Quite a storm...


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...that I'm having. I'm sitting in my basement with my family while the tornado siren sounds. Hoping it will pass over us soon, writing rhis on my cellphone is not easy.

Anyway, what kind of storms have you been in? Any damage ever done?
Once when visiting friends in Tennessee there was a good spring storm brewing. While a tornado did not hit where we were, the winds came up suddenly and it was bad. Worse was we were visiting a fireworks store at the time, I'd never seen a whole store devoted to fireworks before, and when it got so bad that the wind forced the shop door open and the windows were buckling I suggested we leave post haste. The next problem was there was no way to get back on the main road, even if it were not for the traffic jam, there seemed to be some sort of problem on the road, with fire trucks and that like. We can't get out of the parking lot, we don't want to stay in a shop that could explode. The next business... a gas station. This is not getting much better. Alright, so what if we're all wearing heeled footwear, we'll go over the ditch to the gas station, then pass the gas station, down another ditch and end up at... THE WAFFLE HOUSE!

I'd like to point out I'd never been to one, nor have I been to one since.

No the fireworks store did not blow up, nor the gas station. Yes I'm disappointed!
I got that same tornado storm. x_____x it touched down six miles from here.

The scariest storms are the ones where the sky looks like it's boiling and it's as dark as night even though it's the middle of the day! o___o
There's never been a storm here, actually, my city's covered by a mountain ring.
We don't get many bad storms where I live, damn near perfect weather and all. However, I have seen been in a couple earthquakes.
When I was a child living on the coast we had three major storm systems move in at the same time. Though they didn't converge into one storm what happened was they force of each other caused them to circle. One came in over the ocean, one from off the mountains to the south and a weaker one from up north. It caused some pretty nasty damage in our little town, caused a lot of property damage and was one hell of a light show with the storm. We had a flood warning from the rain, city raised alert for the wind force and the entire city lost power for a period of time. As a kid it wasn't scary so much as awesome. I mean - I grew up on the coast so I love rain, wind and all things that are categorized as 'bad weather'
I end up in hurricanes almost every year. ^^
We always get the electricity going out and living on Spaghetti Os for a whole week and an ice chest of water. <<
We also end up getting free BBQ chicken and other BBQed/grilled foods. We always get neighbors who like to cook all their meat in the week of no electricity. Whole neighborhood is partying by the second day. >>;