Quiet Horizon: A Caelo Usque ad Centrum (A Supernatural RP; STILL ACCEPTING!!)

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    Supernatural Prequel RP.
    Before the Horizon

    SLIGHT WARNING: This will most definitely contain spoilers for a lot of the show. I'll do my best not to spoil the current season, but Seasons 1-9 are fair game.

    Oh, and I do require a basic knowledge of Supernatural. You won't have to have watched it, though, to understand it. And doing a bit of research never hurt anyone. So, if you wanna join, feel free to do so. I'll try to keep the canon heavy stuff set a side and, if you need any help explaining certain things, throw me a PM and we'll discuss what it is you need to know. I'm more than happy to help. I'd love to help.

    A Supernatural RP? Ugh...

    On the forefront, things have gone as normal—minimal hiccups. As per usual, the government tends to cover things nearly as they happen. The fall of a massive food manufacturing empire attributed to the messy suicide of their exceptional tycoon, Dick Roman. A blaze of meteors lighting up the sky from Oklahoma to Shanghai. Events capable of being explained away and swept under the rug. Quiet as they are handled, the background tends to make the most noise and yet seems to go unnoticed. Whether the populace is simply willingly ignorant or otherwise remains to be answered, though the former seems more likely. Not many know how simple it is to will the boogeyman a fictitious story until he comes knocking.

    A few select people, however, thrive in these condition. They actively seek out horrors willing to rip and shred without prejudice. And some seek to learn and accumulate knowledge of such things. It's such people that keep the background noises as quiet as possible and innocents from being exposed to the horrors they willingly avoid.

    But that's been obvious since the middle ages. There are people who were born for work like this; unsung not-so-heroes willing to dig their own graves, with little to no fuss. And then there are people born to be blind. Most of the world ends up the latter and for good reason.

    Stories transgress time, however, and legends live forever—inscribed in the very edges of the universe. And—oh—how many stories these magnificent beings have etched with their lives. Many of them given. Some of them willing. But every story has a beginning and none of them quite so magnificent.


    If only this story had a happy ending.
    But it does end in a blaze—happy or not.

    P R E M I S E

    The essence of this roleplay is rather simple. It's centered around a group of individuals who've come together for reasons to be revealed (something's about to make waves and not the good kind), the story and plot revolves around them growing as people and potentially being at the forefront of some very historic changes. Of course, they have to get there first.

    Set at the end of Season 9, with Metatron being stripped of power long after Abbadon's brutal demise at the hands of Dean Winchester, the story focuses on two separate groups of individuals. Having experienced a handful of events themselves, they're still looking to catch their footing in the world of mystic and supernatural creatures. A few having been on the unlucky end of the schism between angels during Castiel's dethroning of Raphael, his rampage, and the angel fall at the hands of Metatron, himself. While some have had the misfortune of stumbling head first into the supernatural world, be it the events of the Apocalypse having shaken their foundation or the gaping hole in Purgatory itself that led to the rise and fall of Eve and her monsters and Dick Roman's Leviathans.

    Whatever may have thrust these folks into the Winchesters' world, they've all eventually stumbled upon each other, some permanently and others as a temporary alliance. Regardless of the situation, they each have each other's names in their memories and in their books and with the recent wave of happenings shaking the very core of the world, it's not long before they find each other again.

    Under the guidance of a knowledge driven Man of Letters—his right to the title passed down by a prestigious father within the organization—they ramp up experience and people willing to fight by their side. Connections drive the industry of hunters and without it, there'd be no reason for the monsters to fear what dares to stand in their way. Though some have their reasons for being skeptical, many understand the reason for amassing a group of hunters. Sam, Dean, and Castiel won't always be there to deal with every big bad that decides to rear their ugly head and with their focuses on the biggest, that leaves the little guys to wander without much repercussions. With tidal waves created by the beings at the forefront of their war on humanity, it leaves a lot of little guys to clean up before the world can cease from teetering on its edge.

    You can't save everyone.

    But it's always worth it to save who you can.

    With the Men of Letters bunker based in Lebanon, it's not surprising to find more dotting the edges of the United States, however centralized Team Free Will's bunker may be. The one maintained by the mysterious owner and subsequent lore enthusiast resides in Roswell, New Mexico, a place abundant with sightings of more than just the ordinary creatures roaming most of the world.

    Of course, the group doesn't just consist of a batch of hunters. A separate group, not one yet affected enough to find the bunker itself roams the four corners in search of something. Repentance maybe. Forgiveness most likely. Atonement. A group of creatures still clinging to their humanity as a last life line. Or creatures looking to restore some semblance of humanity they once lost or once yearned for. The tides affect them as much as they affect the humans. With no guidance from potential Alphas, with no prospect of a new world, many creatures have been left confused and angry. Angry creatures make for some heightened activity. Left to their own devices, many of these creatures have been running rampant. But there are those few who have had the misfortune of introspection and have found at least a glimmer of their former selves or their different selves within.

    It's this hope that pushes them forward and eventually they find themselves at the behest of a man willing to forgo differences. Because the world isn't prepared for what is yet to come. And maybe not even the Righteous man and his angel (and their moose) aren't quite ready to meet what's coming their way.

    There's something wild on the wind and more than just fire is starting to catch. It's just a matter of when—prepared or not, the world may burn on the horizon.
    R U L E S

    1. As I said before, follow the site rules.
    2. Be respectful to your fellow RPers.
    3. Depending, characters may be at a risk of death. Don't fret, though, conditions have to be very precise and mistakes have to be very big to even run the potential of character death. It's there though.
    4. At least one paragraph a post. And keep grammar and spelling checked relatively well. Not going to be strict about this; I'll only say something if it happens often and only if it makes the posts unreadable.
    5. Only non-canon characters. Depending on how I feel, I may open canon characters to be played later in the RP.
    6. I expect a post at least once a week. Notify me of any absence, please. But know I understand that sometimes life catches you off guard.
    7. After the first week of inactivity, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and offer a month grace period. If I don't hear back, then I'll decide what needs to be done with your character.
    8. Please have at least 2-3 other posts between yours. There's no reason to go crazy with the posting speed.
    9. I'll try to keep the canon flexible, but no insane or outright changes. Things can be bent, but not too much. If I notice canon being bent too far, I'll say something. On that note, we aren't following Season 10's trend. I'll find out someway to get rid of the MoC.
    10. My word is law. Adhere to it. Saying that, though, I do want to include people in decision making, but if I don't like something, I have final say in whether or not I allow it. I'm fairly accepting, so it'll be hard to find something that I'll put my foot down on.
    A P P L I C A T I O N


    Note: These are mostly just listing stuff, so don't be intimidated by the length. I would ask that you explain abilities and skills, though. They don't have to be mile long explanations, though, just something simple that'll help us understand.

    [Only Real Life Image/Gif Here]

    — Name —

    — Age —

    — Gender —

    — Sexuality —

    — Species —

    — Occupation —

    — Appearance —

    — Personality —
    Small paragraph at the least.

    — Strengths —

    — Weaknesses —

    — Fears —

    — Biography —
    At least a paragraph, please.

