Quietly panicking over here.

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  1. I'm not a new writer, but I'm new to RP. I'm in two multi-para 1x1s right now, and everyone takes their time responding. (Multi-para meaning all the posts are a solid page long.) I wanted to try a group RP, so I joined one, but I hadn't realized then that all of the others are very advanced. I told the GM I'm a beginner, and he let me stay in anyway. (I was kinda hoping he'd tell me no, so I could leave. :P ) I'm afraid I'm gonna wreck their groove...

    Also, they do dialogue on skype. (This is because the length and response time are equal to that of my 1x1s.) I think I could manage the normal posts alright. Multi-para is how I'm used to writing. However, I've never, ever done serious roleplay through chat. I don't have much chatroom experience at all. Tips for not making a fool of myself?

    Is there a way to do that at all in this situation? :P
  2. I thought most chat RPs are done with one-liners. Are you saying the Skype dialogues are also multi-para?
  3. Honestly, I'm not sure...I think they're no more than one paragraph, though. What I meant was that they skype the dialogue and work it into their posts in the group RP, which is multi-para like the 1x1s.
  4. "Ah, I see. Chat's just like what we're doing right now." :D

    Why not wait for the others to post and follow their lead? :}
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  5. So there's no, like, secret etiquitte that's different from forum business, then? Good!

    I'm gonna try to follow their lead. :P I suppose the worst that could happen is they ask me to leave and I don't have to worry about it anymore.

    Thanks :)
  6. Have fun :D
  7. Be yourself and write as naturally as you can; only practice will help you get used to it and be able to know what to expect.

    Personally I stick to 1x1s because I lack the time available to keep up with group roleplays (some of us have full time jobs and houses to maintain >.<) But in what I have experienced, roleplays are roleplays, no matter what style they are played in or how many players are in them. Create a character and help write the story; if you're confused about where to type what, that's what your neighbourhood GM is for.

    if anyone's mean to you, come find me, I'll bash their face with a big stick >=3
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  8. Heehee. You'd have to cross sites, but thanks. : )

    On a related note, though...know of any beginner-friendly RPs around here? (Of course I'll ask on the welcome thread, as well.)
  9. You can always put out an interest check or Roleplay request and simply mention that you're new, you can also meet fellow newbies in the Arrivals & departures board; many of them are eager to start!
  10. I think whomever runs that roleplay are doing it in a very strange unusual way. O_O So you should ask your GM for tips and help. Good GMs will be happy to answer questions and help get you involved in their roleplay. <3

    If you're looking for newbie friendly and places to practice, Jump Ins is prolly the most awesome place in the wooooorld. There ARE a lot of one liner players, but that just means they need the influence of multi-para people even more. >:3 You'll be able to help and teach people just as much as you can practice yourself.
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