Racing Against Time:Blood on the Wheel

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    In North-Eastern United States, a local group of street racers gather around for different events every Saturday evening at an abandoned gas station. Some of these locals have grown up around cars while others have recently started to get into them. During these meets some love to show of their personal work while others come to make a few extra dollars or a deed to their new dream car, yet they all seem to categorize themselves into groups. Things use to be simple; if you were into cars then you were welcomed by all but not anymore. Different opinions and hateful comments have caused "bad blood" between different crews as anger fills the atmosphere. Up until now, the anger only led to races filled with rage and sorrow.
    Recently a new group has arrived to the North-Eastern parts of the United States but have kept very quiet as they do not participate in the local meets or cruises. The locals grown very suspicious of this new crew which eventually got the name "Silent Shadows" due to their *Sleepers and their appearance only at night. Some of the locals have gone as far to say they were only out for the money, the cars and blood. Some say that they came from over seas in Russia while others say the are Japanese then the rest have no opinion. After their recent arrival, there has been an increase in accident that have been so fatal that the drivers die and the locals believe it's the Silent Shadows doing. Now one local, Lilian, has volunteerly took the step forward to get behind the mystery of this new group while trying to avoid death. With the determination to stop the bloodshed and bring back the peace she hits the roads to find out everything she can while visiting old and new crash sites. Lilian knows she can not do this on her own though. On a recent meeting that was organized for everyone, she steps onto a chair laying around and makes an announcement to all the crews that attended;
    "Everyone, please let me have your attention just for a moment. I know not
    all of you like what I drive but tonight we have to set our differences aside. Our
    own people, friends and family, are being killed one by one as if they were
    maggots. We need to put a stop to this or it will only get worse. If we don't stop this soon,
    one of us is sure to be next. I mean look at us, some of us who been here for years
    should remember the peace we had. It didn't matter what we drove, as long as
    we had a passion for cars, we all accepted each other. Now looks at us, we are killing each
    other. We must put a stop to this! Who's with me?"

    With barely a handful of people who agreed, the rest turned the backs and whispered. Now together they must put a stop to Silent Shadows all while trying to regain the peace...

    Rules (open)

    1. Iwaku Rules Apply, Ignoring These Rules Could Result in a Ban.
    2. You do not own a supercar nor every modification possible. Please await approval of your CS and Car Sheet before beginning.
    3. Respect all players. Things could get tense and heated in the RP, the tension should stay in the RP.
    4. Paragraphs are a must. One at the least and proper grammar.
    5. Post at least twice a week. Brownie points if you post more.
    6. Everyone should keep it fairly in order. Don't want to leave others behind.
    7. Have fun~

    FAQ (open)

    Q: Should I know a lot about cars/motorcycles?
    A: You don't have to though it does help. Don't forget to use Google/Bing for help. If you have any questions about something auto related, feel free to ask me or someone else who is participating. I work on cars and I am sure I won't be the only one who knows a few things. There will be a link that will take you to an area where auto questions can be discussed and answered.

    Q: How does a racing RP work?
    A: A racing RP can be a challenge and have unfair moments. The more knowledge you have about the car the easier things will be. Races will be settled by the GM or a Dice Roll. Don't forget that racing isn't the main focus, there is a whole story behind it!

    Q: I don't know what car/motorcycle to choose.
    A: There is a lot to choose from. If you don't know what to choose the GM can easily pick one out for you that may best fit your characters personality and racing style. Remember that cars can be modified at any point in the story with in fair limits.

    Q: Can I have both a car and motorcycle?
    A: Yes you may BUT you are stronger in one than the other. Choose wisely.

    Q: Do I have to be in a Crew?
    A: No you do not HAVE to be in a crew but you must find your own ways to keep your character in the story. You can help the main characters as a side man/woman by specializing in electronics/computer, different automotive, or being a passenger driver. (Passenger driver come in handy! Request to be someone's passenger drive if you want to be frequently with them.)

    If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask!