    — Abilities/Skills —
    If they're supernatural or magical, label it such

    — Inabilities —

    — Equipment —
    What's on their person.

    — Other —
    Put your group number here. 1 for regular hunters and 2 for the supernaturals. I just want to be able to keep tabs. That way, when I post a list of characters, I don't have to reread to find out where they're supposed to be.

    E X T R A - I N F O


    Just some info for you lot.

    Playable Species:​
    • Vampire​
    • Werewolf​
    • Non-Archangel Angel​
    • Deities​
    • Shapeshifter​
    • Kitsune​
    • Skinwalker​
    • Rougaru (Can't have feasted on Humans)​
    • Arachne​
    • Vetala​
    • Pishtaco​
    • Witch/Warlock​
    • Familiar​
    • Selkie​
    • Amazon
    • Other (This requires backstory and a good twist. Most things not covered by SPN are fair game, but they need have a reason to want humanity or want to get it back)​
    The Bunker (open)

    Note: It might not seem like it, but this Bunker is almost, just about the size of the one in Lebanon. It's just a tad smaller.

    On the outskirts of Roswell lies what looks to be an abandoned observatory standing stalwart across the barren desert of New Mexico. Within is the typical layout of an actual observatory, quaint, multi-layered and just about falling apart. It's all hard concrete with what looked to be very lackluster equipment and dirt caked walls—not to mention the Hollywood-esque cobwebs covering just about everything in a sheen of sticky white. There's a vague semblance of what used to be a pristine laboratory that may have once looked up into the stars with clear, glass lenses magnifying the intensity of blazing stars.

    What once was seems to be dismantled by the very hands of a being cold and deadly. The bones of previous owners still rotting in their huddled pain and year old blood stains a permanence in the walls and floors beneath them. Heavy duty bleach doesn't look like it would suffice; the place seems as if it would take more than a deep cleaning to rip it from the grave it was left in.

    Near the back of the round building lies a slight indent in the wall, perfectly rectangular with a panel directly at its side ripped from its crevice. The entire thing seems to have been covered by the desk shoved slightly out to the side and whoever moved it has yet to realize his mistake.

    Or maybe it's all deliberate. Maybe the call you got about a poltergeist luring couples in for their untimely demise was just a fabricated story. A legend that Roswell took to in hopes of gaining more tourist attraction. Whatever it was, an eerie shiver shakes your spine and the closer you get to this supposed entrance the more bloody scenarios run through your mind—all of them end with your head on a platter.

    Despite everything telling you to drop everything and leave, you press on, letting your hand slot perfectly into the crevice to pull the lever fully down. The entrance creaks and the rumbles open as it slides into its hollow space. The hole in the wall thus reveals a staircase leading down to what looks to be a crawling darkness. There's only the slight gleam of a door knob in the darkness, so it definitely doesn't reach down far enough. Definitely not the depths of hell you thought it might.

    Upon approaching the door, you notice that it's only slightly ajar—whatever presence lay beneath, it was obviously betting on your lack of common sense. Gun, claws, or whatever you have in your arsenal at the ready, you come in guns blazing to a man, sitting pristine in his robe, with a bottle of scotch in one hand and a glare that could dismantle and destroy whatever weapon you charged in with. It only grows colder the moment you realize you'd let that holy water you were holding onto fly straight into his face—only realizing your error once the relief that this man is a man settles in.

    And then you realize that you weren't lured here—no, okay, maybe you were—but were actually invited here. And not just for some tea and crumpets cause this guy obviously has some kind of accent going on, but for something you don't entirely understand yet. But something tells you that it's dire.

    Thus he shows you the exact layout of his lovely abode. The longer the tour goes on the more you think this isn't just some lousy house, but some kind of lair of sorts. Maybe not a villain's layer, but definitely some kind of lair.

    B E D R O O M S


    He shows you a picture with a taught frown, and opens the door to the closest room on the east end of the underground lair. Well, with what minimal equipment he had available to him and likely lack of actual construction skills, the room looks vaguely like the one in the picture. Unfortunately, the wood floor looks a little bid worn—well, a lot a bit worn. However, the room itself looks pristine clean and neatly organized. There's a small closet in the corner and across from the two twin beds (he thought it impractical and too personal to have one queen per room) lays both a dresser and to its side a desk set with a lamp providing a dim light. The room itself looks wholly unimpressive, but it's much better than what you first thought when the word 'Bunker Bedroom' came to mind. That thought had a lot more grit and a mattress that isn't actually foam. Foam mattresses? For each mattress? You don't question that small blessing. Overall, though, the place looks livable, if not impersonal and a little claustrophobic.

    From the look of it, there seems to be about eight of these rooms down this particular hall. The east end likely housed more than just eight people, but the man giving you the tour looks to be more concerned with a kind of long term stay. That obviously requires the everyday need of comfort, which he paid very close attention to.

    L I B R A R Y


    On the far east end of the bunker, past the halls lined with living quarters and prospective restrooms and janitorial closets or pantries, possibly, sits the impeccable Men of Letters' library. It's not terribly vast, and looks more like a living area rather than a library, but the area looks far more technologically advanced than it previously indicates. Many of the vast databases of the Men of Letters organization are held digitally and thus along the walls are lined a few computers, as well as personal laptops. The books, however, are all intensively lore based and, though it looks quaint, the library is contains one of the largest array of books on the occult and various other supernatural lore—most of it is very localized, and extends far down as South America. The latter part contains standard lore for various creatures that inhabit other regions of the world.

    K I T C H E N


    Not... the best looking thing in the world, by all means, but it's efficient and functional. At least, that's what he tells you with a poorly hidden scowl. It looks fairly in use, though begrudgingly so, but not as much as it would be were the man not the single occupant of such a vast bunker. The microwave seems to be the most used appliance, though the kitchen does smell distinctly of gas from the stoves recent use. The man continues on to talk about having just stocked all of the freezers and refrigerators in preparation. He mumbles something about not getting anything for vegans.

    S T U D Y


    From the centralized kitchen is technically the entrance, where the bunker opens into a study of some sort. It's equipped with the necessities and, most of all, looks just about like one would expect a man, like the one currently cleaning his glasses, would be sitting in, sipping his brandy and wondering about life's mysteries. Of course, there are a numerous amount of leather seats surrounding the fireplace with an chaise shoved in the corner. Behind the seats and directly facing the fireplace is a medium sized table, much like the one in the library, with an assortment of chairs and carefully placed lamps to provide light. This is where the more personal books are kept, things like Pride and Prejudice and the crap this man probably reads on a daily basis. Oh, he's giving you that knowing stink eye... and downing that glass of scotch rather quickly.

    L I V I N G R O O M


    Directly facing the entrance to the kitchen and housing the corridors that lead to both the east and west wing of the area is the living area. It's just the other side of the table separating it from the study. The man looks semi-satisfied with the state of it, looking more his taste of furniture that he likely just now put in. Actually, the living room looks fairly freshly furnished and, seemingly utilizing the various wiring and cables running through the bunker a large looking plasma TV hangs along the wall facing the West End, with chair surrounding the second fireplace. Shoved just behind the pair of armchairs is a mahogany desk with a more up to date computer sitting atop it.

