Radiant Dreams

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Every day we are surrounded by mysteries and fantasies. Vampires and werewolves, fairies and even the Easter bunny. Our world is also filled with hunters, for each and every thing. From vampire hunters to supernatural hunters, trackers of Bigfoot and the sea monsters...

Welcome to Radiant Dreams, where just like here, there's something to believe in. Shifters walk with the Humans, and there are also Hunters after them. You can pick a side, or pick all three.

Will you live your life as the hunted? An incredible twist of nature that no one can know exists, someone with the ability to take an animal form?
How about an innocent, someone who knows nothing. They don't know Shifters are real, and they don't know the dangers the Hunters provide. Or do they? Maybe not all Humans are as innocent as they appear.
Or will you be a Hunter? A trained assassin in killing Shifters. Armed with great weapons, fighting skills and a drive to eliminate them all.

The choice is yours.
Come pick a side; or all three.

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