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  1. This is an RP for myself and my friend Lanturn.
  2. Blake woke up the following morning. He lived in a large house with his ever expanding family. His bedroom was right at the top, and had a beautiful view. He rubs at his eyes and stretches, going off to take a shower in his connecting bathroom. After getting dressed and such, he steps outside for a walk, having a large family was good and all, but he needed a break at times.
  3. Moira walked through the park. She hoped that it would help her more than her medication had. She looked around. Everyone else was smiling, but she just couldn't. What was wrong with her?
  4. Blake took a walk in the local park near his family's house. He sat in a bench and began to feed some of the ducks, he threw some bread in and smiles as they swam over to the few pieces and ate them, happily.
  5. Moira saw a guy throwing bread to the ducks. She'd used to like doing that...maybe if she tried some of the things that used to make her happy, she'd get out of her depression. She walked up to him. "Mind if I throw some?"

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  6. Blake smiles at the young woman and passes her some bread. "Here. I'm Blake" He says softly to her. He leans forwards and kisses her hand gently.
  7. Moira blushed as he kissed her hand. "I...I'm Moira..." She hoped he didn't notice all the little cuts along her arms. She had tried to hide them under long sleeves.
  8. Blake nods and stood up straight, he had noticed the little cuts but decided not to ask upon them. "Do you come here often?" He asks, smiling.
  9. Moira held her right arm with her left. "I...I used to...I've been pretty busy lately..."
  10. Blake nods and then smiles. He places the remains of the bread into her hands and then looks around, sitting back on the bench as he watches her. She was clearly very beautiful, but the little cuts were a mystery. Was she self harming? Were they just an accident?
  11. Moira started to tear the bread and throw it to the ducks. "So, anything you're just dying to know about this stranger you just met? I'll tell you some stuff about me if you tell me the same stuff about you."
  12. Blake thought for a while then looks to her. "I'm Blake as you know. I live in a house with my large family, I like to sit around and be lazy basically but once in a while I come out here. That's all for me, what about you?" He asks.
  13. Moira thinks. "I told you that I'm Moira. I live in a small apartment with my mom. I don't really want to talk about why. I can be a bit lazy, too. But I don't mind getting out and doing stuff."
  14. "So, uh, what are the cuts?" Blake asks curiously.
  15. Moira tugged at her sleeve. "They're, uh, nothing..." She was a bit embarrassed. She didn't want some complete stranger knowing about her depression, especially one as cute as he was.
  16. Blake looks to her and nods slightly. "I'm gonna head back. Wanna come?" He offers, smiling at her. He'd feel bad or just leave her by herself.
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  17. [It's fine.]

    Moira thought for a moment. "To your place? I hardly know you...How do I know you're not a serial killer?" she joked. She took his hand, however. He seemed nice enough, and she thought she could fight him off if he tried anything.
  18. Blake smirks and shrugs. "Totally, I am gonna kidnap you and then lock you up in my closet" He says and laughs. "Just kidding. Of course not, you just seemed kind of lonely" He says and shrugs once again, smiling. He found himself blushing, but wipes the blush that was appearing on his cheeks right away, in embarrassment. The feel of her small hand in his was adorable, and he had never been this close to anyone except his family before, especially a girl. He squeezes her hand even so, and tugs her into the direction of his home.
  19. Moira follows him. This was the first time anyone had even noticed that she was lonely or sad. She hoped she didn't mess up with him, like she always seemed to.
  20. Blake let her inside and then noticed that his siblings were dotted all over the house. Some were clearly hibernating in their rooms, and others were too into their technology to notice their brother and his friend. He shut the door, making a few of his siblings who were at the computer notice that he was home.

    "This is my new friend Moira, she's come to take a look at our house. So be nice to her, and make her feel like home" He says, and watches as his siblings look to Moira and give a few comments.

    "She's really pretty!"
    "Um, what are the cuts for? Are they part of the outfit? Not a great fashion sense..."
    "Shh, I hear that's what people with well, problems do.... You know, self harming"
    "I never knew cutting was a way out of problems"
    "Well, it's a weird remedy...."
    "Aren't councillors for that?"
    "Guys, she has feelings too..."

    Blake sighs and looks to Moira. "Don't listen to them" He says.
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