    The room itself looks fairly cozy and the plush leather of the couch is just begging for any one of you to just sink into it and relax after a long day. And it's been quite a long day. The man looking over the area with a faint smile seems to agree very much with that assessment, though it's not very much worded.

    G Y M

    What comes unexpected, and the cheeky bastard can tell judging by the smile currently tugging his lips, is a personal gym. The gym itself takes up quite a bit of the bunker's West end, though not the entirety of it. Explaining away what he can, it seems the gym is equipped with the simple, standard things on the far side of the room. The other side seems more oriented to hunters and, off to the side and closed off from the rest of the gym, seems to be a small firing range and an entire armory that seems to wind just behind the kitchen where all of the bunker's weapons lay. Other than that, the gym looks pretty standard with some personal effects for the hunters of the group. It's a nice touch and a welcome one, at that—there's likely a few hidden things in here that'll keep everyone on their toes.

    O T H E R


    The entire other side of the west end of the bunker seems to be specifically specialized to house a number of things, some of them oddities, though all of them looking fairly useful. The west end seems to stretch a little further down than the East to accommodate the largeness of each room. Among the first rooms is the bunker's very own research lab, designed and specialized for supernatural research, as well as the standard. Of course, it's not large enough to house all of the intricacies of scientific research, so most of it is basic necessities, and anything that helps specialize in supernatural effects. The room also doubles as an area to preform incantations and magic rituals.

    Next is the bunker's med bay, which is... essentially a med bay. There's really nothing special about a med bay other than that it's super sterile, pretty white looking, and has a lot of medical things in it.

    Further down should be the bunker's most secure area, locked behind a pair of large doors with various sigils on it. It looks to be a brig, but the man merely waves dismissively, saying something about locking demons inside and some failed experiments the American chapter had conducted.

    Next to the mysterious doors is a smaller pair that leads to the bunker's large store room, where a number of documents are held and a whole other number of ingredients are contained. Again, it's nothing special and maybe, possibly, there's a dark room in the back to hold the more volatile things. Objects that are cursed, etc.

    Further down the west end and its various hallways lay the central electronic unit that's also connected to a technical hub that looks to be a few decades old. However, it seems far more advanced than the bulk of its nature assumes it to be. He merely turned it on, though he's not entirely sure how to work it. Around this end are various units for things such as heat, gas, and water.

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  2. [​IMG]
    "We're doomed"

    H U N T E R S

    Percival Whitehall - The Man of Letters

    Evan Abernathy - The Soldier

    Cordelia Chase - The Oracle

    Johnathon Kenly

    Adam Che - Glenn Dies The IT Guy

    Sandy Sky - The Silent Chick

    Sheldon Gideon - Jack Torrance The Author

    "Wait for it... ... Okay, now we're doomed."

    C R E A T U R E S

    Hermes Rosenberg - The Original Gossip Girl

    Zadkiel - The Hand of Mercy

    Anael - The Angel of Love

    Griffin Maddox - The Vegen Hipster Vegetarian Lycanthrope

    Karissa Nora Stone - The Vampire, The Vanilla-Death

    Oliver Queen - The Green Arrow Mutt

    Andrew Cole Bryant - The Fox-Fire Kitsune

    Charlotte We-Badass Bitch-ster - A Mistake The Black Widow Spiderwoman The Spider​
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  3. I do apologize for being intrusive, but I went and rummaged through the Fandom section to see if there were any inactive Supernatural RPs and I think I found one. I was just wondering if any of you folk would be interested in maybe taking a look at this RP to see if it catches your attention? If you fancy it? Or if it appeals to you in any way. There's no real pressure to join, of course, and I don't expect much of a response other than maybe a, "Sorry, no?" or something. I dunno. Aaah. ;-;

    @HelloBeautifulChild (Dean and Cas are dating AAAH)
    @ch0sen1 (OMG I KNOW YOU)
    @T E R R O R (just for formalities, since I technically already asked you. ;-;)
    @Kitsune (WHY DO I KNOW ALL OF YOU?)
    OKAY, SO LIKE, I'M SORRY IF I'M INTRUDING OR ANYTHING. I'm just heavily experienced in lurking, so I may or may not have read everything in that thread. I don't have a deadline for anything, since I've yet to catch much interest. Uh. I think that's a bad thing. Regardless, I'm currently fine tuning my opening post to cut down on some unnecessary things.

    As for the plot of this RP, I have most of it handled. I have a clear cut vision of where I want to take this, but the how and the why are totally up to you guys. But, there will be points in which I'll intercede and lay out some little seeds for my nefarious plans, that'll definitely be in the first few occurrences that happen. I definitely plan on letting us get our feet in the water by having it start out much like Season 1, where there's a clear vision ahead, but we're just strolling around helping people, killing things. This is pretty much a test to see how well I can work with things like foreshadowing and symbolism to allude to certain aspects of the RP itself, but that doesn't make this RP as any less serious or fun or important to me as any others. Of course, I'm definitely going to take a character myself, but that's something else entirely. It's gonna be a challenge for me to juggle some stuff, so I hope you lot can bear with me on that.

    Regardless, I'm going to tag a few more people that I think may be interested in Supernatural just on the assumption that because they like the show itself, they must want to RP it. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. In a non-hostile way. Aah.
    @Cephalo (I know you expressed interest in Supernatural, but I'm not sure if you'd be open to an RP)
    @Ruby (Moooooooooose)
    @innocent devil (I'm merely going on a limb on this one. But, yeah. I dunno if you like SPN or if you do if you'd like it enough to RP it. D;)
    Again, I just wanted to gauge interest from you guys. If you don't want a SPN RP, then by all means, ignore this. But if you are somewhat interested, I invite you to read the opening post and see what you think about where I'm heading.

    On that note, I do intend to hold polls for everyone concerning things like canon changes, certain plot deviancy, and various other things. Some of 'em will be critical to the roleplay and others will be merely aesthetic, like whether or not Charlie and Hannah should date. OMG. Or Jody and Donna make a mini-academy/bording house/thing for lady hunters and troubled teenagers. ;-; But it can be as serious as BRINGING GABRIEL BACK and less exciting but just as important bringing Gadreel back because my guilty pleasure is Samdreel... Sadreel... Sam/Gadreel and you can't shame me for it because stop it.

    And again, depending on how everyone feels, I may open some of the canon characters up to you lot. But, I'd have to see how you all roleplay and your styles before that happens.

    Also, because I can't wait, I'm gonna give you a hint as to who our big bad(s) are gonna be: it's gonna have to do with Abbadon. She's dead, but she had a fall back. SHE HAD A PLAN B. RUN FOR THE HILLS.​
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  4. Definitely joining this. I haven't seen a Supernatural roleplay in quite sometime. I'll more than likely have a CS up tomorrow, or at least the start of a CS. Say, how many character's are we allowed to have?

    And I'm liking the idea of Abbadon involved. She was pretty badass if I say so myself.
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  5. @Ruby

    I forgot about the character limit. I'ma cut it off at 4. And I'm only allowing a few angels, so you might wanna grab those up quick. Of course, if you find a good reason to dull down their OPness, then feel free to run it by me if we're full up on them. I'll probably mull it over, munch on the cookie you bribed me with, and accept them regardless.

