoked by helpful spirit companions. Her costume is green and purple in even proportions, and it looks like a fusion of a schoolmarm's outfit and a schoolgirl's fuku.

    3. This silly magical girl has wide cherry red eyes and very long, straight, luxurious, yellow hair worn in a carefully-crafted style. She has a voluptuous build. She has canine powers that are invoked instinctively. Her mystical uniform is mostly white and red.

    4.) This sneaky magical girl has droopy violet eyes and short, wavy, thick, slate-gray hair worn in an unusual style. She has an hourglass build. She has canine powers that are focused through a helpful little monster. Her costume is white and orange in even proportions, looks like a fusion of a sorceress' robes and an exotic dancer's outfit, and it includes a headpiece that suggests a wolfs ears.

    5.) This mistrustful magical girl has wide red eyes and short, straight, silky, gray hair worn in a businesslike style. She has a petite figure. She has weather powers that are focused through a staff. Her costume is blue and white in even proportions, resembles a biker's outfit, and it looks more like it is made of clouds than of cloth.

    6.) This studious magical girl has slanted blue eyes and very short, straight, luxurious, yellow hair worn in a practical style. She has a graceful build. She has luck powers that are activated by concentration. Her costume is brown and red in even proportions, and it is essentially a fortune teller's garb.

    7.) This generous magical girl has almond-shaped white eyes. Her short, wavy, thick hair is the color of fresh green apples, and is worn in an alluring style. She has a curvy build. She has angel powers that are activated by concentration. Her outfit is mostly white and brown, and it is essentially a sorceress' robes.

    Character Sheet
    1.) Name of Character
    2.) Description Number
    3.) Bio
    4.) Interesting facts about your character
    *Opt. A drawing of your character based on their description*

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  2. I would like to use the first girl but can I make her a cross dresser/transgender?
  3. absolutely! though personally making them trans rather than a crossdresser would be safer in terms of the comfort of others; crossdressing can be offensive to some people due to the performance aspect and the ability to "shed the act". however, if you want them to crossdress at first and then transition through the story, that's cool too! i just want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable during the session

    i have to ask, though, are you planning on your character being a magical boy or a magical girl? just wondering; i think that your plan for this character will be fantastic!
  4. I wanted to make her a magical boy. And alright! I'll make the character a cross dresser who later on gets the operation to be a transgender, alright?
  5. that sounds good! and remember, your character can transition beforehand w/o any operations needed. just make sure to clarify with the other players once we get started!
  6. Name: Matilda Linch or Matt

    Description Number: #1

    Bio: Ever since Matt was in elementary school she insisted on dressing like a boy. Her parents wouldn't let her leave the house dressed in boys clothes so whenever kids were invited to there house she always said she was Matilda's brother, Matt. As she got older she was able to leave the house dressed like a boy and people were always convinced that she was. Matilda even had a few girlfriends until they found out who she really was. Though of course her decision came with judgement, making people dislike her and get bullied. She always fought back but the experiences made her always alert and tense. The day she discovered her powers was when she was in a fight between two male students. She wouldn't tell anyone what happened in the fight because frankly the whole thing about her powers scare her. Instantly the day after the fight she was called to Mother Roslyn.

    Interesting Facts: She has a major soft spot for anything cute. (Ex. Puppies, kittens, stuffed animals ect.)

    (Sorry but I suppose this is the closest picture I could find, is it alright?)
    Appearance (open)
    [​IMG] (cross dressing/normal look)
    [​IMG] (Dressing as a girl.)
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  7. I'm interested in magical girl 3, could you just further explain "canine powers" a little bit before I create my cs?

    Pretty please with cherries on top?~♡
  8. alright!~

    honestly, what the canine powers are is up to you, but in my mind i visualize it as having dog like qualities, like a sixth sense for danger and/or a great sense of smell and tracking people. that, or you can control dogs, but really it's up to you!

    i hope this helped!
  9. I don't suppose I could be a giant pain in the rear end and ask if maybe I might be able to change it to feline as to be different from #4?

    And cause I like kitties? :3~
  10. totally fine!!
  11. Wonderful! Creating cs now!

    Thankies! ~♡
  12. Name of Character: Kythii (Or Kitty)

    Description Number: Magical Girl 3!~

    Bio: Kythii had always been a very... odd, child. Her parents and teachers called her silly or creative, while other children called her weird, or even crazy. This isn't one of those sad, rejected stories though. Sure, She felt a little lonely sometimes, not really having any friends or significant others. A couple of guys have called her cute or hot before, but weren't interested when they got to see her more eccentric personality. She didn't really mind all that much though. She was usually too caught up in her own imagination to care. When she wasn't doing that, She was eager to get home to her best friend, the playful bengal/tabby mix that she had played with for years. She found out about her feline powers while playing with the cat, noting named Tabitha, or Tabby, by her parents when she was a child. When she had finally gotten older, her parents noticed one day how cat like their daughter was while her and the cat were playing. Unnaturally so. Not the usual, crawl on all fours, saying meow and drinking milk out of a bowl. She was flexible, very graceful, always landed on her feet when she fell, and could leap, or pounce incredible heights or distances like cats could. She could contort herself into tight spaces, with amazing balance. Maybe she could even hear as well as cats or even see in the night! Her parents talked with each other awhile, worried whether or not her daughter was hiding ears or a tail! What else was wrong with her, they wondered, not ever really confronting her about their concerns. The next thing Kythii knew, She was selected for something, standing in front of this woman with six other girls.

    Interesting facts about your character: As out of it as she seems at most times, she's actually very attentive and smart.

    She is normally enthusiastic and friendly, but can get very shy around people she's attracted to in the rare instances she finds them.

    She is particularly attached to a necklace she wears under her clothes along with a specific sweater.

    She is incapable of crossing her eyes.

    *Opt. A drawing of your character based on their description*
    This picture kind of goes with her I think~

    And maybe something like this for the "mystical uniform", just replacing the black parts with white?
  13. I'm still trying to think of a last name for her!
    Hope the cs and everything is alright~
    Also, if the uniform is too much, let me know, I can find a different one! ~ :3
  14. yeah absolutely!! everyone's characters look awesome so far!!!!
  15. Yay! ~
    Hopefully more people will come along soon, I'm excited to see how this plays out! :3
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