Quotable Poetry Challenge #5

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  1. Roleplaying is one form of creative outlet. Short stories and roleplay posts are similar, but what about the long used verse?

    This is a poetry challenge. You may use any style poetry you wish as long as you utilize the given quote somewhere within your poem. It can be the entire quote or parts of it, so long as it's recognizable. Have fun, be creative, but don't feel limited by the content of the quote. Expand and let your muse free.


    “If two people love each other, there can be no happy end to it”
    ~Ernest Hemingway quote

  2. When two eyes catch one another,
    And two hearts begin to entwine,
    An eternal happy ending,
    Is never the world's design.

    When one kiss is met with pleasure,
    And another is met with glee,
    When my love for you is returned,
    There is no happy ending for me.

    After all the sharing of our lives,
    And the life we may have borned,
    As we fade in each others arms,
    Our happy ending is scorned.

    There can be no happy ending,
    When we pass through life's door.
    For after the hearts have ended,
    We can love each other no more.
  3. [​IMG]

    Marriage says love will last until we part
    There can be no happy end to it
    If two people love each other
    How can there be a goodbye
    Death cannot separate
    The bond of real love
    True love is rare
    It will not
    come to
  4. No Happiness

    No happiness!
    If two people do fall in love.
    No happiness!
    On each others' hearts they impress.
    Fate gives their longing hearts a shove,
    Help them discard the idea of
    No happiness.
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Not open for further replies.