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Smith or Bandit? (Family Surname)?

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  1. IC
    What sound does a raccoon make?

    Does it squeak?

    Does it growl?

    Does it--

    OH SHUT UP! For the love of Raccoon God, shut up!




    So this is an rp about a family of raccoons that borders on dysfunctional to sentimental to oh so sweet and fuzzy with a side of rabies.

    The Raccoon family (which will have one of the surnames above, when the votes get in) all live in a big tree a big tree, ten feet away from a human's house.


    1. No Godmodding/Mary Sues/Gary Stus/Special Snowflakes/Debbie Downers/Donnie Downers.
    2. No hyper sad/abuse backgrounds. (I don't know how you would do that with raccoons but whatever)
    3. The raccoons should be bandit raccoons (the most common type).
    4. Everyone is a raccoon.
    5. This is a pretty casual rp but I do ask that you try to be grammatically correct when you post in the IC.
    6. Have fun. You will be bitten by a rabid raccoon if you aren't having fun.

    Mother TAKEN
    Father TAKEN
    Sibling [Little Sister] TAKEN
    Sibling [Middle Sister] TAKEN
    Sibling [Older Brother] TAKEN

    Appearance: [Pictures are preferred. And since almost all raccoons look the fucking same, you can give them an accessory like a bandanna or a sock]
    Family Position (mother/father/sibling etc):
    Age: (in human years)
    Relationships: [Ex: Mother - Gets along well/ Little Sister - Hates her guts cause everyone thinks she's cuter than me...etc]
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  2. WIP!
    He wears a beaded necklace.
    Name: Liam
    Family Position (mother/father/sibling etc): Brother
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He tends to be loud and unruly. He has problems obeying authority and he tends to hurt people's feelings a lot. He apologizes afterwards though, but then goes and does the same thing a few minutes later.
    Relationships: Mother - He loves her of course but finds her over-protectiveness very tiring.
    Tulip - He's jealous of her due to the attention that she gets. Her laziness and shy disposition, irk him.
    Lana - He hates that she's more adventurous then him, but he admires her sense of courage and adventure.
    Father - He loves his dad and is more of a daddy's boy then a mama's boy.
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  3. Appearance: [​IMG] plus she has a light blue bandanna with silvery stars on it

    Name: Tulip
    Family Position (mother/father/sibling etc): little sister!
    Age: 10
    Gender: girl
    Personality: she's shy, loves sweets, is really lazy (though she tries to hid it), she can be very protective of her family
    Relationships: Liam- she finds him a bit too crazy but she still enjoys him
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  4. Wears a red necker.
    Name: sala but everyone just calls her Mama
    Family position: she's mom raccoon
    Age: 37
    Personality: super protective when it comes to going put alone and such, she is a caring person, gets angry quite quickly so watch your tone (hehe) will whoop your sorry little raccoon asses if you don't listen to her.will do anything to protect her family even if you drive her insane.
    Relationships: she loves everyone in her family of course, but the baby of the family get loads of attention.
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  5. @Noodles

    Not really mandatory but do you mind finding a picture for Sala? You don't have to if you don't want to though.
  6. Ah sorry have it right here c:
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  7. @Noodles

    I can practically see the mother-ness! :D

    @Kyo Chapelle

    Tulip is so CUUUTTEE!

    You two are accepted by the way. :3

    Added a rule too.
  8. Yay awesome, so are we starting or waiting for more people? C:
  9. Hope this will be well enough! (:


