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  1. Character List:


    Plot summary:

    Information you should know:
    -Your country is Aurina aka The land of Aura. All of its people believe that Aura originated in this country as a blessing from a God. Nobody knows the true name of this god but some of his/her names include Tyrus, Tyro, Tyrahic, or just Ty. People have made up other variations but it is widely accepted that the first syllable of the name is "Ty." Your national animal is the Armored Bear.
    -The current King is Darius Grimm, aka the Banished Shadow. Though he is not very popular, He is considered one of the strongest kings in history.
    -Darius Grimm is the 7th King of the country and was the main reason for the second rebellion ending.
    -The capital is Sonia but ever since the second rebellion, nobody has been allowed back in or out of city with the exception of the Aurin Knights.
    -The country is divided into 5 states: The Capital (Sonia), The South (Chahamma), The West (Nile), North (Solarius), East (Hiyama)
    Sonia is a huge city surround by a ring of farm land, surround by a ring of a lesser city. (All 4 seasons)
    Chahamma is a mountainous region. It has a few platuaes which have towns and villages. some mountains even have snow peaks year around. (All 4 seasons but is colder then the rest of the states)
    Nile has a beautiful beach which goes through rain and dry season. In land it has some swamps and dense jungles (Spring and summer) a few cities on the beach, and a few villages inland.
    Soarius is a large deserted area with a few plains closer to the capital. It has no cites but it does have towns both in the desert and on the plains. (4 seasons)
    Hiyama is a large woodland area. It has a few towns and one big city where hunters, traders, and mercs converse meet up. This city is only rivaled by Sonia (which is 3x bigger)
    -West of Nile is the Great Sea, South of Chahamma is Beast Lake, North of Solarius is the Red Sun Desert. East of Hiyama is the Forbidden lands and the country Mechanica.

    Forbidden Lands
    -You cannot go there. All who venture there never return.

    -Home of the Mechins. They are a dark skin Race but very little is known about them except for the fact that they love money and venture into Aurina to sell their wares. They fight using a stranger metal which they can magically control.

    You are an Aurin. You are probably the hardest thing to kill on this continent in terms of Sentient races. You have great regeneration. When resting, you can heal minor cuts and bruises in minutes and regrow limbs in a month. However there is a catch. Your regeneration is strongly depended on how much aura you have in your body. The more you have, the quicker you heal. You cannot heal while fighting or active. The best way to heal is to "hibernate," which is a deep sleep all Aurins can fall into to recover from big fights. You have the highest natural regeneration of any race.

    Aura is life energy. It is said that if one would use up all their aura, they would turn to dust. However no Aurin has ever been able to do it. For Aurins, aura can be released out of the body to do marvelous things but can only be released in 2 ways, Spirit and Soul.

    Spirit is the act of unleashing a lot of aura out of your body constantly. Those who practice this have Very High aura pools and high Aura Recovery. However their aura is typically very raw and hard to manipulate into energy or physical objects. People who use spirit typically use there aura in its raw form to empower their physical attributes or support their allies. Really advance uses can even will their aura to form different shapes and physically affect the real world. (think of going super saiyan)

    Soul is the act of unleashing aura in short burst. Those who practice this have lower Aura pools and recovery but have higher natural resistance and greater control over their aura. Aura released this way is much more refine and can be molded to form physical objects or even the elements. Really advance users have been known to create full suits of armor and strike with devastating destructive power.
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  2. Welcome the... who am I kidding.
    Listen up, you are one of the hundreds of unlucky souls to live in one of the most unstable countries in all of R.O.W. However that makes you one badass as you have managed not to get yourself killed yet. Aurina is the Origin of Aura accord to the history books and as such, everyone can access this mysterious force. When everyone is super, how is it ruled. Well your country decided the most powerful man/woman would be the best at keeping peace between a bunch of barbarians. That is right, you all have a king/queen who has absolute control of you because they can kick your butt.
    The king lives in the capital city of Sonia but you cannot visit him. Why? Because your country has just been through 2 rebellions and survived by a group called Truth. Anything other than that is unknown as Truth has taken the liberty of making my job easier by burning all history books and murdering 90% of those who had the luxury of obtaining such information. Unlucky for you, you are not one of those people, or else you would be... well you will see in due time.

