Quotable Poetry Challenge #6

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  1. Roleplaying is one form of creative outlet. Short stories and roleplay posts are similar, but what about the long used verse?

    This is a poetry challenge. You may use any style poetry you wish as long as you utilize the given quote somewhere within your poem. It can be the entire quote or parts of it, so long as it's recognizable. Have fun, be creative, but don't feel limited by the content of the quote. Expand and let your muse free.


    "Oh Captain! My Captain! Our fearful trip is done,
    The ship has weaher'd every rack, the prize we sought is won"

    ~Walt Whitman
  2. Oh Captain! My Captain! Our fearful trip is done
    We survived the perils, the prize we sought won
    The storm was no match for us, nor was the great wave
    We are all alive and well, no more must we slave

    That, my friend, is true; we made very good sell
    We shouldn't need to work to find ourselves well
    You must be very proud of what your past deeds
    For a loyal topman like you, every ship needs!

    But Captain! My Captain! I am ashamed to say
    I do not feel very pleased with myself today
    I have thought second thoughts about our work here
    I am becoming soft, as it does appear

    You are becoming what! You are 'soft' you say!
    I simply cannot have my crew think this way
    Come now, to the dock, come with me to the ship
    You will accompany me as I retrieve my whip

    Oh Captain! My Captain! Please lay the rope light
    I didn't mean to provoke; I'm not looking for a fight
    I'm simply stating now I no longer want to be
    Part of your slaving crew who sails the sea

    Do you daresay that something I have done is bad?
    That I am the one who is crazy, mental, and mad?
    Oh ho, my friend, you've got it wrong, very wrong indeed
    You will be punished, no help will it be to plead

    Oh Captain, my Captain, I speak with disdain

    You disappoint and cause me much pain
    I suppose that the blame's solely on me
    You are not the man that I thought you to be
  3. Captain

    Oh captain, great and fearless a man you be.
    From a challenge or battle you never run,
    It is only you who holds our loyalty.

    Our long and fearful journey is finally done,
    For far and wide we have conquered every ship.
    Their treasure is ours, the prize we sought is won.

    Over the seas you rule with an iron grip,
    Not a one dares attempt to rise against,
    Every obstacle and enemy we pip.

    Those that are brave enough to try this offense
    Will be defeated without mercy or fail.
    With the fire of cannons the battle commence!

    Oh captain, under none other will we sail.
    Your awesome legacy shall always prevail.
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