R.M.S Titanic

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  1. Sharlette peeked through the window of her family's car. The R.M.S Titanic, the world's largest luxury ship. It from the outside was just that, large. To Sharlette however, it was just a ship, nothing extraordinary. The car slowed halting by the boarding deck. Stepping out as the door was opened for her, Sharlette adjusted her hat to keep the sun off. "What do you think, Shar.", her father asked. She glanced at him, to him this was all a show. His goal was to get to America and then sail back, just to waste the money. "It is a ship, father," she stated blandly.

    Her mother huffed at her, and took her husbands arm. "Come along Shar, I would like to get settled before we depart."
    Sharlette followed her parents on to the massive ship.
  2. Cedella was old money. Not those new people who strike it rich over night and then pretend that they know how the rich act and how everything goes. No, she came from a long line of money predated the Iron Age. Her families money started somewhere around the Renaissance era.

    Cedella hated cars, she only liked horse and buggy. So that's what she arrived in. She waited for the carriage to come to a stand-still, and waited for the gloved hand to be held out before she could step out. Her heeled boot hit the dirt and she wished that she could just rip off the shoe and scrub her toes in the earth. God! she hated being rich. But with being old money, came certain... expectations. As in: always wear white gloves, never run, and always, always, wear dresses that were below the ankle. God be damned if just a bit of flesh shone through!
  3. Nathaniel was sitting up front alongside the driver of the orchestra members' carriage as they pulled up to the dock. All nine of them, himself included, gazed up in wonder at the massive ship, most wondering why the White Star Line would ever of considered hirring them for this legendary ship's first cruise from here to New York. Well they would anyway, until they regained their bearings and remembered that they were all reknowed for their talent in the art of music. Three cellists, two violinists, a pianist, a flutist, the bassist and the eldest of them all at age 33, the Bandmaster. He himself was the flutist for the entire duration of this journey, as well as a side entertaining magician for the younger adults and children.
    He waited until the horses had settled down before heading back to where his friends sat and began helping to unload their baggage and instruments, while some attendants hurried down from the ship for some assistance. After some initial confusion and futile struggling, the group managed to get things sorted out properly and gladly followed the young men up to the ramp where tickets were to be checked for authenticity.