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    We all have had those days, times, minutes, seconds in our life where something happens and you just wanna...you know....>___<. It could be something that annoys us easily, something that makes no kind of sense in any nature of the matter, or just plain guttering fidgets of anger! They drive us insane, up a wall, on the floor, on top of a skyscraper, CRAZY.

    How do you guys rageface?

    Is it the natural FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- or maybe some incoherent noise things? Fidgeting? Body spasms? Funny slings of words that make no sense whatsover?

  2. I cry. >:[

    ;__; no really. The madder I get the more I cry. Totally ruins my rage face.
  3. I get quieter, my face turns to stone, and I exude... an aura...
  4. I cry too haha ^^'' but only when I get really mad and usually because I suck at explaining why I am mad. ._. oh bittersweet cycle.....

    But things that make me rageface are:

    -When kitties unplug my gaming system after about 10 hours straight of playing and not being able to save before they do so
    -When my Pokemon is confused and hurts itself in confusion with Tail Whip when it has like 3 HP left....wft >.>'''
    -When plans get changed last minute (Important plans like where the hell we are going to live, not where do you wanna eat plans)

    That's pretty much it....other than when I get into a big fight with someone or something. ^^
  5. Do you happen to tear your shirt off? Not purposely, it just tears off from sheer manliness or something.
  6. There's no need to go mental.
  7. My eye twitches.

    Like seriously. It twitches. It's like I'm trying so hard not to scream at the top of my cute little lungs so instead, my jaw clenches tight and my eye...twitches. That is my rage face. >:[
  8. My roommate throws things and gives deadly glares. For my own safety, I leave the room, xD

    I just act all moody, sit in the window sill spot, watch people outside, and snap at anyone that talks to me.
  9. When in dealing with people, I cry :[. I start crying while I'm screaming at the person, and it pisses me off more that I'm crying. Because I'm not sad, so why are there tears?

    In dealing with other thing, sometimes inanimate objects, I just glower and curse and walk away. Unless its a game. Apparently its funny to watch me fail at games and get ticked :/
  10. If I am really angry at something then I often vent it out by writing a really upset blog post about how idiotic this world is, and often that helps a lot. If that isn't enough or if I don't feel like writing then maybe I hit a pillow sometimes, imagining someones face.

    One time I became so angry, really "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU" angry, it was around five years ago I think. I didn't do anything as long as people could see me (I were outside). But the moment I came into my house and noticed that no one was home I broke down and started to scream, I screamed swear words, I screamed "BFSSBGNPSENINISN" I have no idea what it meant but I felt that I had to scream something xD I bit myself, I hit my fists on the walls. It felt really relaxing once I had calmed down x)
    Luckily I don't get angry often, I get a bit self destructive when I am angry xD
  11. Despite what my name implies, I'm not always 'zen.' >.<

    If I'm truly mad at someone, I'll yell at them and tell them why they're making me mad. At this point there's no reasoning with me because you've stepped upon my morals or I've lost all patience with you.

    If I'm playing a game, I'll swear and point at the screen, and throw my controller down to the floor... Uh, curse the person who ganked me. My anger and frustration with games show up a lot more than my frustrations with life and people.
  12. Hit things, sometimes even break 'em. ._.
  13. I get snippy, cold, very anti-social, Use way more biting sarcasm than I'd like to, and if I'm not left alone, I tend to get violent. I Bite, scatch, hit, kick, and if you try to hug me... I will tell you I want to sit down on the side of a bed, and then I will choke you with my thighs until I get you to swear that you'll leave me alone for a while. T.T

    That's also how I get when I'm a pissy drunk. I get beligerant and mad.
  14. I'm beginning to wonder if we might be the same person.
  15. I used to break things, now I just lift heavy things. Working out is great for rage. Also, figuring out why you are so angry with something to begin with is a good way to deal with rage.
  16. catunderblank peekout.gif First I'm like this.

    WillGrace Whatisthis.gif Then I try and reason out what the fuck is going on.

    bambiowl_btchsedwat.gif Then it sinks in.

    FUCKthisthatevrything.gif Then I get to damagin' shit.

    Mako Get that weak shit outta here.gif Then a little more damage.

    comeatmeowl.gif Then I finish.
  17. Hmm, when I get mad I usually cuss more than usual.
    I then continue to cuss and I get louder and louder if I'm arguing with someone because I want them to hear me. [​IMG]
    I then point out all of the flaws in their argument or I get violent and begin throwing things. >___>;

    Sometimes I just extremely quiet or if I'm insanely pissed I just cry and throw things or hit things...or people. But thankfully I don't extremely mad often. xD It's difficult to make me mad most of the time.