    If I allow canon characters later, then you can have a total of 5 characters including them. But I'll only allow one canon character each. Fuck, I'm probably gonna allow canon characters, but definitely not at this moment.

    Also, you can take as long as you want on the CS. I'm in no rush to start and I definitely want you all to enjoy the process. If you enjoy it, that is. If not, then whip it good.

    *Does the signature Professor Farnsworth giggle* Abaddon (have i seriously been spelling abaddon wrong man i'm awful) was indeed badass and she had a few tricks up her sleeve in case the Winchesters got super smart (or in Dean's case, super stupid) and Cain decided to be an asshole and intervene. Like wtf seriously man?

    I'm still working on ideas to get rid of his Mark, since we're diverging from canon, so feel free to fling those at me. I'm tempted to use the Angel Grace idea that circulated tumblr for the last six months because of the title card. WHY NOT CASTIEL'S UNDYING LOVE?!

    The Soldier

    "Pansies like you piss me off."

    — Name —
    Evan Abernathy

    — Age —

    — Gender —

    — Sexuality —

    — Species —
    Positively human.

    — Occupation —
    Veteran - Served three tours in Iraq
    Full-time Hunter
    Occasionally works random jobs wherever he may be to put food on the table.


    — Personality —
    Evan is a soldier in all aspects. He's courageous, brave, and won't give up on his mission. He's a risk taker, especially when he's in the heat of the moment. Harsh, stubborn, determined, and honest (more blunt than anything else). He can come off cold towards people he just met and it's hard for him to trust others. Though, once you get to know him and get him to actually like you, he'll protect you with his life. Once you cross him, he won't hesitate to leave you to fend for yourself. He can stay calm in the most chaotic of situations. He conceals his emotions well and rarely lets out his anger, unless you absolutely push him past the breaking point, which is quite hard to do. He has a strong will that's hard to break.

    Though, he's not entirely stone cold. He has a sense of humor and he's quite sarcastic. He adores children and everything about them, always brightening up when around them.

    — Strengths —
    Hand to hand combat - The military taught him how to fight using his bare hands, which often wins a bunch of his fights.
    Bravery - He will go into something dangerous or frightening without hesitation. Others might consider this to be recklessness and not bravery.
    Strength - Evan is strong. He works out every chance he gets to stay that way. It's never good to go up against a monster without strength on your side.
    Determination - Evan will not stop until he finishes a job.
    Justice - He'll serve justice to anyone who deserves it. He'll try to at least.

    — Weaknesses —
    His daughter - If his daughter was ever hurt/kidnapped/etc, Evan would drop everything to go save her. No matter where he is, what he's doing, and what shape he's in, he will go after her and any person who hurts her.
    Impatience - In some situations, Evan has a tendency to become impatient. Especially when someone is taking their long ass time doing research on something he needs to know.
    Children - Since he has a child of his own, Evan has a soft spot for children (and their mothers). If there's a child in trouble, you can guarantee that he'll at least attempt to save that child.
    Women - He doesn't like to hurt women. Even the one's who are monsters.

    — Fears —
    Letting people down.
    Failing a job.
    Losing his daughter.
    Spiders, fucking spiders.
    Heights, flying, etc.
    Spiders on a plane with him on it, his nightmare.


    — Biography —
    Evan Abernathy was the runt of the family - the youngest of five siblings. His father was a soldier and his mother was often to take care of them while his father was off serving the country. Years passed and he grew up to be a rather active kid. By the age of 16, he was on several of the sport teams at school and excelled in the majority of them. He had a fascination in becoming a soldier like his father and that was his plan once high school ended. His father was beyond proud of him. Evan had been the only one of the kids that wanted to follow his father's footsteps. Though on his eighteenth birthday, he was struck with the worst news of his life. His father was dead.

    The older man had been hit by a large truck and was pronounced dead at the scene. He had been heading to the store to pick a present for Evan up. The eighteen year old felt absolutely shitty for that. His father was dead and it was because of him. He had wanted to give Evan a present and that's what killed him. Evan would constantly put himself down after his dad's death. He believed it was his fault for it and for the longest time he wouldn't leave his room to sign up for the army. Until finally, his oldest sibling finally dragged his ass out of bed and made him sign up despite his protests.

    The Military had been one of the best things that had happen during his life. It disciplined him and helped him from thinking about his father's death. He enjoyed going out and defending his country, serving justice to the people who desperately needed it. Yet, fighting in Iraq took a toll on him. All the shit he saw while there made him grow cold. He saw how people could be such monsters, hurting actual innocent people for fun. It tore into him, all the deaths. Especially the ones he caused.

    After his third tour, he left the military. He was on his way home, exhausted from all the sleepless night's he endured while at war. He and his wife had planned on his return being a surprise for their 5 year old daughter. When he walked in the front door and saw his wife being torn to pieces by a vampire. His daughter just so happened to be cowering in the corner. Once the vampire saw him, it took off into the night. Ever since then, he has been obsessed with finding the vampire who killed his wife. He learned the ways of being hunter and sent his daughter to live with her grandparents. Ever since then, he's been on the road hunting things.

    One day, Evan had been getting rid of a vampire nest in downtown L.A. He had tracked one of the vampires to an alley where he witnessed the vampire attack a innocent woman. In several swift moves, he had injected dead man's blood into the vampire and watched him die. He had saw another female, who could only be in her early twenties, standing near by.

    "Vampires.." she said. Evan had been shocked. He would have never expected a civilian to know what the foul creature was. Instead of agreeing with her, he simply told her to forget that that had ever happened. There was no such thing as vampires. He had turned to leave when she said something that surprised him even more. "Dead man's blood.." How could a civilian know this? Most didn't know anything about the supernatural world. He was perplexed yet intrigued by the female. He took her under his wing and named her 'The Silent Chick'. He spread word of her around the hunter community and kept her to observe the way she acted. He also wanted to know how she came to know about the very creatures he hunter.

    Over the weeks he'd known her, Evan found her to be very odd. She had this.. way about her. She could simply speak and he would fall into a trance. Once, he even found himself leaning in close to her. Since then, he kept his distance. More so than before. There was something about The Silent Chick, something that he would have to find out eventually.

    The two eventually ended up in South Dakota at a motel. What happened next? No one knows.

    All that Evan knows is that he will find himself in a bunker with people and.. creatures he never dreamed that he would work with.

    — Abilities/Skills —
    Strength - He has strong muscles and can at least bench press 315 pounds.
    Weapons - He knows how to use most guns, knives, etc.

    Survival - He learned this while at war. He still uses this till this day.
    Fake IDs and Badges - He's fairly good at making fake IDs and badges. He often prides himself on this.
    Lockpicking - Doesn't really pride himself on this, but he knows how to.
    Running - He can run exceptionally fast. This comes in handy when running from danger.
    Caring for Kids - Having a kid himself taught him how to take care of children. Not to mention, he loves kids.

