Radiata Stories-like Slice of Life/Adventure?

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  1. Hello everyone! I come today to ask you if anyone would like to try a roleplay set in acity and feel similar to the one find in the PS2 game Radiata Stories?

    For those who don't know the game (or forgot), the city of Radiata is separated in five areas: The central one is the castle, where the elite knights and the nobility live, surrounding the castle are four district, each the territory of a guild. First is the Warrior Guild, where fighters of all skills dwell, second is the Mage Guild, where scholars learn the way of magic, third is the Priest Guild, where monks and priests learn howto heal, fight unarmed and how to gain divine aid from their god. Lastly is the Thief Guild, where spies, thieves, assassins and swindlers of all type hide from the law. All of these districts have a name of their own, of course, as do each guild, and if interested we will be able to name and tweak them.

    Now, the feel of this game, and hopefully the rpI hope to create as well, will be humorous with it's occasional tragedies, and will be full of magic and a diverse set of sentient races as well as non-sentient and often dangerous creatures.

    Is anyone interested in this setting? If so, we can get to world building and after that work on the plot for this project. All interest and help will be greatly appreciated!
  2. I'm interested! I do have a question though. Would this world have common wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, etc? I have an odd character idea and those kinds of animals would be required to make him the way I wanted.
  3. Yes, the common woodland critters are still in business x3!
    I loved hiimdaisy's Persona comics, your avatar made me happy :).
  4. I never got to play the game, but my interest is piqued by the setting described.
  5. Great!
    With three people we can start to build up the areas we will use, then. I think a land surrounded by tall mountains would be good, with a set of caverns all around the area, a forest or three, a lake and maybe even a small desert where the major human capital, a few mixed village, a dwarven outpost and maybe underground catacombs would be spread around the whole area.

    The races I thought of were::

    Elves (fairy-like and green in appearance)
    Dark Elves (brown skinned elves that are the offspring of a human and elf)
    Dwarves (short and bearded regardless of gender)
    Halflings (offspring of dwarves and humans)
    Merpeople (have both gills and lungs and an aquatic look)
    Nymphs (offspring of Merpeople and Humans)
    Goblins (fiery tempered little imps)
    Orcs (offspring of goblins and humans)

    Each 'pure' race save human would have an affinity with wind, earth, water and fire respectively, Humans will be able to try everything but be less skilled over all.

    That's what I got for now, thoughts?
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  6. That all sounds pretty good. I just have to remember not to look at the races with a D&D mind set lol Can be a hard habit to break x_X;

    I have no ideas off the top of my head but I will try to come up with some.
  7. Yeah, you can always seek out the Radiate Stories wiki to get the look of the Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Goblins and Orc, if you want.
  8. My interest is piqued!! I loved this game!!
  9. Awesome! Do you have ideas as to the name of the rp or the different areas?
  10. Sadly I have never played the game, so I'm not sure how much help I will be, but I plan to do a little research.

    In the meantime, if anyone would like to answer a question please? Would there be any races that can't use magic? I plan to make a Mage but don't want to mess with any continuity.
  11. @Hirondelle Perhaps maybe a swamp of sorts? And I'm sorry, but I'm not great with naming >.< It's like my RP weakness sorry.

    @Xylime I don't belive so, just as long as that race is part of the mage's guild, I dont' think it matters
  12. A swamp it is, an the mage can be any race :).
  13. Childhood to mee! I dont remember much but the game is in a box somewhere. I would like to participate if possible
  14. Hmm...the setting has my interest piqued, and the wide variety of races has my brain running in overdrive with character ideas. I'm quite interested in this idea, very much so indeed.
  15. Thanks Incubus!

    And now a question @Hirondelle , how much assistance do you want with ideas? & if you do want a lot of input...how stereotypical do or don't you want to be? (Ex: light elves in forest, merfolk under the sea, etc.)
  16. I would love some input and help!
    For this, elves (and their offspring) are indeed found traditionally in forests, dwarves in ore rich mountains, orcs in volcanic areas and merpeople in either watery or swampy ones, and most keep to their races. There is more than enough who are more open to other races, though!
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