R.I.P Arnold

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  1. Blair

    Once it's got all the bugs fixed I'd love to show it. She typed as she slid back to her computer desk. She rested her forehead on the keys and then peeked up. She decided to see if she could check any of the news of day. If something had happened she made sure she would get a ping on her phone. But so far nada


    She nodded slowly "Yes the Hunter. I didn't realize he was referred to as the hero of Baltimore." Something bubbled in her for a moment but it passed. Sometimes she was concerned for the feelings she felt "So you one of those vigilantes or something?" She grinned "That would be cool. I have no control of my abilities so I can't be."
  2. What the hell?! Is this a joke?

    *Starts tearing up*
  3. *Pours 40 on the ground and beats chest*

    S' for mah boy!
  6. .......... Interesting
  7. YOU TAUGHT ME THE MEANING OF FRIENDSHIP. and then left you to die on a boat.

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  8. Name: Reia Li Va Les
    Age: 22
    Appearance: (open)
    Reia is the 'pure' Lady of the Light. She will eventually become the Leader of the Light but right now she is simply a warrior. She is a kitsune with all nine of her tails. Her eyes are a lovely pink color and her golden hair is long reaching her lower back.
    She also tends to wear an uchikake, or a Japanese bridal kimono. Why? Well since she is very rarely home in her native Japan shes found that people who don't know tend to take this kimono more like they would a nun-outfit, so they treat her as if she is a religious woman. This combined with the ring she wears tends to ward of perverts. Not all of them but a fair number so she doesn't have to deal with people hitting on her all the time.
    Speaking of her ring its not a wedding ring but it acts much the same way one would as she wears it to trick others into thinking she is married. Shes never straight out 'lied' as she never said she was married. If shes asked she will either say the truth or avoid the question depending on how she wishes to answer.

    Her body is often hidden by her outfit however if she wears something more 'comfortable' her breast size is quickly revealed. She sports DD cups and quite enjoys her lover sleeping on them, or playing with them, or simply lusting over them. But she only really likes when her lovers do that, hence why she hides them in her cloths.
    Thats not to say that she wont ever wear other cloths out in public, but typically she will only do this when out with her lover.

    Reia is not a virgin, she is definitely not as 'pure' as everyone believes. She has also only ever been with females and hermaphrodites, because while she admits she is bi-sexual, she is also a hermaphrodite and tends to prefer the female body more than the male body.
    Bio (open)
    Reia was born and raised as a 'good' girl. She was taught that there was good and evil magic, she was taught how to fight the dark magics, how to combat it with her own good magic. She has attended almost every other school of magic in the world, starting with her home of Japan and going all the way around the world to schools like Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Koldovstoretz, Ilvermorny, ultimately going to not only the eleven known schools but a few...lesser known ones.
    By the time she was done Reia was known practically around the world as the future Leader of the Light.

    Why? Because of a spell that she created which she has used to capture and imprison 'evil' wizards. See Reia is not an Auror, in fact she sees them as mostly useless. After all they will capture 'evil' wizards, have a hearing, then send them off to places like Azkaban. But those places were not as secure as people liked to believe. Her spell was secure.
    Her spell trapped those 'evil' wizards in a cage of pure light, removes their magic, shrinks them down to about the size of an ant, then locked them away in a pocket dimension. Escape the cage and your still trapped in another dimension, escape the dimension and your still tiny, grow large and by that point Reia's probably found you again, if somehow she hasn't then your still powerless until you can get someone powerful enough to break her hex on you.
    However, while she would greatly prefer to take matters into her own hands, she has to 'hand over' anyone she captures to be tried and convicted. Luckily she can then lock them away, as who is going to stop her from doing that?

    Now Reia has a nickname as the 'Pure Lady of Light', however this nickname came about because of her snow white outfit, her 'marriage to light' because while everyone assumes shes married she doesn't seem to have a husband or wife. And most of all, most assume she is a virgin still.
    Reia is not as pure as they all assume however, she's simply much more skilled at hiding that fact. Every single one of her lovers is asked (or rather made) to never reveal that fact to anyone else. A powerful hex preventing anyone from talking about how she is wild in bed, how she will use all her magic power to make her and her lover last for hours.
    However so far all her past lovers has been fellow 'good' witches, shes never gotten with an 'evil' one. Shes also never gotten with a woman as strong, or even stronger than her. Everyone shes gotten with has been classmates, thus vastly weaker, or simply strong witches who could only dream of reaching her power.
  9. He Was the baddassessest badass of them all!
  10. (Nice)

    (Dylan sent her to a different location a few blocks away)


    He looked down from a roof top. He activated his stealth tech so he couldn't be scene. He muttered quietly "So, you are the new girl in my city..."


    "Hmm, you can't remember huh? There is something convenient about that, wanna know what it is?"
  11. Ray

    He smiled. "Always. How was work?" He got in and put his seatbelt on.


    His voice sounded from the rafters. "were you followed?"
  12. WAIT, WHAT?!
  13. (Sword Art Online)


    He chuckled, "Thank you. Life like? What do you mean?" He smiled at the friend comment


    "I appreciate the offer and the sentiment, but I don't need protection. I was trained to be a weapon, to be unbreakable, both figuratively..." He held up his hand clenched a fist and his arm turned to steel. "And literally, in my case." He turned his arm back to normal. "I am sorry, however that you got dragged into this."
  14. Ray

    "Thank you?" He didn't really know how to respond. He just chuckled and listened and took a sip of his drink.


    He resteeled his arm so she could feel it. "That's one way to look at it, I guess. I can change my skin into any substance. I can also shapeshift and have super strength."
  15. Ray

    He chuckled. "Much rather be uncomfortable at a bar with a friend then uncomfortable in a conference room in front of board members."


    "Thanks. The bone manipulation powers are impressive, you just need to learn how to control them and have them not hurt you. Thanks, I come here sometimes just to clear my head."

    (Question, how late do you usually stay up?)
  16. Blair

    "She's a superhero I swear." Eileen looked back at Blair as she said this and rolled her eyes

    "No no. Much too laid back for that." Blair leaned back and let a big grin grow

    "Amen to that." She finished up her bottle


    "Sounds horrible. I am close to an insomniac but once I'm out I'm out like a light." She smiled with a genuine pull at her lips. "When do you think it will be safe to go back to school?"
  17. Ray

    He chuckled, "You got it, miss Eileen." He smiled and gestured for Blair to lead the way.


    "In my defense, you were acting suspicious and I was being hunted by people who I considered to be my family." He chuckled.
  18. Blair

    She led him to the little living room and plopped down on the couch. She patted the seat next to her


    Her heart trembled slightly as he leaned in closer. "I feel...safe." She commented, yet still somehow shaking. She wasn't quite grasping what was happening