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  1. Everyone has quirks of their own, weird little things they tend to do that would have others look at them strangely, maybe thinking "Wut?"

    What are some weird and quirky things you do?

    I talk a lot to myself when I'm absorbed in my work. This was especially true when I'd be busy on Photoshop. I remember people watching me rather strangely, but I was too involved in my work to care.
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  2. I hoard peanut butter and hide it in different places in my house like a squirrel.
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  3. I talk to myself as a plural.

    "Lets turn around"
    "Lets go get lunch"
    "Lets go murder our legs and lower back hunting for Pokemon"
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  4. I make small grunts when I sit down or get up. Also, my group of friends and I tend to make squawking noises when bored.
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  5. Haha, that's something I do, when getting up. Like "HUP!" and up.
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  6. I make random as noises for no reason whatsoever.

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  7. Me and my brother sometimes communicate entire ideas through tone of voice. No words are spoken, but from just the pitch of grunts/hmphs/ect. the general idea comes across. It confuses the hell out of our parents.
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  8. I make so many random noises. People comment on it because I do it unconsciously.

    I talk to myself a lot. I will monologue or have whole conversations with myself or entire monologues.

    I occasionally stare into the void, while daydreaming about stories, RPs, fanfiction, etc. It freaks my family out.
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  9. when I need to grunt, sigh, or make some other noise indicating physical exertion, I don't go "ungh" or whatever.

    I use "osu!" or "yosh"

    this is NOT a weaboo affectation

    its habit from having been training in kendo and Japanese-based martial arts for more than decade and EVERYTHING is said in Japanese

    hell, whenever I'm in a "student-learning-mode", such as when my coach/sensei is showing me a technique, I respond with "Hai", "osu!", and other such terms

    its just habit
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  10. I conversationally fuck up my grammar on purpose.

    "How is you?" And things like that.

    I am also a proud member of the weird/ cute noise conversationalist club.

    I don't often look at people when I'm talking to them. It's not that I'm not engaged in the conversation, I just like looking around or stare at one spot when I am really concentrating.

    I put on loud and aggressive music to keep myself in a good mood when I'm in annoying or stressful situations, like busy traffic driving.

    I am a nail biter.

    More to come if I think of it.
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  11. Oh this is something I'm guilty of as well. I'm totally into the conversation, but looking someone face on in the eyes makes me embarrassed and shy.

    >.> I say "Waaaaah!" a lot, both as a cheer or when I'm jokingly disappointed.
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  12. This. XD With the added fact that I also say a bunch of random food names. My mom kinda rubbed off on me.

    I also tend to wiggle my toes when I feel comfortable. Like when I'm on bed and the sheets feel extra cozy or something. I don't even realize I'm doing it until it's pointed out to me.

    I pinch my nose when I'm bored.

    Dunno if it's even a quirk, but I always put the toilet lid down.

    I laugh more than I probably should, even when I'm just in front of my computer.

    I talk to myself. I give myself pep talks, or tell myself to snap out of it when something's bothering me. Never around other people though. XD
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  13. I talk to myself so much, usually just having hypothetical conversations with no one. >.> I almost don't even realize that I'm doing it.

    Also, whenever really any thought about anything comes to mind, it's often preceded by me thinking the phrase "and then I was like". As if I were looking back on what I was just thinking about and describing my thought process to someone.

    I say "hellolo" to people all the time, and sometimes like to repeat the last syllable of people's names, especially if it's a two-syllable name ("Gwazizi", "Brovovo", etc). Sometimes, if I'm in the mood for it, I'll repeat that syllable a bunch of times ("Brovovovovovo"). Some names just straight up-frustrate me because it's difficult to do this with them, although I still try. XD And others are really hard to spell when I do this. o_o Like, I had a friend named Jackie, so you can probably imagine what it would sound like for me to do the syllable-repeating thing on her name. The hard part would be thinking of how I would spell it. o_o Jackiekie? Jakiki? Jackieki? Jackiki? None of them look right...

    I used to say "Nyan Cat" as an all-purpose interjection for basically any emotion, and I have no idea why or how I even started doing this. XD If I was excited about something, I said 'Nyan cat'. If I was confused, I said 'Nyan cat'. Disappointed? Annoyed? Sleepy, even? Nyan cat. More recently, though, I've noticed that I've mostly dropped the 'cat' part of this and usually just say 'nyan' these days, or sometimes just 'nya'. XD

    Edit: As a side note, "Gwazizi" sounds like it would be the name of some kind of Italian food. OwO
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  14. well, I'm sure many women would like to eat gwazi

    hurr hurr hurr
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  15. So you're Tommy? :P
    I'm more picturing a JoJo's bizarre adventure guy just declaring the name.

    Like "Gwazizi! You dishonor me!".
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  16. Tommy line the green ranger?

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  17. ALSO, sometimes if I say "no" -- not as part of a sentence or anything but just, like, "oh no", or "noooo" to express mild disappointment or something, it will get combined with "nyan (cat)" and become "nyon (cat)" (with the 'o' in that being pronounced like 'oh') or "oh nyon".

    ...I have no explanation for this. XD
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  18. .....youre so kawaii!
  19. I tend to use silly voices when imitating someone talk.

    E.g. me telling a story about a friend,
    And then she said "[silly voice] Oh no but you're can't do this blargh bleh ugh ugh ahh"

    And it makes people laugh and takes them by surprise when they don't know me xD Everyone knows when I say Madame Customer, that it's going to be in a goofy voice.

    I goofy voice a lot. :v
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  20. I swear a lot, and say inappropriate things I'd probably prefer if most didn't hear. If I'm at home alone it's pretty loud, but outside it's more muttering under my breath.

    I crack one of my thumbs. I damaged it when I was younger, so now it makes this loud noise pretty easily, which the other thumb doesn't.
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