    For now, you know this. The king has two factions his control. The Council and their Aurin Knights (AK) and The 3rd Party. The 3rd party determines who gets to become king and who sits on the council but nobody knows anything else and some people even question their existence. Everyone knows the Council job is to advise the king, and enforce his law... or at lease is suppose to. Since the rebellion, the Aurin Knights have ran thin and is unable to enforce the law outside of the capital. So all you bandits, thieves, doers of evil, and traitors can run free and do what you please because who is going to stop you. The answer to that is Mercs. Mercs are now the closest thing to police you are going to get, if you have the credits. They kick butt, guard people, and even will sit at your tea party.

    Now you come into the picture. You are not a AK because you did not want to be one or did not complete the program for whatever excuse you wish to give that nobody cares about. You are not a member of the council because you would be killed on site by the upset people. As far as you are concern, everyone including your parents think the 3rd Party does not exist. If you wanted to be a Merc, you can't because you can't obtain a license at the capital anymore. None of this is stopping you from doing what you want though because no rules. Be it bandit, thief, farmer, escort, or wannabe knight of justice, you grew up knowing the next day of your life could be your last and have prepared to fight the good fight. You might have trained under the blessing of your family's wealth. Maybe you pillaged numerous cities. Maybe you are a flipping ninja. Whatever you did, it worked. The only question is for how long. The world is not getting any better but maybe you can make the difference.

    Welcome to my RP

    I hope we all can have fun and run a awesome story full of action drama and fun times! However before we can have fun, here are my rules.

    1. No God mode. You cannot control NPCs, minions, animals, or anything in this world unless I state so. This is because I will be acting out all NPC, Villains, other useless people, ect.

    2. No meta gaming. This is my biggest pet peeve as I have put in place so many counter measures to stop it.

    3. No describing the world. This is my world and only I know how it looks. I will always tell you what you need to know, but if you ever want to know more or I don't say enough, please speak up. I will happily go into more detail.

    4. I am the GM. My word is law and final. I accept advice and ideas but at the end of the day, this is my show. I also am the villain and nobody can be on my side because I work alone.

    5. Be a adult. We are not babies. We know what we want so speak up. If you need something but don't say anything, then I could care less. If you have issues please bring it up with me in PM. If you have issues with other people, handle it in PM.

    6. Your characters could die. The chances of this happening are VERY LOW. However, if you do make enough bad decisions and I cannot think of a way to get you out. Then you could die.

    7. In this RP, it is me vs you all. Remember that.

    8. The result of your actions will be reviewed by me and i will determine the outcome. When it comes to little things like Trash mobs or minor obstacles, I will let you play it out without the need of my review. Never assume you can control an event unless I give the green light.

    9. If you wish not to play, Please let me know. I am cool with people quitting but I am not cool with you going ghost for a month and having everyone wait on you.

    10. no murdering of other players unless the other person quits or gives the ok.

    11. No one lining. Period.

    12. If i ask you to do something. Just do it. It will make everyone's life better, promise.

    13. No naughty content. Fade to black and take it to pm if you must.

    14. I will set deadlines for when everyone should post. If you miss the deadline 3 times in a row, then your out and considered ghost. This deadline can be shorten if everyone posts early though. However if for whatever reason you can't make the deadline, please tell me. I will never penalize someone who keeps in contact with me.

    15. You cannot make multiple characters unless you get the ok from me.

    16. Have FUN!

    16.5 If I need to change the rules, I can and will.


    There are 2 character sheets. A public Sheet and a private sheet.

    Public (to be posted here.)

