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Maybe you've all already seen this, but whatever.

I was reading internet news and found the story about a father who publicly humiliated his daughter for a disrespectful facebook post. Not sure if it's a troll or not.

The Video

Are you heartless and think this is pure comedy like I do?

Think the dad is in the right?

Think he is a bad parent?

What say you, Iwaku?


I think the kid is right.
But also VERY VERY VERY bratty and wrong.

I think the father could have talked to her.
Like, everything he says, he probably could have sat her down and talked to her.
When videos like this go viral, it never can be let down or forgotten for them, really.. or people on the internetz.
This is a bit traumatizing, in my opinion.~

Don't have a FaceBook.


I pulled the same stunt. That was when Myspace was the big deal. Not only was I hiding the fact I was on Myspace; I would rant and rave about my parents. I said some very mean things about them. Put in a lot of curse words. The way they found out about Myspace was because mom knew I was hiding something and went through my room and found my diary. Not only did I get in trouble for Myspace, I also got in trouble with a game many of you all may know, Guild Wars. After that day I have had to have parental supervision while I've been online; that lasted for a couple years. I wasn't allowed to have a computer in my room, and my mom would regularly go through my room.

Looking back, I deserved all that. I was being disrespectful towards them. They didn't deserve what I was saying, and I was just being a depressed, rebellious teenager. It hurt them, and I regret how I acted. That is in the past now, and I have earned their trust again. In the end, everything turned out alright.

I don't agree about shooting the laptop, but I don't see a problem with making it viral. She humiliated him, and he did the same to her; that is just my opinion.

Boris Airay

I think that girl has it MAAD EASY. I would've said, wrote or even THOUGHT anything like that... My parents would not only brake my computer but they would've whooped my ass with their leather belt. Old school style, babe.
That girl has it easy as hell.

Firstly, the laptop could've of been his daughters... But, I bet the parent/dad was the one payed for it. Ungrateful.
Physical discipline probably isn't practiced in many places anymore so the girl got the best next thing--publicly humiliated not only in front of her peers but the whole internet. Serves the girl right.

Do I think he's a bad parent?

No, I think that's one of the most creative forms of punishment I've seen. And I've seen many (including painful ones).

Do I think he's wrong?

Lol, heck no. AMEN TO HIM! >:D

Like honestly, all of the things that bratty and probably snobby girl mentioned are normal things. The girl lives under his roof, the food on her plate is bought by him, the clothes on her back and most of your electronics are as well (presumably).
Don't wanna do any of that? Think of yourself as a adult? Pay a rent. Buy your own things. Buy your own food. En fin.

I wished he was my dad, lmao.

I feel like this post turned out like rant. Hmm, did it? Mhmm.

Last question, Are you heartless and think this is pure comedy like I do?

I'm not heartless, and I doubt thinking that video as comedy makes you one.
But yes, I laughed while watching that. I think of it as pure comedy and a lesson the girl will not soon forget.
You cant play your parents for fools, lol.
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Are you heartless and think this is pure comedy like I do?

Well it was certainly entertaining and creative, I was sorta rooting for the dad honestly.

Think the dad is in the right?

As EG said there are MUCH worse punishments for stunts like that. She got off easy. I don't think its our place really to say whether he was right or wrong, he'd already made his choice and what's done is done.

Think he is a bad parent?

I'd give him more of a creative parent. as EG once more pointed out...that was probably HIS money that he just trashed to teach her and others a lesson. Yes some of it was probably just anger, but he has a right to be angry. I don't think he's a bad parent for 'punishing' his kid. He has his right to.

What say you, Iwaku?

Here's what I have to say about this. It's an overly emotional 15 year old girl who is venting on a PUBLIC forum. A) She knows facebook is public. B) Yes she's an angsty, whiny, woe is my life blah blah blah nothing good will ever come teenage girl. We all know of them. However her choice of wording is VERY disrespectful, as the father pointed out. Does the father have a right to punish her? Oh my god yes absolutely in my opinion. Even me, who has said and done my own share of stupid things in my teenage years, believe the punishments I got were quite deserved. Even if she is just being a normal complaining teenager, there are certain lines you should not cross and children need to be disciplined.

There is a time and place to vent, yes, I do it all the time in writing. You shoudl SEE soem of my 'teenage' year poems about my parents with curse words and hate/rage through them. Yes my parents found some of them and oh my lord did we have some wicked fights, but that's part of growing up. Now about the father shooting his daughters laptop. Honestly, yes he was obviously pretty pissed off and had a right. However it was a LAPTOP an inanimate object that is just a material possession really. Since his daughter doesn't have a job we can guess that HE paid for it anyways, and he was nice enough to give her all those nice upgrades and such before destroying it, and i'm sure he KNOWS all this. So really yes, i think he had every right to shoot the thing if he wanted to. It's better he decided to shoot the laptop instead of his daughter or give her a wooping (well she might have anyways...)

Kids will be kids (teenagers will be teenagers) and parents will be parents.


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As he said in the video, he already talked to her once before about posting stuff like that on Facebook. The punishment didn't come out of nowhere.

If I ever catch my kids having a bitchfit like that in a public place over totaaaal bullshit, you can sure as hell bet I'LL do some creative punishment too. c___c It's one thing when a teen is ranting about something they actually have a right to be pissed off about, but that girl was obviously pitching a spoiled temper tantrum.

...I feel bad for the laptop, though. >< Those things are expensive.


Are you heartless and think this is pure comedy like I do?

I laughed for a minute. The camera was flawless. All of those Megapixels....so I don't blame him for shooting the laptop, he's obviously got money so yeah.

Think the dad is in the right?

Hell yeah. Got a gun? Shoot that shit. It's not like he was going to shoot her. He loves her and basically got slapped in the dick by his daughter after he spent all that damn money for HER. I'd shoot that shit too.

Think he is a bad parent?

I think he's an awesome pappy. For one, he blew money on his daughter for a laptop! :D Secondly, at least he adress problems instead of letting her go with a slap on the wrist like most parents do. That's where all these bad ass teens come from anyway. He settled it like a man. A MANLY MAN.

What say you, Iwaku?

Chuck Testa. No seriously, I say, this guy did his thing. Anger management my ass. Did you see how well he took that message? He didn't rage face and fire randomly in the air. He had a plan: Embarrass her by posting on her Facebook wall like he was embarrassed by her. Find the source of the current problem and shoot that shit. Voice her other punishment as her result of what she did. Simple as that. My parents did that too me. He just did his with swagg.