    — Inabilities —
    Teamwork - Never been real good at working with other people.
    Flying - It's an irrational fear of his, and it's affected him ever since he joined the army.
    Patience - Often while waiting for information on a case, he'll get impatient and start getting irritated.
    Garlic - Has a garlic allergy.

    — Equipment —
    An angel blade, which he keeps in his boot. (Don't ask how he got it)
    A lighter.
    A pocket knife.
    A picture of his daughter.
    A pistol that he keeps in his pants.
    A duffel bag full of different types of supplies needed for hunts.
    The back of his truck is filled with more supplies, his duffel bag is just in case he can't make it to the truck.
    His wallet.
    His phone, an iPhone to be exact.
    A laptop

    — Other —
    Group #1
    He has nightmares about his wife being killed.

    Louise Abernathy - Five years old


    "Touch my baby girl and I will end you."

    Angel of love, passion, and sexuality

    "The purpose of human life, no matter who may be controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved."

    — Name —

    — Vessel Name —
    Oliver Harrison

    — Age —
    Old as time.

    — Gender —
    Identifies as male.

    — Sexuality —

    — Species —

    — Occupation —
    Angel of Love, Passion, and Sexuality.
    Currently works in a bookstore.
    Occasionally volunteers at a soup kitchen.

    "I've always enjoyed watching you humans; your lives are so short and yet you have loved over a thousand times."

    — Personality —
    Anael is anything but a misanthrope. He loves humanity and most that it has to offer. He's fascinated by the species and often spends his time watching them and pairing them together, which makes him quite the fangirl. He's laid back, kind, and loving.

    —Strengths —
    Love - One of the few human emotions that he can understand.

    Hand to Hand Combat - He excels on hand to hand combat. It's comes natural to him.
    Invulnerability - Being invulnerable to almost every weapon does come in handy.
    Quick Thinker -

    — Weaknesses —
    An Angel Blade - All angels, including him, can be killed by an angel blade. Those are the main things to watch out for.

    Babies - He has no idea how to take care of another being, especially a child.
    Care Giving - Sure, Anael volunteers for a Soup Kitchen. This doesn't mean he can actually take care of someone.
    Leviathans -
    — Fears —
    Being hated or being feared by humanity.

    Becoming like the other angels, a douchebag with a cold heart.
    "Love, like all human emotions, can never be explained."

    — Biography —

    Such a complex yet simple emotion. It is one of the main emotions that human's feel nearly every day of their short lives. It is a force so strong that it could metaphorically move mountains. It brought people together. It ended wars. It gave people hope, determination, and courage. It was a beautiful thing and Anael simply adored the idea of it. It fascinated him

    — Abilities/Skills —
    Normal Angel Stuff - Super stamina, superhuman strength, regeneration, smiting, the works. Though, there are some of his powers that he cannot use due to losing his wings. For example, chronokinesis, reality warping, flight, and anything that involves using a bunch of power he cannot even think about using.

    Matchmaking - Being the angel of love, he has the ability to force two people together.
    Smiting - Since the fall, Anael has not been able to smite demons or creatures as much as he used to be able to. When he smites a creature, it uses a bunch of his power.

    Swords, daggers, etc - It's like second nature to him. He's quite good at wielding weapons. Though, he might end up poking someone's eye out eventually.

    — Inabilities —
    Technology - Human technology is a mystery to him, he will never understand how most of it works. Though since he has been on earth, he has learned how to work an iPhone and a computer. Everything else? Still a mystery waiting to be solved.
    Hate - Another thing he doesn't quite grasp. Why hate when you could love instead? Why not replace all hatred with love?
    Pretty Much Every Other Human Emotion - Other than love, anger, and the occasional confusion, Anael has no idea how to deal with human emotions. If he see's someone crying? He'll more than likely just stand there awkwardly twiddling his thumbs.
    Food is not as good as people make it out to be when you can taste every molecule and atom in a PBJ sandwich. It's quite disgusting, actually..
    Guns - He was never trained to use guns. He's an angel for Christ's sake. He had been trained to use his smiting powers, when he had them. He was trained for swords and daggers. Not guns.
    Pop Culture - Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who? No clue what it is. Though, Anael is slowly learning it all. Real slow.

    — Equipment —
    An Angel Blade

    — Other —
    The First Fangirl.
    Group #2

    What is Love?

    True Love is Purity - in its highest form - best described as Selflessness.
    Love when true is not focused on the limit of a person or few persons - it true when it is universal. Flowing in every direction.

    Love is courageous. And fears nothing.
    Love is not restrictive - it is expansive.
    Love is a connection between hearts.
    Without the need of a physical connection or give and take.
    Love expects nothing. Not even reciprocation.

    Love flows relentlessly - limitless.


    "With love, I'm sure anything is possible, darling."


    The 'Vegetarian' Lycanthrope

    "Personally, I only eat animal hearts. No human whatsoever. I consider myself.. The 'Vegetarian' Lycanthrope! Catchy, right?"

    — Name —
    Griffin Maddox

    — Age —

    — Gender —

    — Sexuality —
    Bisexual, leans towards men.

    — Species —
    Pure-blood Werewolf

    — Occupation —
    Occasional Dog Walker

    "You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. Just because you may be a 'monster' doesn't mean you have to act like one."

    Griffin could be often described as a energetic puppy. He's always seen smiling, laughing, or humming some song that happened to fill his mind. He's kind, bright, friendly, and quite lovable. Always happy. He has a witty sense of humor and loves talking. Sometimes he can be easily distracted, but when it comes down to the point he's serious and pays attention to whatever is at stake. He can be as ruthless as any other creature and won't hesitate to hurt someone if they hurt him first. Occasionally, when he finds his 'urge' to be too strong, Griffin will distance himself from others. He's often afraid that he'll lash out and hurt someone or worse, kill someone.

    — Strengths —
    Running - Griffin is an extremely fast runner, even in human form. He can outrun most of his foes. He often never grows tired from it.
    Lycanthrope Stuff - Typical lycanthrope stuff. Claws, Fangs, etc. It puts him at an incredible advantage especially among his foes.
    Care Giving - This only applies to himself, small animals, and plants. He hasn't really been experienced in taking care of another person. He might end up killing them on accident.
    Hand To Hand Combat - Easy peasy. Just use his claws!
    Piano - His grandmother taught him how to play at a young age.
    Guns - He's not too shabby at using firearms.

    — Weaknesses —
    Silver - Pretty much self-explanatory. Silver makes werewolf go bye-bye.
    Puppies - Have you seen these bundles of joy? Th only animal Griffin will not eat. They're too cute.
    Human Hearts - Once he has a taste of these bad boys, there's a good possibility nothing will stop him from eating another.
    Saying No - Griffin often finds himself agreeing to do things for everyone, even if he can't do them. If he positively has to, he will veto the idea but more than likely will feel shitty about it afterwards.
    Cute Boys - Who couldn't swoon at the sight of a cute boy?
    His 'Urge' - This ties to human hearts. Just because he may be able to sustain himself on animal hearts only, does not mean he doesn't crave human hearts as well. Some days he won't have and others it'll be almost unbearable. Once he officially tries human for the first time, this urge will grow stronger and will transform him into a reckless werewolf that kills left and right. He doesn't want that to happen.

