Radioactive Boars Rampaging Through Germany

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This would be so much more awesome if they were radioactive BEARS.

What are you doing reading Fox

I only go to reliable sources like Colbert Nation for my news.
I'm sure there are some closer to Chernobyl, Grumpy. Probably wolves too.

The Zone. Seriously awesome movie.
Be happy there isn't a plague of radioactive BEES.

Now that would suck.
More like radioactive WASPS or HORNETS.

Those things have only one mission in nature: to fuck shit up.

BEEEEEEEEES have better things to do.
I always find it funny how american news ALWAYS portrays any civilisation as beneath them..

I mean in all honesty.. Western Europe is pretty solidly more civilised than American but America cannot see this, it thinks we're all savages from the badlands.. Despite the fact that we made you..

Case in point:
"Poisonous radiation leaves the beasts completely inedible (wild boar is considered a delicacy in Germany)"

Seriously? "Oh those wacky backwards Germans eating wild boars, how cute"

Fuck you america! The only reason you don't eat wild boars is cos you either don't have them or you already ate them!
Even the radioactive ones!


P.S the news story also rather humorously makes it sound like hundreds of boars are tearing across Germany, through city centers and wrecking everything.. which I'm pretty sure isn't true.
No Porg, It's because we have a bunch of wacky fucknugget retards running around this country that call themselves PETA. They recruit by taking the people with severe vaginitis and a complete and utter lack of sense and psycho indoctrinate them into their heretical meatless cult.
More like radioactive WASPS or HORNETS.

Those things have only one mission in nature: to fuck shit up.

BEEEEEEEEES have better things to do.

What if they're Africanized? ._. They seem to go out of their way to start shit.
Porg stop being butthurt, it's supposed to be humorous on our part. Everyone knows Faux is stupid.
Porgy boy, try not to cut yourself on that IHATAMERICA edgyness you got going there.

You know, I'm pretty sure that Chrynobyl has little to do with this... you know with it being as low with radiation as it is today.
Exactly.... They need to relook where Chernobyl is, considering the fact Germany and the Ukraine are pretty far away from each other.
if there are radioactive bears, do they get to ride radioactive horses? or are those reserved for the rampaging boorish boars?
But WMD I do hat America! So very much! (Though you have to admit a lot of the american media does portray the rest of the world as weird creatures they don't understand)

To be fair though.. ive been to Germany, I'd be surprised if those boars weren't already sausages.. delicious not-really-radioactive glow-in-the-dark sausages.

Plus if those boars ARE radioactive, then considering the amount of bears there are actually in the area near Chernobyl, ie. Russia and Scandinavia Ampoule's dreams may not be so unreasonable. Which by extension means my dreams of crushing France with radioactive bears may also be not so far off! 8D