Quirky Habits

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What are some of your quirky habits, or strange behaviours?


-I rock my knee back and forth when I'm standing, for no reason.

-I have a near-religiously-adhered habit of patting myself down, checking all my pockets for, and I actually think this like a mantra: "Phone..wallet.. watch.. keys.."
I stick my tongue out the right side of my mouth if I'm concetrating real hard, generally on arty stuff or writing.
I always have a dance around my room in the morning when I'm getting dressed, regardless of whether I have music or not. Wakes me up and it's fun~
I make cat noises when I'm flustered or just unsure of what to say.

...Yeah I don't have fun ones :3
When I'm bored or nervous while sitting at a table, I get that 'restless leg syndrome' thing. I've bruised my knees hitting them against the table too many times. Dx

I also giggle for no reason whatsoever during awkward moments or when someone tells me something I'm not sure how to respond to... Makes me look like a bimbo, but for some reason, people like it. Especially men.

Oh, haha, I also play with my glasses a lot. I constantly readjusted them and play with them for pretty much no reason. I sometimes do it on purpose to distract attention from myself.
I wiggle my toes when I'm happy and barefoot. I love being barefoot!

I click my tongue when I'm looking for an item (or thought) sometimes. I'm sure this is some sort of prehistoric tribal identification or something that's come out. Either that or I'm part bat and am using echolocation.

Pinky finger out while drinking tea? Yup!

Why yes, I do contently sigh.
I bite/chew/pick at my lower lip a lot. I should stop, it starts to hurt .___. When my hair was longer I used to try to tie it in a big knot but I can't do that anymore.
So THAT'S what it's called! Restless Leg Syndrome!

I do the knee-bounce thing when I'm sitting at a table, too. It annoys people when the table starts vibrating crazily.

When I'm relaxed on a couch, I like to cross my legs. And start rocking back and forth. >>;

I crack my knuckles almost hourly, but that's not SO quirky. Still, a habit of mine.
Typing my fingers on a table like I'm typing when I'm talking to someone face to face. o__o

If there is ANYTHING on my table while I am at the computer, I am probably playing with it. Broken lots of hair clippies that way. >>;

I must must must must have the bed made before I go to sleep.
I put mass amounts of hot sauce on almost everything I eat.

My picture/music (especially music)/movie files on my computer must be organized at all times. This is funny cause I'm not really ocd about anything else in my life.
I too suffer from shaking legs when bored like Fluffy...I know your pain dear I suffer the same hazards sometimes :p

Apparently when I talk I make a LOT of odd facial expressions to go with my speaking without realizing it...

I've come to notice I tend to avoid making eye contact in awkward situations

Oh and I've been known when walking with friends and bored to make up random stories about people I see when we walk (gotten some interesting stories...especially when we passed the Quidditch team...o.o))
I have Restless Leg Syndrome.
I cannot stand people touching me.
I cannot stand clean areas. Which is not to say I enjoy filth, I just don't like spotless clean, it makes me feel like I'm a guest in my own home.
I cannot sit for more than 20 minutes at a time
I cannot lay in the same position for more than 5
I like sauerkraut.
Every morning I get up, go to my desk, pick up a random d20 from the bowl and roll it, I remember the number I roll all day.

I have the habit of rubbing my chin when I think, weather I'm clean shaven or not.

I tap my left knuckles with my right from time to time.

I routinely bite my fingers.

Generally I can't keep my hands still while I'm sitting.

I have a facial twitch, right cheek/eye, usually while stresses or concentrating.

I sometimes prefer lying on the floor than sitting.

I growl in my throat when frustrated.

Most of those aren't really habits but they're what I got.
Weird quirks:

I'd rather write in my notebooks or be on my computer rather than talk or deal with real life people.

I talk in an entirely different language when tired, or just with someone else who knows how to talk in the same language.

I read a lot.

I go from chipper to cranky in 5 seconds if buttons are pushed wrong.

I tend to go for the offensive before someone else tries to 'attack' me.

I'm a warped individual .-.

The nickname Gremlin is placed on me because I do love destroying things -and- sometimes people e_e;

I can pick up on magical-alphabet like writing Theban after only glancing at it for a minute ._.

I always think everyone hates me. Half the time I'm right @_@;
I wear my belts with the buckle on my left hip. Always

I sometimes use the European spelling for certain words. ie, favourite, colour, etc.

I spell "theater" as "theatre," because I like it better.

I'm constantly reorganizing the furniture. Most of the time, I just do it mentally.
coming up with different organizational schemes.

I'm sure I have other quirks, but it's late and these are all I can muster.