Quotable Quote Challenge

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  1. Create a quotable quote! It's just as it sounds. Come up with something that people can quote you on, a meanful phrase of somesort.
  2. "You can't ride the train if you never find the station."

    "I only puke when I cough when I laugh."

    "Holy Crackmonkeys, Robin Hood!"

    "If I have six apples and you have two dogs, how many pancakes will fit on the roof? None because Aliens don't wear hats."
  3. "Having a baby will ruin your life. Blunt, yeah, but it's true. The life you had before will never come back, and that's something you really have to think about."

    I've said that way more than once xD
  4. "The key to understanding is to understand."
  5. What a women will always wonder is why when men say they are going to fix the cracks in your heart they leave you with more than you started.
  6. "You always thought the key was to my heart, its actually for the door."

    "That fish has my dentures!"

    "I don't give a flying frikk"

    I say the last one alot...
  7. "Sense doesn't make."
  8. Oh dear lord I love those quotes! May I have permission to use them in the Iwaku Yearbook? I'd ask through PM but seeing as you are a new registration, that's a bit hard...
  9. "Vengeance doesn't have to be rational. It's not an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. You just want to watch that person's world burn and you want to be the one who set it on fire. You want to destroy the person just like how that person destroyed you, and in any way possible."
  10. "Mondays suck but that's why the weekend is at the end."
  11. "Sometimes it's the words that aren't spoken that hurt more then the words that are."
  12. "Lies are easy, the truth is hard. That's why i play the game of life on hard."

    "When nothing is said, everything is spoken."

    "Close your eyes, think happy thoughts, and this will all be over soon."

    "Speak your mind, fear no evil, live free, and make sure you can take a beating."

    now the funny ones.

    "Just sit down, take a deep breath, and chill the heck out."

    "Is it just me or is that cloud shaped a lot like a piano?"

    "Look, you've got two options. Option one, you sit down and we discuss this calmly like adults. Option two, i duct-tape you to the chair and force feed you spaghetti until you admit your wrong."
  13. Mmm... What kind of spaghetti? Chicken? Mmm... And why did I think of rape when I read the third one? Maybe my mind is just in the gutters...
  14. it's open to interpretation >.> i just use that one on my self when i'm dealing with a bunch of very stupid people. Though i don't think i'll have to use it here at all :D
  15. YAY!!

    Well, as a moving-in present from me, I offer unto you this Derp of Herp.

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  16. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Burn life's house down with the lemons Squeeze the lemons in life's eyes and leg it after nicking the grapes.

    People who say money can't make you happy just aren't rich enough.

    My glass is neither half-full nor half-empty. It's smashed over your head because you're an annoying twonk.

    I find the best way to cure depression is to beat seven shades of bloody out of whatever's depressing you.

    Life is like a box of chocolates - one way or another, you're going to end up with nuts in your mouth.
  17. If life gives you melons, you might be dyslexic...

    Life is like a box of chocolates. It doesn't last nearly as long for fat people.

    I have CDO. It's like OCD, but the letters are in the correct order, as they should be.

    I don't look at the glass as half empty or half full. I look at the glass and say "who the hell has been drinking my juice!?"
  18. "There are many people who are good at leading, but few good leaders."
    "What is wrong with not being friends with someone who you don't like?"
    "How can you tell me that I am depressed when I feel happy? Am I really that hard to read?"
    "huh? I can't hear you...No really I can't the neighbors lawnmower is to loud"
  19. "BEWARE! For I am fearless, and therefore powerful!"
  20. "What if?" is the start of a story.