R-really? I mean.... Really?

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  1. I'm... at a crossroads. Those... those... JERKS. THOSE BLIZZARD JERKS.

    As some of you know, I'm a Hordie. Like, extreme Horde pride.

    HOWEVER. The JERKS at Blizzard have decided to unleash a race that makes me drool a great amount.

    ...And it'll be an Alliance race.

    I had been toying with Gnolls joining somebody for a while, but instead, the Alliance get... the Worgen.
    These werewolf-lookin' guys right here: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/cataclysm/features/worgen.html

    You know what we Horde members get? Goblins. Freakin' goblins.

    Well... "My name is Frost... and I'm a switcher."
  2. hahahahaha

  3. Homosexual furry, actually.
  4. Isn't that the same shit? Like, interchangeable terms?
  5. Not really. I have pictures explaining my points, but I'll leave it at "no".

    But seriously. I don't want to play some midget green little goblin freak. I normally play an undead, but the worgen are freakin' cool.
  6. Christ...

    *Grabs an AR-15, a C-Mag, and an Eotech Holographic Weapons Sight.*

    Intervention time... Let's play 'Count the Bullets.'
  7. What's got me up in a frothing rage is the new availability of classes to various races. It doesn't make any sense at all for Taurens to be paladins or priests. Not one stinkin' bit! And a Dwarf Shaman. Seriously, what the heck?

  8. *WMD manuvers a 250mm Anti tank gun into position, a crew of 5 guardsmen operating the massive cannon*
    i prefer Count the Anti tank shells, but why dont we use both?
  9. *Grabs his Pulsar Carbine with an undermounted Plasma launcher as well as a belt of E-MAGs and charges. Slams a fresh of both into his weapon as it whines to full power*

    I don't count the bullets or hits...I just like the sound it makes.
  10. ...Why has this turned into a thread about the various excessively large firearms you all lug about with you?
  11. its an armed intervention.......i suppose you could say we're trying to help you.
  12. Or Forsaken Hunter. 'Cause yeah, undead with animal pets makes perfect sense.

    Now, Tauren Paladin I miiiight be able to see. Beating things, honor-bound and all that. Ultimate tank race. Tauren Priest...? not so much. I'm with you on that one, same with Dwarf Shaman.

    I'm actually a little sad I can't refer to Blood Elves as the "pussy" race anymore, now that they can be Warrior-class... Blood Elves should not be able to take damage! They should be able to be ground into very pretty pieces of magically-enhanced mush like gnomes! LIKE GNOMES!
  13. I LIKE goblins. They don't have to worry about the towers while you worry about those fighters.
  14. The alliance already have two vertically challenged races, it would be unfair if the horde gets all the big races.
  15. Allow me to sum up my thoughts on the matter by saying this.


    But in all seriousness, that's the way it goes. The little lore guy in my head is jumping up and down in pure rage at the idea of Tauren Paladins, however the player in me doesn't care. That's the only reason I could never roll a Horde Pally before, because I hate those fruity Blood Elf bastards. Now I can roll my favorite class with my favorite horde race.

    On the other hand, I'm totally pissed off by some of the Goblin Racials! Bank access every 30 min!? Exalted prices wherever you go!? That's utter bullshit...
  16. Okay, crisis over. Sticking with forsaken warrior.

    Why? Worgen racials suck. I mean, suck giant hairy werewolf balls.

    I'll probably make a Goblin Rogue just for the cashflow boost. Gold farmers are going to have orgasms with that - at least Horde-side.

    As always, I'm Anti-Elf. I hate elves. A great deal. I don't care if they're hot, I... I... had a bad experience in D&D where the entire party I DM'd decided to play the stereotypical elf. It was... horrible.

    ...Also, the few blood elves I partied with were either snobbish pricks, illiterate morons, or AFK HEALERS. GRAAAGH.
  17. But BE priests and hunters are cool! Silence is so awesome, mang!

    I'll never make a BE Warrior/Pally though. Ever.