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  1. Do you have a pairing that you absolutely love, but don't have any ideas? Well have no fear your plot generator is here! I offer my services in developing a plot that is best designed for you and your partner. I make plots for all types. Make sure you describe what you're looking for. I will make an effort to look at your RP Resume! I also make plots for characters as well.

    Anyway, the plot generator that is my brain is almost always on overload. When I have a plot ready for you, I will PM to the person who requested the plot. So check your PMs for messages from me. I will make an effort to describe the plot in great detail. If you would like me to generate a new plot for you please PM me or mention it down below. If you would prefer to make a request in private (because I make mature plots as well) please PM me about those types of things. I hope that you all will take advantage of this service.

    Happy Roleplaying.

    -Quiet Musician
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  2. It's an old idea of mine that made an extremely successful role play on a website that is now dead.
    Anyway, the role play was called "T.I.A" or "Troopers in Armor" in some iterations.
    However, I could never garner the same success or even the sheer amount of people to sign up as the original role play did.
    Admittedly, the plot was convoluted at best.
    It's set in the future on a different planet. Armored soldiers that were average humans protected by a carbon fiber composite armor are the bulk force of a dying planet. A virus which infects humans and turns them into vampire like beings was sweeping through and causing mass infection. For whatever reason this made them get into a full on war that the humans were losing quite badly.
    If you could have any ideas that could save this old idea of mine, much would be obliged.
  3. My first plot rework!

    This is an overall very interesting plot. Let's see what my brain can make of it. -cue whizzing and whirring sounds-

    T.I.A With a Few Tweaks

    In the year 3030, the cure for any illness or sickness was thought to be found. It was sent all across the planet of (Insert Planet Name). The cure did work for a while, but then everything changed. Patients began craving blood and started imitating vampire like behavior, becoming nocturnal and spreading their infection. Eventually the attacks of the patients became gruesome and violent, forcing humans to take action and seek help from other planets.

    While some planets refused to assist the humans, others agreed to lend their services seemingly dealing with the exact same virus which was later discovered to originate from another planet known as Veescher. Veescher is a parasite planet that consumes all life forms on one planet and then moves on to the next.

    A special forces unit known as T.I.A or Troopers in Armor was created to fight back this virus. These soldiers were protected by a carbon fiber composite armor, a thick plating that was designed to temporarily increase resistance against the virus when coming into contact with the infected.

    Since the home of the Virus is on planet Veescher, it is thought that the planet must be destroyed in order to save what is left of the infected planets surrounding on it. Thusly, members of the T.I.A were sent to Planet Veescher to kill the virus once and for all.



    The most versatile of all races capable of incredible feats all their own and very adaptive giving them leg up when fighting this virus. While they are one of the youngest races of the universe, they are the most determined. They are the creators of the carbon fiber composite armor. (Whatever else you want to add specifically)


    This race is incredibly fast and nimble. They are the universe's assassins being masters of stealth. Their claw like hands are as sharp as daggers. Vargoths prefer to hunt in pairs of two or by themselves seeing as most of them have conflicting personalities. While they are capable of some impressive feats they have an overall weak structure making them vulnerable to anything bulky and hard hitting.

    Home Planet: Gerruda


    A very intelligent type alien with the power of telekinesis. They are very technologically advanced and capable of human speech. Their skin is resistant to most types of sickness making them great allies to the humans when fighting the virus. Unfortunately, they have a weakest of all bone structure and can easily be over powered by brute force should it be able to get close enough. It's very hard to differentiate between the male and females of these species, but females have larger eyes and they are blue in color.

    Home Planet: Xeran



    A humanoid bug alien subtype. They are the strongest (Vargoth are the fastest) of the alien races, but have a hard time communicating with other races without a communicator handy. Their speech consist of bug like sounds and signals. Their skin is made of a tough exoskeleton. They are very observant of their surroundings and have the intelligence equivalent to the average human.

    Home Planet: Beetrov


    Contact @Maddeline for further details.
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  4. I've got a setting I'd like to use for something, but no good idea for a focused plot within it (well, and/or there's a lot of holes in the setting itself, mostly names for countries/factions). So, I'll toss something up here because I'd be interested to see your take on things.

    It's a futuristic setting with a number of transhumanist themes, as characters are assumed to be military cyborgs. The general aesthetic for characters is pretty much mecha musume. Combat cyborgs have become a bit of a major role as special forces on the battlefield as technology has advanced. They're heavily armed and tough enough to slaughter infantry with very little difficulty, and can even deal with vehicles pretty effectively.

