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  1. OOC is up here!


    We wanted a utopia.

    At the collapse of man, we banded together. While nations fell like dominoes to the nuclear shock wave, we built a new city from the ruins. We called it New Earth. In New Earth, people of all races, religions, ethnicities and beliefs were welcomed. People from across the world created their own boroughs. New London, New Paris, New Moscow and countless others were all founded within the city limits, which went on for miles. Using the science of our forefathers, we invented an automated police force, created extensive public services and set up our government with the vast former democracies as our models. New Earth was looking to become Utopia on earth, the utopia Humanity has always wanted.

    But somewhere, we went wrong.

    Those with old world money and power were allowed to rule our new utopia. When the public services became too expensive, they destroyed them. When the people became unhappy, they did nothing. When the people protested and rioted, they set their armies of metal on them. When the streets of New Earth became too dangerous to walk, they hid behind a great wall of iron and metal, leaving the citizens to fend for themselves. They hide behind their walls to this day, uncaring for their citizens, who can do nothing to help themselves.

    New Earths population has long exceeded 50 million people and is spread across Europe in every direction. Yet in the centre, those precious few with power hide in their own section of the city, calling it New Europa. Outside of its walls, we are left to fend for ourselves. We work in their factories, listen to the their propaganda and vote in their elections. All the while, we are too scared to change anything. Riots, protests and even small gatherings are broken with deadly force, using the horrific automated creatures that scan our smoggy, choked air.

    We've repeated the mistakes of those before us and we are once again on the path to destruction.

    Our streets are rife with drugs, gangs and death squads. We find solitude in our tiny apartments with technology. We can waste our days watching government television, working in a factory or injecting morphine into our veins. But some of us have found a safer solace. Across New Earth, pirate radio or "AltRad" has become incredibly popular among people of all ages. However, none is more influential (and elusive) than Radio New Earth.

    The government has announced time and time again that those running Radio New Earth, so called ''DJ Battle'' and ''DJ Unpopular'', are terrorists who seed discourse and unhappiness among the population. But we listen to them anyway. DJ Battles powerful speeches and DJ Unpopular's soothing, old-world music has made them a hit among everyone.

    You listen to Radio New Earth with your souped up radio in the confines of your small apartment whenever possible and you have slowly realised it's not just a radio show. A few hours after every show, at approximately 2am, in the middle of the static, a short message is played in a series of coded beeps. It took you quite a lot of research - but you cracked it. The message itself has not changed at all and very few people seem to be aware of what it is. But you are one of the few.

    Do not fear.
    Come to us.
    Reclaim Earth in New Yerevan.

    Yo. I've had this idea for a few months now and I thought 'Gawd, why not share it?'. We shall be playing a group of rebellious people from across the city of New Earth, Europe who have cracked the code and made their way to New Yerevan, the alleged site of Radio New Earth and the area the coded message mentioned several times. Radio New Earth or ''RNE'' is known for its anti-authoritarian messages and illegal music, being branded a terrorist station by the overbearing government, who hide behind high walls. The tech level will be relatively futuristic and yes, we will have cool weaponry at out disposal.

    In any case, this is an interest check. Any and all questions are welcome.​
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  2. This sounds awesome! Definitely interested.
  3. Also super interested:0!!
  4. I'm definitely interested as well x]
  5. this is similar to something I've done before and yet totally different. Sign me up.
  6. Hotdog, got have my interest!!!
  7. Definitely interested; I haven't played a good dystopian in a while, and it looks like you've put a good amount of detail into this.
  8. I didn't expect this much interest O_O

    I'll have the OOC up as soon as possible.
  9. A'ight, everyone, I rushed out a quick OOC and app here.

    For all of you veterans on Iwaku, I'd like to apologise for my lack of coding knowledge and for the ugliness of OP. But worry not! For I shall add to the OOC with character rosters and other pieces of lovely code when I have the time/things to put in it. So anyways, see you over at the ugly new thread.
  10. Definitely interested!
  11. T'is a grand day for me to GM an RP that actually goes somewhere. Thanks very much for the interest, friend.
  12. That you for introducing an RP that is really interesting to me. I started on a character already. Is it alright if we add pics to the CS.
  13. Absolutely. I'd ask for a few paragraphs too, though.
  14. Oh good. I have that, I'll add a pic thanks.
  15. Chapatrap, if I may, I suggest adding the OOC link to the first info post so people that become interested know that it exists and that they should head over there to apply.
  16. Done. Good idea, man, thanks for pointing it out. Now, I've got an app to finish.
  17. Let it be known to all that this RP has not yet started. We're still in the Character Sheet phase and I believe there are still positions open (?).

    Apologies in advance to Chapatrap if I'm overstepping, but this rp sounds cool and I can't wait to start >.< (hence the bump on this thread)
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