Quotable Poetry Challenge #4

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  1. Roleplaying is one form of creative outlet. Short stories and roleplay posts are similar, but what about the long used verse?

    This is a poetry challenge. You may use any style poetry you wish as long as you utilize the given quote somewhere within your poem. It can be the entire quote or parts of it, so long as it's recognizable. Have fun, be creative, but don't feel limited by the content of the quote. Expand and let your muse free.


    "We are what we believe we are"
    ~C.S. Lewis
  2. He was a mistake, a child of fourteen.
    Set in a world only heard, never seen.
    To his mother Ignored, a step father most violent.
    He'd hope for the future, and remain ever silent.

    The bruises would come and the bruises would go.
    Some would ask questions he'd avoid and forego.
    But the marks on the surface hid real pain.
    That set on his soul, like a unsightly stain.

    When he left that poor household, and hope did arrive.
    Was told he'd sell himself had he hoped to survive.
    The last words of a mother, a statement of rage.
    The last bars welded to the edge of his cage.

    To collage he took, he fell quickly behind.
    His assignments came short, and so did his dime.
    Those same words dragged like chains on the soul.
    Marking his progress, swallowing whole.

    With hope all too fleeting he took to the Corps.
    Praying for purpose, but found only war.
    Corruption and death placed before wary eyes.
    But those words kept his soul hard, They helped him survive.

    He watched good men burn, and the bastards rewarded.
    He watched heroes forgotten and false glory hoarded.
    But the most difficult lesson of all it did seem,
    When he misplaced his faith in the American Dream.

    Coming home was a task that was easier said.
    His fiance gone to another man's bed.
    But his head on high in spite of it all.
    He'd break those weak words, he'd chosen his call.

    To work the man went, his skill set was poor.
    His road unpaved to opportunity's door.
    But taught from a babe he had weathered on.
    He kept showing up, he kept singing his song.

    The workers around him would sputter and cry.
    Preaching their hardships, you'd think they'd might die.
    But that ol' Boy kept working. He kept at it strong.
    He'd seen hell in the world to forge a place he belonged.

    A house built himself, by the sweat of his brow.
    While those about screamed at what did not endow.
    They bitched and complained on life and poor health.
    But he found his world lovely, he built it himself.

    Those misspoken words cast forever ago.
    Seemed all but a memory, a cast aside show.
    To this tune he kept moving, kept at his old dream.
    Blessed by the heavens for adopting a theme.

    So this story I share in which someone might learn.
    The value of hope in a world unturned.
    Remember these words and you'll always go far.

    We are what we believe, We believe what we are...
  3. We are
    what we believe

    we are
    a haunted house
    with white-washed walls
    and a body in the basement

    we are
    Geronimo's horse on the sun bleached plane
    and he's sighing
    today is a good day to die today
    we are

    what we believe
    we are we are
  4. We believe we are
    A face among many-
    We are so much more
  5. Were anything we want to be,
    anything we wish,
    for we are what we believe we are.

    We are one and many,
    sometimes were the past, present or even the future,
    were a begin that is many but one,
    we are all and yet none.

    Anything are imagination might allow,
    we can be,
    What are we you might ask?
    Take a guess,
    You may realize that you might be one of us.

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    The Fain from The Last Dragon Chronicles Ex: Davids true species and identity
  6. Do you know of a place in time
    where the trees once ran so wild?
    They kept their roots above the soil
    so they to could walk and toil,
    up hills and mountains
    through valleys of birth
    they would only climb so high!
    Those tree's of yesteryear,
    they shall never die!

    I once climbed up a trees fat trunk,
    remarked of its design;
    the tree spoke back in groans and whines
    to thank me for my time!
    I gasped in surprise
    as I went for a ride
    on a wooden carousel!
    No one would believe this ride,
    this tale I would have to tell!

    We spoke and felt till the day was done,
    I had found a tall new friend;
    as it sat me down it whispered in bark
    we are what we believe we are!
    You will see me again on the mountains ridge,
    you may spy me from afar!

    Oh tree!
    Oh giant!
    Of the mountainside!
    I wave at thee from a future year,
    as I now must leave your side!​
  7. We Are

    We are what we believe we are,
    You cannot jar
    The hope inside,
    Our burning pride.

    We are who we decide to be,
    Our destiny
    Is what we make,
    We will not break.

    We are each individuals
    Of the desire
    To climb higher.
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