    She doesn't wear anything, mostly because just about any accessory she has had in the past she has lost on one of her adventures.
    Name: Lana
    Family Position: Sister
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Quite the curious little raccoon, Lana does have a tendency to get herself into trouble, or into positions that she would rather not find herself in. Yes, she does understand the dangers that lurk about the world that they live in, but she can't help but just want to leave and explore! She hates to stay in one place, and because of this she does have a tendency to have a bit of a rebellious streak to her, meaning that normally if she is told not to leave she will find some way to sneak off. And though there have been times where she has gotten herself lost, she tends to find herself back to the place she and her family call home, no matter how badly she complains about having to stay there. She just likes to wander and adventure, which she often times will do.
    Liam: Greatly does she find his unruliness to be a bit of a bother, she doesn't care too much for his antics. Actually, she does find her brother to be a bit obnoxious and will often find herself arguing with him.
    Tulip: The laziness of her younger sibling does bother her, so much so that a lot of the time Lana will find herself trying to convince her little sibling to join her in one of her adventures, of only so that she can explore the world a little more. Besides, being lazy is no fun, right?
    Sala: Like any child should, she loves her mother to death, and will often find herself trying to find comfort in the raccoon, though that doesn't happen too often. Only when she feels the need to be close to someone does she do that.
    Jared: Being one to look up to her father, if only because of the stories that he has told her, she wasn't desperately to go on some adventures that he tells her about. She knows he worries, and disapproves of her adventurous ways, but honestly, he is the one who spurs on these motives of going off on her own to find something exciting.
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  10. @Kyo Chapelle

    Okay so three things!

    1. Everyone update their relationships to include all of the family members.
    2. Because I like complete families I shall add the daddy
    3. I gotta do the damn dishes, but I'll try and post the IC first so you guys can get started.
    4. Oh yeah! So the last names for the family are tied with Smith and Bandit. Thank you to those who voted. Now choose! Smith or Bandit?

    You can distinguish him by his shorter than average tail. (He wasn't born like that, he lost it in a fight or so he says)
    Name: Jared
    Family Position: Father
    Age: 41
    Gender: Male
    Personality: To outsiders he is gruff and antisocial. But to his family he is nothing but a big softie. He likes to tell his little babies stories of when he was a young and spry fighting raccoon. (There isn't really any proof of this though...). Unlike most father raccoons however, he doesn't take the role of the dominant parent and leaves that to his darling wife. He isn't very good at disciplining either.
    Relationships: He loves every single member of his family to pieces. However he disapproves of his eldest daughter's adventurous spirit because he doesn't want her to meet some young hoodlum raccoon and leave him--err the family-- forever.
  11. Tulip's relationships

    Mom- she loves her mother more than anything and enjoys just hanging around her like she just adores her mother
    Father- Tulip often teases her father because she doesn't believe his stories
    Liam- she finds him a bit too crazy but she still enjoys him as long as he doesn't get too crazy she will occasionally scratch him on the nose when he get's to crazy
    Lana- Tulip often is annoyed by her sisters antics and finds the idea of staying home or with her mother far more appealing mostly because she doesn't want her or her sister to get hurt.
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  12. Hey possibly accepting more...maybe a raccoon friend or something?
  13. @Esmeralda Rydellina

    We have one sibling spot open if you want that. I want to keep it to just family at the moment though.
  14. @Noodles

    Err, who was Sala talking to when she said 'Jared' cause Jared went back to sleep? I think you meant Liam. ^^
  15. Oh sorry, raccoons look the same don't they C; sorry again bout that I'll watch myself.
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  16. Appearance: wears a 90's tattoo choker around her neck
    Name: Mara
    Family Position: Sister (twin to Lana)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Like her sister, Mara's just your average teenage raccoon: zealous, headstrong, adverse to authority, and struggling to be seen as an individual instead of half of as "the other twin." She likes to find new things to adorn herself with, especially pieces of ribbon she can put around her neck. She's none to keen on getting her paws dirty, but if she's going to do it, she's going to go all out. Some might call her self-absorbed, but she defines herself as... concerned with being her best self.
    Mother - She gets along with her mother fairly well, but they butt heads when Mara mouths off about something or other (which is often)
    Father - Mara is daddy's little girl; always has been. She knows how to talk him into most anything, and is her go-to parent when she wants something mama would probably say no to.
    Tulip - indifferent
    Lana - She loves Lana, but hates that people see them as an item. She wishes that people would just see her as her, but is resigned because she knows it isn't likely. She's perfectly fine with Mara being the adventurous one, because she'll usually bring back Mara something of interest.
    Liam - gets on her nerves constantly, seeing as they're the two more hot-headed of the kids. She loves him, but most of the time wants to strangle him in his sleep.
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