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  1. Here we are~ c:

    So, should we do simple skellies or more complex ones?
  2. whatever you want
    sorry if im so annoying for saying "i dont mind" or stuff like that sorry!! ^^
  3. It's okay! ^.^

    I guess we'll do simple skellies, then.




  4. Name: Sophia Erikson

    Age: 17

    Appearance: (uploaded a picture for her)

    Other: She's pretty shy for a girl her age.

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  5. sorry for not replying im kinda busy ^^


    appearance: messy dark brown hair ending in the middle of his neck he has brown eyes, he's tall and has big friendly smile (his fringe covers his eyes)

    Other: loves hats, at the moment is wearing a rainbow hat with a big bobble on top, he's really frindly and nice he loves food and is really easy to make friends with but if he gets angry hes fierce
  6. I'll start off. I usually have an extensive, three paragraph starter, but it won't stay that way, lol.

    Sophia trembled under her father's hate filled glare. "I'm giving you two minutes to pack. If you are not out by then, there will be major consequences." She nodded and fled to her room, pulling out a duffel bag and throwing random articles of clothing inside. Tears streamed down her cheeks when she picked up a picture of her mother, then she placed it carefully between her pairs of jeans.

    "One minute left, Sophia!" She panicked and shakily opened her jewelry box, pulling out a large wad of cash from her mother and stuffed it in her pocket. She stashed her cell phone and iPod in her hoodie. She heard footsteps and closed the duffel bag, straightening up and pushing past him, the bag on her shoulder.

    Sophia could hear her father following her, and she swallowed audibly. She reached for the door when she was suddenly turned around and slapped across her face. She stared at him, a whimper escaping her lips as she covered her cheek. "Get out. Now." Sophia fumbled with the doorknob and opened it, stumbling out. The door slammed behind her, and now she was outside. Alone....without anywhere to go.

    She wiped at her eyes and sighed shakily as she walked, wondering what she was supposed to do now. She went into the park and sat on one of the benches, gently touching her red cheek, wincing as it began throbbing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.