    Name: What do we call you?
    Age (15-25): How old are you?
    Gender do you identify with: What do you sexually identify with? (Im a Apache Helicopter)
    Biological Gender: What did the doctor say you where?
    Appearance: Use anime/realistic drawing please. No real people!!!!
    If you saw a cute bunny that wanted to wove you, what would you do when it hopped over to you: How do you react in the presences of a cute bunny?
    If you saw a ugly wolf that looked like evilness and it walked to you, what would you do: How do you react in the presences of a scary wolf?
    Would you give money to a poor kid: You see a kid begging.
    Would you give money to a rich person of your sexual preference who was Very appealing to you: I will let you guys do your thing. (these answers are my favorite.)
    Could you kill: *gasp*
    Could you kill a child: *gasp harder*
    Could you kill to end someone's suffering: *the questions*
    1 out of 10, How would you rate yourself as a person. (only 1 number responses): pick 1 number please. You can use decimals if you want.
    If a tree fell in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound: Does it?

    Private: (to be pm to me)

    Well known nicknames if any:
    Occupation (Think mid-evil time period):
    Does not have to be something that makes money. You could be a self hunter or farmer. Bum the streets begging. Gamble. What ever it is, it needs to explain how you take care of your self.
    How did you learn to fight: Who or what was your teacher, What is there combat background, how did they fight? more info the better! (you can be self taught. That is perfectly legit in this world)
    Weapon of choice: No guns, no guns, no guns, no magic cannons either. No Aura cannons.
    What is your element: Pick one unless you have another option: Heat, Cold, Neutral, Energy, Life, Water, Earth, Air
    What can you do with your aura: No mind powers... Nothing too complex. Most people in this world create weapons, create armor, Create tools, Something related to there element, enhance strength. If you have a question, please ask.
    What are you good at (3 things at most):
    What are you bad at:
    Who are they, where are they, are they alive. Relationship with them.
    Where are you from. (Cannot be Sonia): Pick one: Chahamma, Nile, Soarius, Hiyama
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  3. Name

    Amy Tailor




    If you saw a cute bunny that wanted to wove you, what would you do when it hopped over to you?
    OOC: I don't understand this question

    If you saw an ugly wolf that looked like evilness and it walked to you, what would you do?
    I would probably run away and get a guard or make it go away with my sword.

    Would you give money to a poor kid?
    I would only if I had extra money.

    Would you give money to a rich person of your sexual preference who was Very appealing to you?
    I wouldn't, because I probably don't think money would be of any value to the rich person and secondly I don't believe in buying love.

    Could you kill?
    I would kill an animal or something that wasn't a humanoid.

    Could you kill a child?

    Could you kill to end someone's suffering?
    I probably won't have the guts, maybe if it didn't involve blades or beating someone to death.

    1 out of 10, How would you rate yourself as a person. (only 1 number responses)
    I'm not the most morally sound person, I would say 5 or a 6.

    If a tree fell in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
    Why should I care?
  4. Wove is baby talk for love.

    Basic it is the same question as the next one but with a cute bunny instead of a scary looking wolf
  5. I love that people think the forth question is referencing something naughty and illegal in some countries. XD

    its so funny. please keep up the good CS.
  6. Name:

    Age (15-25):

    Gender do you identify with:

    Biological Gender:

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    If you saw a cute bunny that wanted to wove you, what would you do when it hopped over to you:
    It's clearly hiding some evil intentions. Anything that just loves you is trying to trick you. So I'd walk away.

    If you saw a ugly wolf that looked like evilness and it walked to you, what would you do:
    I could take it if it tried anything.

    Would you give money to a poor kid:
    Why only money? Teach the brat survival skills. Money lasts for a short time, yet teach the brat how to get food and that lasts forever.

    Would you give money to a rich person of your sexual preference who was Very appealing to you:
    No, why spoil the spoiled?

    Could you kill:

    Could you kill a child:
    Depends on how I judge them.

    Could you kill to end someone's suffering:

    1 out of 10, How would you rate yourself as a person. (only 1 number responses):
    I'd say a five. I'm not totally heartless, but I'm no saint either.

    If a tree fell in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound:
    ....... I will break you for such a stupid question.
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  7. Ok

    I realized i forgot to describe the 5 states. I have now gave a brief description for all 5 states. I also explained how i wanted you to answer the Character Sheet.
  8. I'm sorry I can't do this RP anymore.
  9. ok thanks for telling me
  10. Yeah... sorry but just not feelin it. :/ Boo out.

    But good luck with RPing err'body^^!!
  11. ok thank you for telling me
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