    — Fears —
    The idea of Hell
    Angels - Honestly, this isn't much of a fear of his. He just gets creeped out by them. All of them. They never stop staring or getting into your personal business.

    "I love my life and how I live it. If the other lycanthropes don't like it, tell them to kiss my hairy ass."

    — Biography —
    One time in his life, he had been mostly human. He had a human life with a human boyfriend and a positively human family. He was happy with his life and all that came with it, up until the one fateful night that tore his happy life to pieces. He was bitten by a second generation pureblood. When he woke back up, Griffin had a unbearable hunger and happened to feel completely out of the ordinary. At first, he was confused and lost. He went home but that never worked out. With the undeniable urge to eat your family, he had to leave. He even had to leave his boyfriend, which tore him to pieces. He never exactly knew what he was for quite a while, except that he had claws, fangs, and a pair of wicked looking eyes.

    It wasn't until he met a hunter, Garth specifically (hope this is okay). Garth told him that he was a werewolf and that everything would be okay. He told him that he wouldn't have to eat humans, he could eat animal hearts and be completely fine. Griffin even became a veterinarian to be closer to the animals. He would always eat the ones that had to be euthanized, the ones that wouldn't be questioned if they disappeared. Though he never ate dogs. Dogs were his favorite animals.

    Over time, Griffin grew more positive on his situation. He was going to stay this way and he knew he shouldn't be upset over it. He grew more happy and talked more. Despite so, he always found himself hiding once more once the urge hit. He never hurt a single human, though.

    Eventually, he would find himself working with a group of people that he never dreamed of.

    — Abilities/Skills —
    Infectious bite - While in beast form, Griffin is able to turn another person through a simple bite.
    Enhanced Agility - His agility is greater than a humans, which allows him to do outrageous jumps and sprints easily.
    Super speed - He can move very fast; he can move from place to place within a matter of seconds.
    Super stamina - Griffin doesn't tire easily while running.
    Super Senses - Griffin can see better than the average human in darkness, similar to actual wolves. His sense of smell and hearing is equally enhanced.
    Invulnerability - Griffin cannot be killed by conventional means and weapon, however, silver can kill him.
    Regeneration - His body can heal the worst of injuries, even fatal ones. The only type of injury his body takes longer to heal is one caused by silver.
    Shapeshifting - He can shapeshift into a wolf-like creature at will. Being a Pureblood gives him this ability.
    Super Strength - Griffin's strength is much greater than a human's. All lycanthropes, including him, can easily overpower humans and can rip flesh and bone with an amazing force. They can smash stones with their bare hands as well.
    Claws and Fangs - Griffin, like all lycanthropes, has powerful claws that can cut through walls. His fangs can easily tear animal flesh and even an animal heart out of it's chest cavity. Being a pureblood allows him to transform just his claws without fully transforming.

    — Inabilities —
    Silverware - It's made of silver. Silver is a no no for lycanthropes.
    Eating Human Hearts - He absolutely refuses to eat human hearts, no matter how much he may crave it. The thought of it makes him sick.
    Chocolate - since being turned, he has not been able to eat chocolate. His friends make fun of him for it.

    — Equipment —
    A dog leash, who knows when you'll run into a unexpected puppy?
    An iPhone, of course. You just gotta stay tech savvy to survive in this world.
    Dog treats, if you run into a dog, you gotta feed it too.

    Beef jerky, to edge some of his hunger away.
    Cigarettes, who cares about lung cancer when you're a lycanthrope?
    His wallet with $200 dollars in it, along with his credit card and his identification.

    — Other —
    Group #2
    Prefers being referred to as a lycanthrope, not a werewolf.

    "I'm too happy? Happy is considerably better than all the other things I can be. "
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  8. Thank you for your invitation, but I found that last time, not knowing the world beforehand made it extremely hard for me to roleplay, so I'll have to decline.
  9. Yes xD He's my favorite actor out of all the Marvel movies, other than Robert Downey Jr. of course.
  10. [​IMG]
    "I wish I could give you the ending; sadly, no spoilers."

    Percival Whitehall




    Decidedly Human

    Man of Letters
    Historian and Former Archaeologist
    Currently the Curator of Roswell's International UFO Museum And Research Center
    (Don't ask)


    Intelligence at the highest degree; Percival Whitehall displays an apt nature for a Man of Letters and many fields beyond that. Science and anything surrounding it are held to high standards in Percival's eyes. As a man of such there's no mistaking his keen eye for anything in regards, be it whatever form it chooses to come in. This produced a very high brow individual with clear cut standards of what makes a person. Though, not necessarily a judgmental individual, Percival can be critical in ways that shy away from demeaning and disrespect. Not a perfectionist by heart, Percival believes everyone can improve in some way or form, with a little perseverance and determination.

    Regardless, Percival acts in a manner befitting the stereotypical Englishman—with a slight posh air and standards of beauty that only ever range from the classics to the classics. Though a facade in nature, to hide the calm, keen calculation and observation with which he analyses people and surroundings. The calculative nature of his demeanor slips under the calm eye of a man with impeccable taste and someone who acts far richer than he truly is. But, Percival acts with richness of the mind and cares little of monetary gain.

    There's a rage under there, cool, calm, and wholly stable under hazel eyes. A storm under his skin that rips in waves through his veins; all acted in a resolute calm, an eerie steel to his gaze that can run even the hottest blood ice cold. To feel is a vast opportunity given to the human race and Percival takes every bit of negative emotion and sinks it deep within—lets it become his sole focus. And then every bit of it comes out in a vindictive rage that sets the almost frail looking, harmless older gentleman ablaze. A tidal wave that bursts through the gate in all of its untamed heat.

    Steel Resolve -
    A Man like him would fail long before he hit old age. Wrong or right, Percival sticks to every decision he makes.
    Vast Intelligence - An intellectual man at heart, Percival boasts a genius IQ.
    Clever - A smart man is a clever man.
    Resourceful - He may not have deep pockets, but his aid goes far beyond simple money. Allies tend to be of more value and nothing can replace a good friend. Plus, a lot of people owe him for a lot of things.
    Charismatic - London raised a fine man with a tongue of silver.
    Iron Will -
    Just as his decisions are always final, Percival's determination runs just as deep. He can withstand quite a large amount of torture, mental or otherwise.
    Organized - Life is a mess and it's hard to wade around in a pile of papers.
    Lore Bank - Everything anyone needs to know about the supernatural world is at his fingertips, but he somehow finds himself learning something new every day. He's certain the Hunter Intel will aid in teaching him new things just as well.
    Calm - That face with which he wears only ever reveals a calm and composed man and it's not a lie. Not until he snaps in two.

    Too Old For This -
    Despite being rather fit for a man of his age, Percival knows the turmoils of age as it catches up to him.
    Ethical - Percival wears his heart on his sleeve and has an undeniable weakness for the less efficient, more morally sound way of doing things. No one left behind might just doom everyone.
    Vague - Anything but straightforward, Percival dislikes being direct in his intentions. He prefers a subtle approach and sometimes that renders him less than understandable.
    Too Trusting - Percival tends to put his trust in just about anyone who shows him a decent amount of respect.
    Old School - Preferring the books over the techie bits, Percival often willingly stints himself by refusing to use computers or phones. Of course, in situations that leave no room for error, he's willing to set aside his differences.