    Unacceptable Cars/Motorcycles and Modifications
    -Your supercar favorites like; Lambo's/Ferrari/Bugatti/Lotus Etc
    -Anything newer than 2013
    -European Brands (Limited) /While I do know a handful of info on them please stick to the more well known brands./ (Ex: Skoda, Morgan, Marcos, Koenig etc)
    -Motorcycle: Ducati, MTT Turbine, MV Agusta
    -Modifications: Will be determined.

    The "Food Chain"
    Each Group despises another yet each person is entitled to their own opinion. Who you hate is up to you! (Target Cars not People)

    Character Sheet/Car Sheet

    Appearance: (Picture Appreciated as well!)
    Racing Style: Drift/Drag/Rally/Universal
    Racing Stage: Street/Track/Both


    Racing History:
    Crew: Brutal Justice/(List Side Crew)/Silent Shadows/None
    Additional Info:

    -Modifications if any
    -Specs (Look them up if you do not know.) Weight/Suspension/HP/etc

    (Same as above)

    Please For My Insanity; The RP is still going through some adjustments. PM your CS before posting it here!
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    Name: Lilian Obresken

    Nickname: Lone Fragment / Pearl Force

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Lilian is a short woman standing 5' 2'' but don't let it fool you. Her height comes with many advantages. She

    has medium, cherry night colored hair (Black with tints of red or purple.), and brown eyes that seem to be empty. Lilian dresses casually but tends to dress up for meets on Saturday. She favors black leather combat boots, tight jeans, and a leather jacket with different emblems.
    She also tends to be fairly pale as some joke calling her a vampire with her frequent habits with riding out in the hills at night.

    Racing Style: Universal

    Racing Stage: Street

    Likes: Being alone, blasting her music in the car during races, taking scenic routes.
    Dislikes: The past, Honda, Ford, Ignorance, Violence

    Habits: Has a tendency to tap her fingers on the steering wheel when she is nervous.

    Personality: Lilian use to be an outgoing woman who would smile even if it was raining. Now she has completely changed after
    a terrible incident as she no longer dares to smile. Her eyes are empty, but her emotions are dangerous. Lilian has a short temper and quickly
    gets hostile if a specific name is brought up or the past. Unfortunately this affects her driving to be more unfocused on extreme cases. Deep down for those who still stand by her side, she is caring and respecting despite the other's car.

    Biography: UC

    Racing History: UC

    Crew: Brutal Justice (Organizer)/Toyota Local

    Occupation: Automotive Paint/Detail and Body Work

    Additional Info: UC

    Toyota MR2 Spyder Turbo 1992, Night Blue
    Suspension Kit, Unknown
    Weight: 2600 Wheel Base: 94.5 HP: 130 Torque: 140
    2.2L I4 DOHC 16V FI Engine

    Yamaha SBK 2011, Pearl White
    Specs Currently Unkown
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Alison Duke
    Nickname: Pinkie the Officer
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Alison is a fragile woman weighing 110 pounds and standing at 5' 8''. She often
    wears dark clothing as she is too pale for lighter clothes and her hair is a strawberry color. Alison wears dark eye makeup but nothing else except for occasional lip gloss. Her eyes are a pale blue and are constantly dull. Alison general clothing style deals with tight jeans and a long black shirt.

    Racing Style: Rally
    Racing Stage: Both

    Likes: Fiddling with technology, chasing police, causing chaos on the roads
    Dislikes: Seeing Lilian Down, Kia, Toyota, Dodge & Chevy

    Habits: Every corner is a chance for a drift. Also tends to talk to herself about locations and when the next turn is as if she was a Navigator.



    Racing History:

    Crew: Road Blockade

    Occupation: Hacker/Navigator

    Additional Info:
    2012 Subaru WRX STi, Blue/Pink


    WRX (open)
    WRX (open)
    WRX (open)
    WRX (open)


    **We already talked about everything. Just waiting for more time. ​
  4. This seems like a great roleplay...But it seems like the creator has disappeared.
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  5. she has not disappeard.

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