Quotes from shows and how they make sense (or don't for that matter)

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  1. Well I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood clips on YouTube and heard a quote that I've heard about a million times from either a friend who loves the show just as much as I do, or just plain out watched it over and over, trying to see what I missed. after giving the quote some thought, I came up with an answer to it and why it seemed like it made sense to me.


    I really love that quote and kind of mad it took me so damn long to come to this conclusion. My answer to it is that this could very well be said in the real world. We learn harsh lessons every day, yet we never really look into why we learn those lessons. are some people more inclined to learn them then others? What about this; do quotes from movies, books, or other things hit people the same or will they effect someone so strongly that they can't think of anything else for a while?

    I know you all are probably sick of my postings of such obnoxious philosophy. But who doesn't like a discussion?

    Anyways, there are a couple other quotes I will state when (or if) this conversation kicks off. What are some quotes that you all enjoy and have certain takes to?
  2. [reading the letter from Kisa's teacher] "I hope you will learn to feel good about yourself." What is that supposed to mean? How are you supposed to find these good qualities, I wonder, if the reason you don't feel good about yourself is that all you can find are qualities you don't like? I don't think you can. Not like that. That's not how it works. I think what it takes is for someone else to say, "I like you." That's the only way you can truly begin to like yourself. When someone else accepts you, that's when you begin to see yourself - through THEIR eyes - and you begin to realize that there may actually be many qualities to like about yourself.
    - Yuki Sohma - Fruits Basket Episode 17: 'It's because I've been loved that I've become stronger'
  3. Okay the only one that comes to mind at this late hour of night is from "Married with Children."
    "Love is not only blind but stupid."
    With some of my family's tract record, this is totally true.