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  1. Biological warfare has taken a turn of it's own for centuries, whether it be controlled or accidental. In year 2012 on August 21, scientists were engineering a new ay to weaponize the following: Swine flu, Bird flu, and the legendary Black Death. Virologists of the highest mark were brought in to experiment and add on to the mixture, hoping to create and mannifest the perfect bioweapon. After three years time of testing, all results were inconclusive. But privy to succeed, the final results were "tested" on a select few of subjects. The subjects showed signs of vomitting, internal to external bleeding, colateral brain damage resulting in death, all in nearly thirty minutes.

    Not satisfied, the experiments continued onward from last trail. After retry and retry, scientist discovered they required a catalyst for the mix. Turning to depserate decicions, biologist turned to the Ebola Virus for their answer. Using cells from a corpse carrying the Ebola Virus, their research took a dramatic turn upwards. Ebola accelerated the effect rate in which it induced instant death from thirty minutes to thirty seconds. The effects were up to please and satisfied, the results were a success. They named it the Z Virus, a deadly virus administered by bile effects: bite, scratch, etc. Since then nuclear warfare has been put on a hualt. While biological takes it's place for the next month for a practice strike.

    A week later before launch, Virologist Kennith Wayne discovered a dramatic change in the Z Virus. Worried how this may affect the test, scientist advised to perform a controlled release before launch. They used a subject off the streets and tested him with the Z Virus, results showing completely different results. Instead the virus would enhance one's rage then kill them within twenty seconds of infection. After thirty seconds the body would reanimate in a new mindless, savage form. Keeping into research the subject showed the need to feed off flesh, no sense of humanity or sense of pain, and weighed that of a corpse.

    Two weeks after evolutionary change, the Z Virus was to be shut down. One scientist too proud to heed the order, went on board with the launch as planned. The virus was to be administerd through missle launch, in a state of blind furry twenty missles were launched from the Pentagon, Washington D.C. on November 1, 2015. The Z Virus made impact across the entire U.S. continent, causing a national infection to those unlucky enough to survive.

    States reduce to destroyed buildings and crater infested land, many began to rebuild but were cut short. Within thirty-two hours of impact, twelve states were entirely consumed by the living dead. Military retaliation was given the green ASAP to no avail. Now only a fraction of the military survive on what supplies is left. As well as whatever civilians remain.

    A month and a half later, national infection was complete. From a survivor's perspective 100% of the country has been consumed. From government perspective, only 98.45% of the country has been lost. Foriegn countries have refused to particpate in U.S affairs until imminent threat is posed to them. The center of infected activity is in the northern and southern region of the U.S.

    You play the role of a survivor living somewhere amongst the nation. Your priority is your own and to no other's. You scavenge, you survive, and when you see infected... you run like Hell...

    Character Sheet



    1. God-moding is a no no. Don't do it!

    2. Sign up if you are comfortable with your charcter possibly dying, as well as knowing the scarcity of important items when searching in a zombie apocolypse.

    3. Don't create the uuber badass! Its ok to have a badass but not an almighty, never dying, always on top badass. It dims out the game and will drive the RP stale.

    4. Don't be a jerk.

    5. Learn to have fun with the RP while holding to the rules.

    6. Any ideas on plots, twists, or additions must be discussed by the GM.

    Have fun C:
  2. (i like the idea ill make a character sheet soon)
  3. Name: Demetri Ford

    Age: 17

    Profession: Highschool Student


    Inventory: lighter, 3 bags of chips, pocket knife, bandages, pack of gum

    Bio: Demetri is a joker, never really paying attention in school. All he cared about was sports parties and his friends. When hearing about the Z virus from the news he thought it was once big joke and thought nothing of it..until now. He was in NewYork at the time were he was born and raised, as the terror that everybody thought would never happen did he was shocked and had no clue what to do except for hide.
  4. Name: Jonah Hart

    Age: 22

    Profession: Ex-cop

    Appearance: Here

    Inventory: M9 handgun, two magazines, and crow bar

    Bio: Jonah was a cop at the LAPD before the strikes hit. When the apocolypse began, he was instantly out of a job. Nowadays he travels when he can from city to city after three days. During those three days he gathers food, ammo, and whatever else may be of use.

  5. Name:Wilhelm Hoffman
    Age: 32
    Profession: Ex-Spec Ops
    Inventory: 9mm Barretta, Bowie Knife, Bio Hazard gear.
    Bio: Before the out break, Wilhelm was a part of a special group of soldiers trained to do one thing, Kill. He survived the initial out break, but his team has gone silent and he is now alone to survive.
    Extras: Wilhelm was an explosive specialist, with the right materials he can make a big bang.
  6. Name: Nate Owens
    Age: 24
    Profession: Musician
    Appearance: click
    Inventory: 2 packs of Newports, a lighter, hunting knife, 3 cans of redbull
    Bio: Nate never went to college and so he has been making his life as a small musician. He traveled and played at a lot of small clubs and resturants, but most of the time he just played oin the streets. He never got a lot of income but his girlfriend helped him with that. Sadly, she was a victim of the virus and now Nate is on his own. Now he is traveling looking for other survivors but have found none so far.
  7. [​IMG]

    Juniper Lee
    Student/part time at spencers in local mall
    Desert eagle, lighter, small pocket knife
    Juniper was an army brat, moving from base to base with her family. Her mother passed away a few months before her 18th birthday and her father was off at another base. She was sent to live with her aunt for that time who sent her off to college, instead of letting her join the army like she wanted.
    She has a lot of knowledge on most weapons.
  8. I knda thought this thread wouldn't grab anymore attention. I guess it was a better idea than I thought ^^;
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