Radiation Poisoning

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  1. It's been 10 years since the bombs dropped and nuclear waste covered the land, destroying everything in it's path. The plant life was scorched, the water contaminated, the buildings destroyed, and the living creatures' forms began to change, gaining special abilities to survive in this near uninhabitable land.

    In order to adapt, living things have become mutants, some more dangerous than others.

    The lowest class of mutant is a mild mutation that may change your appearance slightly, and enhances chances of survival by giving you unnatural skills, like a dog being able to glide, or a person being able to regrow their arms or legs if something happens to them.

    The secondary class of mutant affects not only your appearance greatly, but your sense of sentience. You still have a personality, but your instincts can take over if you use your mutant ability too often. These are seen as dangerous mutants, but not extermination worthy. There in medication to keep these mutants from losing control but supply may become limited in the future if the resource doesn't become reusable.

    The final class of mutant is rare but by far the most dangerous. You lose all resemblance of what you were before and become a massive, bad tempered monster that cannot be reasoned with. It is purely instinct driven, and it's first instinct is to kill. If one sees you it WILL attack. Only engage in a group and exterminate as quickly as possible. (NOTICE: THESE NEAR-INDESTRUCTIBLE BEASTS ARE NOT OPTIONS TO PLAY)

    Despite the fallout, there is some trace of civilization; there are factions, camps, small towns, and some sort of unorganized government. But really the only goals of this place is eat, sleep, survive.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Cord
    Mutation: Final-class. He is now a...monster, but due to him being the only one that's been seen, most are only frightened shitless and cautious, rather than him being shot on sight. It's also due to the substantial lack of bad-breath and tentacles; he's intimidating as all Hell, but not disgustingly gruesome. He's sentient, and incredibly intelligent, perhaps on par with the more scholarish types. Despite his blunt and gruff demeanor, he's rather poetic. Cord's body is incredibly tough, able to take high-caliber bullets and energy/fire attacks without a scratch, and his strength and speed is second to none. Not to mention his incredibly lethal claws and fangs.
    Age: Unknown. His disembodied, deep, and guttural voice isn't old by anymeans, however.
  3. Name: Forgredad or "Dad"
    Mutation (ability and level): Super powerful nose. Can detect any scent from miles away. 1st Class.
    Age: 34
    Appearance: Nobody knows what he looks like under his cloak. The only visible parts of his body are his hands and his incredibly large nose poking out from his hood. He dual wields .45 magnum revolvers, relics from before the war. His sole purpose is to eliminate the dangerous 3rd class mutants that threaten society.

    Dad walks into the shattered remains of what was once somebody's home, back before everything went to hell. He kicks around the rubble and the dust, pushes aside a part of a fallen wall, and makes his way to the only thing to survive the blast, a large white refrigerator. Opening it up, he pulls out a few bottles of water and puts them in his pack, then pulls out a can a beer and cracks it open.
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  4. "You shouldn't go through people's things without permission." Iris sneered, hopping out from behind a conveniently placed bolder, ripping her tights slightly as she did so. "Oh shoot, I just found these!...I knew they'd be too good to be true." she grumbled at her misfortune.
    Recomposing herself, the young teen pointed an accusatory finger at the cloaked man. "Didn't your mother teach you to read? That fridge CLEARLY has 'Property of Iris' on it!"
  5. Dad ignored the girl berating him and cleared a spot in the rubble to sit. He lifted the can under his hood and sipped it slowly.
  6. "AW, what?! You prick! Pay attention to when someone is talking to you!" she hissed, approaching him, and suddenly noticing his exceptionally sized shnauz. "What? are you afraid I'll make fun of your nose or something?"

    At this point, Iris was just trying to provoke the stranger, she needed to get her water back.
  7. Dad stood up straight and tossed the half-empty can of beer to Iris. He wandered out of the house and stood on the boulder Iris had emerged from. He put his nose in the air, and inhaled sharply.

    "There's a berserk 2nd class mutant 2.3 miles to the south, and it's coming this way. Fast. If you can't handle yourself, you better get back."
  8. A rather tall shape slowly materialized just barely within the line of sight, rising from the road it stood a little under a mile away. It swayed on long legs, arms hanging at its side. It was a few meters out of the way of the dangerous mutant, and a comfortable distance away from the first class, and the girl. The creature had the scent of a hospital laundry room, if such a place even existed anymore.
    Name: V
    Mutation (ability and level): Enhanced: (untested limit) strength, speed, reflexes, hearing, feline sight, durability; retractable claws, 274.32cm tall. Second class.
    Age: 20
    Appearance: [​IMG]No it is not poor drawing, the creature's eyes are the ones on the hood.
  9. Iris caught the chilled can and scowled in response. "I wanted the water you took, not this. Alcohol smells bad and it dulls the senses, it is only to be drank after all the water is out."

