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  1. Name:
    Skill Set:
    Inventory (5 maximum):

    Name: Drew
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Skill Set: Talented medic with high intelligence and an eye for trouble. Above average running speed and moderate endurance. Good with most gadgets.
    Inventory (5 maximum): First Aid kit, Leather Wallet with $160 and a Small Engraved Scalpel with the letters M.G.
    Appearance/Attire: 5'9 with a small frame and pale skin, messy blonde hair with a swept fringe. Delicate features accent the look of total innocence, sharp green eyes usually darting about in his otherwise subtle visage.
    Denim shorts that stop just before the knee and a blood stained cotton shirt with Rocket Raccoon snarling on the front with the ironic words 'I Bite' written just below. On his feet are a pair of green sketchers, small for him but they have long since ripped and contorted to fit comfortably. He wears a a green paramedic jumper and a red cross nurse hat.
    Personality: Meek and cautious, awkward around other people but can act decisively when he must. Not very caring for a medic but he is very gifted and has immense pride in his work. He refuses to let anyone die if he can stop it, even people who have done him wrong. His battle with death is his greatest motivator and his biggest weakness.
  2. Name: Kyle
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male (straight)
    Skill Set: Quick and nimble on his feet and very flexible, has a good sense of danger. Can scale most surfaces with the correct gear. Very resourceful and can sometimes create items out of what most people would see as trash.
    Inventory (5 maximum): Ascending gear (climbing), a lock pick, a Glock17 with 8/9 19mm parabellum rounds loaded, A spare magazine of 9/9 19mm parabellum rounds and a sheathed short sword attached to the lower back section of his chest harness.
    Appearance: Stands at 5ft8inches. Pale skin often a little dirty with no noticeable blemishes. Black hair, eyes and eyebrows. Also wears a slightly overgrown stubble that can’t quite be called a beard.
    Attire: Black plimsolls, black cargo pants, black long sleeve t-shirt, black hooded jumper (no zip), a grey chest harness used for climbing and black fingerless gloves.
    Personality: Confrontational and a bit of an ass most of the time, will only work in a group under the reality of mutual benefits. Acquaintanceship only extends so far and he is openly unreliable in life and death situations, extends little to no trust towards others accordingly. Avoids unnecessary death where possible and prefers to avoid physical confrontation.
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  3. Name: Hazel
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Skill Set: Very stealthy and favors staying quiet and low as opposed to running out with guns blazing. Quite the master at lockpicking, can get virtually any door open. She is very intelligent from reading the majority of the books she has come across, and because of this hobby, has also learned to cook and sew.
    Inventory (5 maximum): A small box holding numerous bobby pins, a sewing kit, a pocket knife, a small saucepan for cooking, and a box of matches.
    Appearance/Attire: Hazel stands at about 5 feet, 2 inches. Her hair is deep red, long and wavy. She usually has her hair tied up in a bun or flowing freely, depending on how recently she has found a water source to wash it. Eyes are very light green with long eyelashes. She is relatively thin due to the rarity of finding enough calories to maintain a healthy weight. She wears a pair of short shorts and a black tank top with a red long-sleeved flannel shirt over it. She's wearing black tennis shoes that she jacked from an abandoned house.
    Personality: Very opinionated and becomes attached fairly easily once she deems someone trustworthy. Very trusting nature, which can sometimes get her into trouble. Tends to be overly friendly, which can lead to confusion in her male acquaintances and friends. Thoroughly enjoys getting white girl wasted whenever possible and doesn't really care who witnesses it. She can be ridiculously honest, which can at times irk the people around her.
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