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  1. Hey guys, so after a busy couple of months, I'm back to roleplaying! And I'm looking for some partners :D

    A few things to note about me:
    I'm adaptable, but prefer at least an intermediate level.
    Very occasionally, I will speed RP if I'm feeling lazy. But, like I said, I usually prefer longer RPs.
    I haven't roleplayed in a while so I might be a bit rusty - but bear with me!
    I try to reply at least twice a week, but sometimes life can get in the way, and I'm awfully forgetful; so if I haven't replied in a while, just give me a nudge.
    I do smut/libertine, but prefer more plot-heavy content.
    I can do M/F, M/M or F/F pairings (though I generally prefer to play female in a M/F pairing)
    For fandom roleplays, I like to do both canon and OC couples
    I like to discuss plot!


    Dragon Age

    Avatar: the Last Airbender
    -Ty Lee/Azula

    Avatar: the Legend of Korra


    Akatsuki no Yona

    K Project/[K]

    The 100


    Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

    Medieval/High Fantasy
    Modern Fantasy
    Science Fiction
    Slice of Life (if the plot is interesting enough)

    General Pairings
    Fallen Angle/Human
    Mage/Templar (Dragon Age)
    Mage/Ex-Templar (Dragon Age)
    Ex-Equalist/Bender (Avatar: the Legend of Korra)

    Plots (to be updated)

    (Plot One)
    C1 is the princess of a kingdom in which magic is forbidden, and daughter to a king that abhors and fears it. When she comes of age (either 16 or 18 depending on the roleplay), she discovers, in a very public way, that she herself has magic. Her father sentences her to death. Though she manages to escape, it is just barely with her life. She ends up on the doorstep of C2, a witch/wizard living in the wilds.

    (Plot Two)
    Character 1 is a Knight of a religious/holy order, that has failed on an important mission. They are given one final chance to redeem themselves and are sent to find a powerful magical amulet that has been lost to legend for centuries. Character 2 (I'd prefer to play this character) is the follower of an underground religion that is considered heresy across most of the land, and especially so by Character 1, that is searching for this same amulet for personal reasons. When they come across each other, they decide to help each other for the time being and duel for the amulet when they find it.

    (Plot Three - Dragon Age)
    The Mage-Templar war is over, and the mages have their freedom at last, thanks to Divine Victoria. Character 1 was a Templar, one of those few who had managed to avoid Corypheus' corruption. Though the world has changed, they still stand strongly by the views that mages are evil and need to be killed, made Tranquil or imprisoned. Their lyrium supply is cut off, and they begin to go through dangerous withdrawals. Character 2 is a mage who used to be Tranquil - but was saved from it by a spirit of Compassion - and thus is resentful of the Templars. They find Character 1 injured in the woods, and helps nurse them back to health, not knowing that they are a Templar.

    Feel free to suggest your own plots! PM me or comment if you're interested :3​
  2. I would like the apprentice x master
  3. Awesome :D PM me with who you'd prefer to play and stuff!
  4. If you're still looking for partners, I find Plot 2 to be very interesting. ^_^
  5. Are you still looking?
  6. Deity x Human sounds interesting? What kind of plot would that be?
  7. Plot one sounds very good. I would love to play the princess, but I could also gladly play the witch in the woods. Both equally interest me. Let me know if you would be interested in rping with me.
  8. Sounds good! :D I don't mind playing the witch, just PM me~ :3
  9. If you're still looking I would love to do Korra x Asami with you ^_^
  10. Korrasami yes! :D pm me with who you want to play and stuff~
  11. If you're still looking, i'd like to do a Vampire/Hunter roleplay.
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