    Losing everything he's built up to this day.
    Failing those he cares about and the world itself.


    Sometimes people fail to realize there's an actual world outside of their home country. The Men of Letters American Chapter felt much that same way, but it wasn't much their fault they had been so isolated. Even just the small span of the UK held a multitude of supernatural happenings that could keep any one man busy for a lifetime; the entirety of Europe and its various chapters, kept the organization withdrawn from their various other chapters. It was smart to focus solely on one's own devices, especially since there was an entire ocean between both chapters. Not exactly ideal for either side, should situations take a turn for the worst.

    For most children of a family entrenched in Men of Letters business, the organization didn't necessarily leave a choice between joining or not. Joining or living a normal life. Fortunately for Percival, living a normal life didn't necessarily sound appealing regardless of circumstance. Unfortunately for Percival, the Men of Letters had their secrets and many of those secrets only ever saw the light of day when necessary. For all he knew, the order had been destroyed, run under the ashes of a very, very powerful entity.

    Bunkers all over the world, however, and an organization as paranoid as they wouldn't let another sacking of Alexandria drive their order to extinction. Percival learned of that through his father, a man who'd experienced the downfall of the American chapter, having almost been taken under himself. His father, a man of letters to the core and his wife a woman of letters, as well, and ex-hunter, made certain their boy knew of both the wonders and terrors of the supernatural world. It soon became his whole life and, determined as he was, Percival drove himself to learn not only what he could but go further. This enthusiasm only further told his parents of what he could become and, passing his test before the initiation, Percival found himself a very confused, but happy member of an order said to be extinct.

    In spite of contrary belief, the Apocalypse did not only take place in the United States; the whole world shook under the weight of angels and demons alike. Though, not even this took the Men of Letters out of hiding and they accepted their fate, as most humans tend not to do at such a dire time. A quiet rage coursed through Percival, one that he couldn't quite clamp down on before it grew even further. He'd been a member of the organization for years, saw the rites with which they laid his parents to rest, and went in so far as to nearly risk his own life to keep them hidden and safe. Unlike them, however, Percival's calm only remained for as long as he allowed it and he wasn't much of an individual to let paranoia weigh him down. A man of ethics and morality could never stand by as the human race fell to their knees.

    The decision to break off had been a quiet one, something Percival accepted the moment the thought arose. With the Apocalypse waning down it would only be natural for his need to fight to wane with it. Fortunately, Percival didn't see it that way. The fight for humanity is an inevitability he'd failed to accept until age caught him. Fortunately, Percival didn't quite accept older age as an excuse to lay down his guns and quit. If he couldn't do so himself, he could at least ingrain that sense in newer generations. The secrets of the Men of Letters shouldn't be kept in a fault, but shared with those who would take the amount of action necessary.

    In his youth, Percival had forayed to the United States with his father, collecting what they could from various bunkers for safety purposes. In his two year there, documenting new occurrences and various patterns and trends in certain happenings, Percival and his father had made various connections both with the local hunters and various other men and women steeped in the supernatural world. Perhaps a spat with John Winchester on their travels may or may not have occurred. His father looked down on hunters, as many of his brethren did, but Percival could only ever be fascinated by them. Maybe not that one in particular, but the rest had certainly caught his attention.

    It was there Percival traveled to, in hopes of setting up a legacy of his own in the echoes of what used to have been. Not much exactly and not the most exciting life, but Percival amassed a collection of people he deemed necessary for this resurgence of something far better than what the Men of Letters had become—a modernized version, something the world, if it ever steeped itself into the supernatural, could be proud of. Not only that, it offered at least a portion of the world some modicum of safety.

    In his research, though, and the sudden reappearance of Abaddon, still toting the ex-hopeful, Josie Sands, around, Percival came upon something peculiar. Alarmed by his discovery and actually, incredibly paranoid due to Abaddon's penchant for eradicating whole organizations, Percival went further into the hole he'd carved. Disappearing from the Hunter network for the amount of time it took the Winchesters and their angel to defeat the Knight of Hell, Percival only further buried himself in his research. With his recent discovery and the actuality of something far worse on the horizon, Percival's entire legacy will either make the world or break it.

    Knife Throwing -
    Something passed down generations, his mother taught him how to perfect his knife throwing skills.
    Gun Training - More specifically, sniper rifle training. He's awful with shotguns and anything semi-automatic.
    Magic/Incantation - Something most MoL members know. For Percival, it's mostly basic things, but his knowledge of it is ever expanding.
    Photographic Memory - Just about anything he reads he remembers by heart. Unfortunately, it's only ever the finer details. He can't quite remember the big picture stuff as well. But, if you need to know the exact material the culprit was wearing, he's your man.
    Lore - Percival's strongest suit is his prowess in supernatural lore.
    Survival - Something he had to learn at an early age, it's a must know for every person of his occupation.
    Linguistics - Percival prides himself in his vast array of languages he's learned over the years. He knows Latin, French, Russian, German, Cantonese, Japanese, and Hebrew.
    Lockpicking - Can't do much without knowing how to get in and out of various buildings.
    Hand-to-Hand Combat - Despite his frail look and his older age, Percival is astoundingly exceptional at various forms of hand-to-hand combat. But, that's not necessarily the best thing to have when faced with intangible or invulnerable beings. It helps, though.

    Hacking and Programming
    Fixing his Accent
    Making Fake IDs and Badges
    Driving on the right side of the road. He just... can't get used to it.
    Actual sword fighting.
    Taking care of plants.
    Being direct
    Sitting still for too long.
    Has an astigmatism; requires glasses.
    Extreme Fitness/Sports

    Technically whatever is in the bunker.
    It contains a multitude of various artifacts and weapons and books.
    On his person, however, he keeps his father's pocket watch and his mother's personal throwing knives.
    Even with his distaste for technology, he keeps an iPhone on him with apps and notes pertaining to various incantations.
    A bag with which he keeps books of lore and magic, as well as various ingredients for the simple rituals inside the books.
    Warding amulet.
    Like every hunter and man or woman of letters, Percival carries a personal journal on him at all times.

    Technically Group 1

    "You can see the sun set from all around here; it just kisses the mountain tops and paints the sky in all of its missing colors. This is exactly what I live for. This is what I fight for."

    "My palate has no room for mere morsels. Heh, get it? No? Oh, Okay I'll stop. I-I don't actually eat people. Just so you know."

    Hermes Rosenberg




    Greek Deity

    Antique Record Store Owner


    Unlike most pagan deities, Hermes lives life with an undeniable enthusiasm. As an individual who had the privilege to move among mortals with as much freedom and purpose as any of the actual humans themselves, Hermes grew to be a very social deity with a soft spot for those who would give him quarter. Unlike the aloof gods and goddesses that often reign superior, Hermes felt a connection to the human world itself. It grew into him a general kindness that many of his siblings and cousins lacked. What's the use of being a god of hospitality without the actual friendliness to accompany that? No one likes plastered on smiles and a dozen masks for a variety of evenings.

