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  1. Hi there! So, after quite a long absence from this site, and roleplay, I'm back and looking for new partners. I'm not looking for a lot at the moment, but I am looking for a few, so here goes! PM me if you're interested.

    Please note that I'm currently mostly looking for fandom roleplays right now! I already have some originals, so I'd like some fandoms as well. That being said, I'd also be interested in putting the fandom characters in AU situations.

    About Me:
    • I'm adaptable, but I prefer at least an intermediate to advanced level (my ideal length is about 2-4 paragraphs)​
    • Very occasionally, I will do speed/chat RPs if I'm feeling lazy, but like I said, I usually prefer longer posts.​
    • My favourite genres are fantasy (medieval or modern) and romance​
    • I might be a little rusty, but bear with me! If you'd like examples of my writing, feel free to ask and I can link you to my AO3 and tumblr.​
    • I try to reply at least twice a week (at the bare minimum, I can do more), but sometimes life can get in the way, and my memory is awful. Plus, my email likes to filter Iwaku notifications as junk randomly sometimes, so if I haven't replied in a while, please just give me a nudge!​
    • I like to be friends with my partners, so feel free to strike up a conversation!​
    • I like to plot things out - I feel like things are more likely to get stale if we don't think at least a little about where we're going.​
    • I like to include libertine/red star content from time to time, but I prefer roleplays to be more plot-heavy.​
    • I can do MxM, MxF, and FxF pairings (I usually prefer playing a female in a MxF pairing, however).​
    • For fandom roleplays, I'll list pairings that I like, but I also enjoy doing OCxOC pairings.​
    • *s will go next to stuff I'm craving.​
    • Roles I specifically want to play will be bold.
    • If you don't see a fandom of yours on there, feel free to message me and ask, as I might have forgotten to list something.
    Dragon Age*
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    -Ty Lee/Azula
    Avatar: The Legend of Korra
    Akatsuki no Yona*
    Shingeki no Kyojin
    Steven Universe
    Game of Thrones

    General Pairings:
    Any forbidden love, it's my jam
    Fallen Angle/Human
    Mage/Templar (Dragon Age)
    Mage/Ex-Templar (Dragon Age)
    Human/Dalish (Dragon Age)*

    Plot Ideas:

    (Plot 1)
    Character 1 is a seemingly ordinary university student. One day, they are kidnapped and taken to a remote island where they discover that they have latent psychic/supernatural abilities. They are forcibly trained to kill by a mysterious military organization, alongside other young psychics. Character 2 is either a fellow trainee, or one of the agents/trainers from the organization.

    (Plot 2)
    Character 1 - serial number XV-92894 - is, on the surface, just an android programmed to serve humans. However, when Character 2, a genius hacker, purchases XV-92894 a defect becomes apparent - they can feel emotion. When character 2 inspects their android, they discover classified information has been secretly installed onto XV-92894, thrusting them into the middle of a conspiracy and sending them on the run.

    (Plot 3)
    Character 1, code-named Strings (this would be me), is an illegal violinist in a world where music has been outlawed. Character 2 is an ordinary citizen that gets swept up in the world of illegal music.​
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  2. I am also returning after a bit of a hiatus and I need to do a Dragon Age Roleplay...right now. I have been dying to do one for such a long time! I will be sending you a message here soon to see if you would be interested.
  3. Sure thing! I sent you a reply!
  4. I'd be interested in playing a Male in an MxF pairing if you're still looking.

    I'll PM you.
  5. That android plot you have there sounds amazing! I'll be sending you a PM in a few minutes, but-- androids, emotions, and political plots? I love it all.
    • Nice execution! Nice execution! x 1
  6. Looking for one or two more roleplays :) craving dragon age, or something more modern, and FxF.
  7. Updated with some pairings!
  8. Plot 1 or Knight/Noble seems pretty interesting.
  9. Ooooh forbidden love!! Yes please :D
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