    A monstrous alien enemy has recently appeared and begun making itself at home. The various major powers have formed an uneasy truce to deal with the threat, although they're still happy to continue their border skirmishes. The aliens spread a mist that tends to be one part weather phenomenon, one part terraforming system. If it's left too long over an area, the nature of the land and things living there begin to change, either twisting into strange, alien shapes, or transformed into metal and crystal. Whatever action the mist takes, since it can affect living things, it can, of course, be quite dangerous to humans. People going out into it need to wear protective environment suits and take regular immunizations just in case of exposure. Cyborgs are generally unaffected, and often tasked both for fighting the aliens and cleaning up mist-affected areas.

    Actual major factions include one that's been hit quite hard by Mist and other disasters, so it's generally a poor place to live. The government is militaristic and desperate, but it actually does care for its people and do the best it can for them. Still, it's a fairly grim place full of industrialization, under martial law. They're the most likely place to do illegal or unethical experiments and otherwise do whatever they feel necessary to get a leg-up.

    The next is a sort of Japan-like country that is mostly isolated, thanks to being an island nation. In at least some versions of things, in which magic exists, they're the ones with the strongest traditions. They tend toward elegant cybernetics which are very nearly alive, due in large part to technologies derived from studying the Mist and the aliens.

    And the last one with a major identity is a cyberpunk-style megacorporation. It's based in a gigantic tower-shaped arcology that sits in the center of a city also under its control. They don't officially have a military, although they do have a very well-equipped private security force which also acts as police within their holdings. The company has a hand in a number of areas, from entertainment to cybernetics and AI research. They're generally on the cutting edge of things, and really push the limit on things, making them the other likely group to conduct immoral or illegal experiments.

    There are also other places, but they never got fleshed out beyond being something of a EU or United States analogue.

    That's about it. Pretty...disjointed, really. I could probably go into more detail on most places, if i consulted my notes instead of doing things off the top of my head. The gist of the premise, in far fewer words, is that it's strike witches, with the withes replaced with busou shinki.
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  5. Oh, lookie. This is just what I needed. I have two plots that I'd like help with. I will focus on the first one before even mentioning the second.

    So the first one is this: In the fictional world of Eniadore, there are three major landmasses: two continents by the name of Masvia and Dodona - about the size of Africa and Asia, respectively - as well as an enormous archipelago that is currently unnande since I still haven't decided, and it is about equal to Europe in total land area. The entirety of the archipelago is controlled either directly or through vassal states by a mighty British-esque naval and mercantile empire, which deliberately has no name and is simply referred to as "The Empire".

    So this empire is a really major player in world politics, as it is currently the most powerful nation in the world, but is extremely closely followed by a Communist dictatorship based on Dodona. The Empire used to be ruled by Emperor Leo II the Great, until it was stricken by a pandemic lung disease which claimed much of the population as well as the mighty emperor. The disease has more or less passed, with only contained, minor outbreaks here and there. But the empire is now under the rule of Emperor Gabriel I. Officially, anyway. Gabriel is ten years old, and so his regent, Lord Maximilian Dautner, is the de facto ruler of The Empire, and he rules with an iron fist. So now The Empire has just barely started to recovered from a devastating epidemic, is ruled by an oppressive tyrant, and have the communists pressing their borders, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

    There is the setting. My problem is coming up with a fitting plot for this setting. It can be a group roleplay or a 1x1, doesn't matter much to me.
  6. Trinity X

    I don't have whole plot rather an idea. Guys got kidnapped at a young age. Blah. Finding out they have supernatural powers. Get experimented on. Only thing is these Six like their jobs as part of the government. These six males have formed a special task force within the government, Know as Trinity X. It was called Trinity because they are classified into 3 main categories of powers.
    They are not really experiments rather study subjects. They are normally sent out on things to that normal cops can't do or are to risky to do.
  7. Ahem! I realize this thread has been ultimately dead for a while thanks to a certain someone's hiatus, but I'm back now and if anyone has any plots that need stuffing or fluff or perhaps just thoughts, I'm here to donate my services! I'll even have my alter ego, Dr. Crow to help along the way!
  8. Hm, maybe you could merge them ^^''' It would be of a great help. Thanks Minibit.
  9. Interested in a Fairy princess x Dark elf prince thing but plot ideas aren't coming to mind.
  10. I've sent you a PM in case you didn't get the notification. I hope the idea was enough to spark that creative mind of yours!
  11. I'm looking for a minor Fae lady x genetically modified human that kinda resembles Fae

    it's a mix of sci fi and fantasy. I really hope that made sense.
  12. It makes perfect sense. I will send you a PM shortly!
  13. @No Universe I have sent you a PM and please be sure to tell me what you think! ^^
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