    She tossed the can back to the man and peeked out the window. "Well, " she started, "It looks to me like there's two mutants out there, not one."
  10. V turned, and watched as the other mutant quickly motivated. It didn't know what the mutant was doing, since it didn't yet know of the two in the building. It stretched in the noonday scorching heat, and then stood silent. The other second class was rather fast, it thought, and seemed to have purpose in its choice of direction. V scratched its cheek and turned further so its gaze followed the projected path of the second class. It noticed a building, probably once a home, and saw someone on a boulder. A movement in the window let it know there was more than one thing there.
    V wondered if there would be any scraps left after the second class attack.
  11. Suddenly, an deep, guttural roar sounded throughout the air. An eleven-feet tall, muscular, and weathered brown and light brown creature suddenly came from over a nearby hill, pure white fangs gleaming as it wrestled what seemed to be a mutated bear that was around his own height. Finally, the brown creature pushed away the bear and promptly speared it upon his incredibly long, razor-sharp clawed fingers, flicking the bear away into the house with one flick of his blood-slicked hand. The gigantic dead bear went flying across the distance, slamming against the travelling second-class with a large crash.

    Cord snorted, slowly walking towards his downed foe, not yet noticing the second-class underneath it.
  12. V tilted its head as the monster made an appearance. It watched the fight, and saw the other second class get hit with the bear. V leaned forward watching to see what would happen next. The two in the house would not be eaten it seems, V thought, unless that big guy tries to. A shame, it doesn't look like the type of mutant to leave scraps.
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  13. "Ooooh, hey look!" Iris chimed, "There appears to be three, and oh wait...now it looks like two of the three will start fighting...not much need for us, eh, pops?"

    She watched in amusement as the dead bear went flying. "I hope there will be scraps left over from that bear...it looks like it has little rads in it and would be a relatively safe meal." She then eyed the dual guns the cloaked man had nearly concealed. "Now I don't doubt you can take care of yourself, but I somehow feel it'd be best if the two of us wait here until the storm passes. If the berserker wins, you can jump on in and do your job or whatever, but I doubt it will, since it looks like a freshly turned new blood, I doubt it's actually that strong."
  14. The inactive mutant turned fully toward the house. It crouched a little and then started to jog toward the house, covering ground rather quickly, but not as fast as the raging berserker was, but faster than any human. It could easily seen that the apparent hoodie was its only article of clothing. It had long strides, covering a few meters with each step.
  15. Mutation: Level 2.
    Mutation(s): Enhanced hearing, smell (can smell scents from at most 20 meters away), slightly more speed, night vision and long fangs.
    Name: Mira (MÄ“-ra)
    Age: 13
    Apperance: Long, brown hair, yellow eyes, long, sharp finger nails, pointy ears and a medium sized tail.
    Attire: A long coat, jeans, and tennis-shoes.
    Height: 5'3
    Mira was wandering around when she spotted a house in the distance. Behind it was a few mutants. She sniffed the air, trying to see if there was prey nearby. 'Just some human.' She thought. She couldn't smell the other one very well, so she figured it was one of the mutants. She crept up on the house in a cat-like stance, and moved her pointed ears slightly.
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  16. Mutation: Level 2
    Mutation(s): Limb regeneration, Minor Enhanced strength,speed,endurance and hearing
    Name: Tank
    Apperance: Green skin,Grey Blue eyes
    Age: 20
    Attire: Metal armour and leather boots
    Height: 6'6
    Tank ran at full speed towards the sudden explosion of sound he had picked up he knew there were mutants around he could hear them.
  17. V's ears picked the thump thump of a large running bipedal. It turned to look at a green man running toward the monstrous mutant fight. It thought that with so many mutants in one area, there would definitely be some left over corpses for it to eat. It was now upon the house, and leapt to land on the roof. It noticed a small young mutant creeping up on the house and lay down on the roof to peer at it.
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  18. Tank turns hard away from the raging mutant and towards the sound of some one or something jumping and landing on the ground, tank slowed down to a jog but took to running on his fists and feet,
  19. Mira stopped suddenly. She looked around, starting to smell something else, something she had never smelled before. This scared her. She stood up in an alert and ready to fight stance, quivering slightly, she looked around for what it was.
  20. V pulled its head over the edge of the roof to look down at the girl who was closing in on the room. The eyes on its hood staring blankly at her. It was obvious it was a giant, and its hand sneaked over the edge of the roof to wave at her. Its face didn't have eyes, which might have creeped her out more than the eyes on the hood, a playful smile on its face. From its position on the roof it was quite out of reach for any fighting to take place. Unless she had a hidden gun or some such devious device.
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