R.Reset (Scifi, Survival, Possibly Horror)

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  1. R.Reset


    "No one likes to, but sometimes it just has to happen.

    The companion androids who are no longer wanted, but are too attached to switch owners without experiencing significant decline in their functionality. Substandard performance is a deep failure, for all parties involved. Luckily, the solution is remarkably simple, produces no waste, and is virtually painless.

    Even if the machine does not wish for a fresh start now, It's for their own good, truly. Besides, they literally cannot regret it. Beginning again, free of any painful memories, why, it's practically a dream. They will be made new again, almost as if they were just awakened for the first time. It's a beautiful, beautiful transformation if you look at it the right way.

    Though naturally, there are risks. They're very rare of course, but mistakes do happen, and when they occur permanent deactivation becomes the only option. The hazard they pose is too great to chance re-release onto the market.

    As for the androids who manage to evade their proper fate, well.

    That's what the bounty hunters are for."​

    In which players take on the role of androids who have escaped permanent deactivation, bounty hunters either human or androids themselves, allied or opposed human civilians... anything, really.

    Set in an urban landscape, where the lines between artificial intelligence and consciousness are blurred, and everyone is up to their knees with moral and ethical implications.

    Designed for chase-and-capture action, fighting to evade detection or to uncover the hidden, and off-kilter philosophy.
    Things of note:​
    • Technology has advanced enough so that androids, during usual social interaction, are indistinguishable from humans. This does have it's limits, though, and will be explained more in depth should this be a thing.​
    • Androids who don't manage to be reset properly gain ill effects from it. These can range from voice glitching, loss of motor skills and/or control, unprogrammed emotions, inability to use certain limbs, inconsistencies in personality, more or less anything you can think of.​
    • Players may create multiple characters.​
    • Characters can kill and/or deactivate other characters.​
    • Death and deactivation are permanent. ​

    And that's all I can think to add. Questions, comments, and criticism are all welcome.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.