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  1. Hello! I'm balancing a lot of RP(s), but I'm craving more one[x]one. Unfortunately, most peeps seem to abandon me before starting a one[x]one roleplay. As a result, I decided to create a request thread! This is my fourth time posting a partner quest, so I have experience. (I decided to remove my previous thread and create a new one.) Hopefully, I'll find reliable partners! I recommend you check out my resume before delving further.



    ✔ Romance: My RP(s) must contain romance to keep me interested. However, it doesn't have to be the main focus.
    ✔ Fandom: Most of my ideas are Fandom-based. However, it doesn't mean I hate Original.
    ✔ Crossovers: I have a weakness for Crossovers!
    ✔ AU: Most of my Fandom scenarios are AU; alternate universe. (Ex. Modern day Naruto.)
    ✔ Hetero/Gay: I'm fine with MxF & MxM, but I don't like FxF.
    ✔ Versatile: In MxM, I'm looking for players willing to be versatile; have no real preference. (Ex. Seme & Uke.)
    ✔ Canon x OC: I'm addicted to this dynamic. I can't resist the temptation!
    ✔ Double: In Canon x OC, I'm wiling to double up. (Ex. Two Canon x OC pairings.)
    ✔ Furry: I only do humanoid-anthromorphs. (Ex. Gijinka)
    ✔ Smut: 18+ are qualified only.


    ✘ Porn: I don't like RP(s) with just sex, sex, sex and no plot whatsoever.
    ✘ Rape: I don't do rape, especially gang-rape. However, I don't care if it happened off-screen.
    ✘ BDSM: I'm not comfortable with BDSM.
    ✘ Yuri: I don't do FxF. I'm okay with MxM, but FxF never appealed to me.
    ✘ Religion: I'm not comfortable implementing religious elements in RP(s).
    ✘ Love at First Sight: I don't like instant love. I want development!
    ✘ Kinks: I'm fine with light kinks, but I refuse to roleplay explicit, nasty kinks.
    ✘ Animals: I'm not comfortable roleplaying actual animals. (HTTYD, Pokemon & MLP are exceptions.)
    ✘ Nonfiction: I don't like roleplaying historical events that happened in real life.
    ✘ Abuse: I refuse to roleplay abuse, dismemberment, etc.


    I'm looking for the following,

    ☑ Semi-literate: I expect 2+ paragraphs minimum. (I don't tolerate one-lining. Sorry!)
    ☑ Grammar: A basic understanding of grammar is advised. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I want to understand what I'm reading. (Spell check & Google are your friends!)
    ☑ Activity: I'm looking for members who post daily or once every few days. If you're busy or losing interest, please notify me!
    ☑ Communication: I don't want to do all the work and planning. Let's share ideas and discuss a plot together!
    ☑ Compromise: Be willing to compromise and sacrifice if a disagreement occurred. I don't see the point missing an opportunity without trying to compromise, y'know?
    ☑ Canon: I'm looking for members willing to portray canon characters.
    ☑ Double: Be willing to double up in Canon x OC pairings.
    ☑ Versatile: In MxM pairings, I'm looking for members willing to top and bottom; no real preference.
    ☑ Long-term: I'm looking for long-term commitment.


    | Key |

    Strikethrough: Taken.
    Bold Italic: My role.
    Red: Canon x Canon pairing.
    Sky Blue: Canon x OC pairing.
    Pink: OC x OC pairing.
    Sea Green: All three pairings are acceptable.
    [BCOLOR=#800080]Purple Background:[/BCOLOR] I play F in MxF.

    : Craving the topic hardcore.
    : Contains a AU setting.

    : I have a plot for the topic.
    : May or may not contain a crossover.
    : MxF only.
    : MxF or MxM.
    : The plot is 18+ only.
    Ratings: T (), M ()


    [BCOLOR=#800080]Big Hero 6[/BCOLOR] ☻❅♡♪
    Hunger Games ☻★♡❅☠
    [BCOLOR=#800080]Maleficent[/BCOLOR] ☻❅★♡☠

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Horton Hears A Who[/BCOLOR] ☻❅★♡♪
    [BCOLOR=#800080]Young Justice[/BCOLOR] ❅✿♤♪
    [BCOLOR=#800080]Disney Fairies [/BCOLOR]☻❅★♡♪
    Adventure Time ☻❅★♤♪
    Criminal Minds ❅♡☠
    Pokemon ❅♤♪
    [BCOLOR=#800080]The Host[/BCOLOR] ☻❅★♡☠
    Code Lyoko ❅♡♪
    Legend of Korra ❅♤♪
    How To Train Your Dragon ☻❅★♡♪
    Steven Universe ❅♡♪
    Harry Potter ❅✿♤♪
    Twilight ❅✿♤♪
    X-Men ❅✿♤♪
    Monster High ★❅♤♪
    Durarara!! ❅✿♡♪
    Naruto ❅♤♪


    Despite my preference for fandom, I do have some original pairings:

    Male!Band Member x Female!Band Member
    Male!Waterbender x Female!Earthbender
    Scientist x Experiment ♤♪
    Gijinka x Gijinka ★♤♪
    Naga x Naga ♤♪


    If you read my Do's, Don'ts, and Requirements, please add, Baymax, somewhere in your post if you're interested.
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  2. [rainbow]Le Bump![/rainbow]

    Still searching. Don't be afraid to look at my list!
    #2 Rowlet, Nov 22, 2014
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  3. I would be willing to do either a Maleficent, Frozen or Harry Potter roleplay with you!
  4. @Powerless_:
    Sure! I recently watched Maleficent, so I'm itching to do a roleplay involving the fandom. If you haven't, please read my Do's, Don'ts & Requirements thoroughly. Send me a PM and we can discuss the RP together!
    #4 Rowlet, Nov 22, 2014
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  5. Baymax

    I absolutely adore a lot of things on your list.

    Big Hero 6 has to be one of those I am interested in.

    Maleficent, Twilight, Harry Potter, Rise of the Guardians, How To Train Your Dragon, Frozen, and X-Men.

    I am willing to do any of those!
  6. @princessyuna:
    I recently watched How To Train Your Dragon 2, so I'm totes interested in a HTTYD rp! PM me and we can discuss a plot together!
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  7. [rainbow]Le Bump![/rainbow]

    I added a plot for Hunger Games. I finished reading the books, so I'm craving the fandom.
    #7 Rowlet, Nov 29, 2014
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  8. Psst. I'm still here. (And looking for an open-minded partner for the Hunger Games, who won't fan-rage over the possibility of Canon x OC. < Doesn't mean all my ideas are Canon x OC.)
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