    So, it didn't take much for Hermes to drive himself further into human society and, as the beings grew around him, he took to them better than he did his own kind. Of course, his brethren didn't suspect much, nor did they find themselves caring. A messenger god like him doesn't often rank high on many people's lists, well, not those of his pantheon nor any other. It didn't help that, being Zeus' personal assistant dubbed him as a mere secretary among CEOs and Presidents. Thus, Hermes had a natural affinity to humans, especially since they tended to dub him as relevant to their everyday needs. Even in modern society, Hermes is unknowingly supported by the beings around him.

    Like many gods similar to him, Hermes has a cunning, clever streak about him. Unlike his wrathful cousins, Hermes deals with slights not toward him in ways befitting the crime. He's very much an eye for an eye kind of god. Of course, Hermes refuses to be petty and only ever acts in accordance to undue rudeness, disrespect, and dishonesty—never against things such as beauty or contest. In this, he uses his guile to enact a lesson as punishment, hidden in subtlety and clever tricks. To slight against Hermes is to disrespect the fundamentals of good nature. Many of his acts and trickery have often been at the behest of mankind, turning Gods and Goddesses away from humans unfortunate enough to catch them on the wrong side of bed. Should he have been caught, he often took the brunt of their wrath in favor of saving a human or two. Otherwise, he simply exhausted the beings out until they forgot where they intended to direct their misplaced anger. Many of these tricks were simple slipping of the tongue. Hermes always has an ear to the ground and more than enough secrets at his disposal.

    Clever -
    No one is as quick witted as Hermes himself. Almost on par with Gabriel, but not quite as powerful. And not quite as mouthy.
    Fast - The god of travel must be quick on his feet. As well, Hermes has impeccable balance and a penchant for acrobatics.
    Sympathetic - Hermes has been steeped into human business since his birth and, thus, he understands many people's plights.
    Charismatic - With a silver tongue and a knack for diplomacy, Hermes can usually talk his way out of most situations. Of course, he often uses that charisma to bring about compromise.
    Knows His Way Around - From Chicago to New York to Shanghai, Hermes knows exactly how to get a person here to there and he knows how to do it with the least amount of difficulty. This means he has quite a large network of people he can tap into to assist should he need to hop around the world. Without the use of airplanes.
    Light Fingers - A god of thieves. Ironic that he should place honor so highly in his list of priorities. You won't know what you lost until he's dangling it in your face.

    Aversion to Conflict -
    Unlike many of his god and goddess siblings, Hermes dislikes any form of conflict. Even if he may or may not have caused a war... or two. Regardless, unless it is absolutely necessary, Hermes refuses to step into a fight. Of course, so steeped into the supernatural world, it's often lives that are at risk and he has no qualms with killing something willing to rip the throats out of a few innocent bystanders.
    Special Weapon - Hermes true weakness is an olive branch arrow soaked in the direct decedents of Apollo's cattle. The arrow tip must be burned in a hearth after being dipped in the blood. He is also susceptible to being distracted by the tune of string instruments and lulled into unconsciousness after having been cursed by Hera. Long story short, he killed something of hers and sometime in the roaring 20s she decided to get her millennia long revenge after he did it again.
    Lacking Combat Proficiency - Hermes was never known for being proficient in battle, so he doesn't quite contain the tact and finesse of seasoned hunters. He knows how to throw a punch, though. As well, Hermes lacks the super strength that most deities have.
    The Golden Fleece - Should someone happen to obtain the golden fleece from the golden sheep he created, Hermes is unable to harm that individual by any means. It works both ways, however, as Hermes cannot be harmed by the wearer should they have the means to do so.
    Demons - As they force humans to will their bodies to them, Hermes is very averse to demons in general. He doesn't like hurting human beings and thus it takes a whole helluva lot for Hermes to even think about fighting a demon, much less killing one.
    Loose Lips Sink Ships - "What? A guy can't tell someone ALL of your secrets? They can't? Then I might have whiffed on that, considering I just sent the picture to about half the population. Sorry?"

    Being falsely accused of something he didn't do.
    Hermes is very frightened by the prospect that people may fear him.
    Demons forcing him to hurt people he loves.
    Flying. Ironic.


    Like the rest of the Pagan Gods, Hermes' existence is relatively unexplained. However, from his existence to the very modern day earth itself can be explained away through the various text written down by historians across the nations. Though, some of his more eventful excursions burned in the sacking of the Great Library of Alexandria. Those he knows by heart, however, and often keeps them for close friends.

    Unlike many of the other Pantheons, the Greek Pantheon fell long before the Abrahamic religions had been set into place. Thus, many of the Greek Gods hadn't took to the hostility that the others had when God himself set everything in motion. In fact, like the Fates and unlike his close brother and counterpart, Mercury, Hermes took to God and his plan as best he could. Of course, Hermes didn't really ingrain himself into the tapestry as much as the Fates did, but he assisted in what he could. Much of his deeds earned him the respect he deserved from various angels and their garrisons, though many still looked down upon him for his patronage and previous 'godhood', considering him among the rest of the Deities who only looked to feast on the naivety of humankind. Those he often brushed off.

    However, with things having erupted around him, Hermes immediately found shelter where he could. The Apocalypse was out of his hand and, though he cheered on from the sidelines, he ultimately knew he couldn't do much to stop it himself. It had been a thing God set in motion, so he solemnly obliged to his plan and waited the inevitable destruction out.

    When that never came, Hermes floundered for what to do in the sudden aftermath. In the subsequent years, Hermes staid off the radar, very much avoiding the Winchesters and their pile of dead supernatural bodies. They had a penchant for stabbing the ever living shit out of pagan gods and he was certain he wouldn't be looked at twice before they were plunging a branch in his heart. Thus, he found his way to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and set up a small shop of antique records. Not necessarily the first thing he had in mind—the first thing he had in mind was a travel agency, but he hated planes and flying, so that was out of the question. The second one was a delivery service, but America had their post office and he wasn't feeling up to the competition FedEX and UPS would give him. Thus, he settled with the most random thing under the guise of possibly either a hipster, or if any of the other deities asked, Apollo. Apollo liked music right? Right...

    Now, however, Hermes can slowly start to feel the tidal waves created by both the Winchesters and the beings they bring down. And, looking around, the signs he's seeing pop up don't bode well for humanity. He's not sure what he'd offer to the table, but Hermes has found himself at the behest of a group of beings looking to do just the same.

    Super Speed -
    Lacking the super strength that most gods have, Hermes makes up for it with his incredible speed.
    Voice Projection - Hermes can project his voice in just about any technological object, however, he must first know the existence of such an object where he's attempting to project his voice. These things range from phones to radios to televisions.
    Sound Mimicry - Hermes can mimic the voice of just about anything should he have previously heard it. It works with his voice projection.
    Immortality - The only things that are able to kill him are the specialized arrow and any other more powerful supernatural object. Things such as the First Blade, an Angel Blade, and the Colt are all able to kill him. There are likely various other things, but he is still rather resilient regardless.
    Super Stamina - Like any other deity, Hermes never tires.
    Dimensional Traversal - It's not necessarily the ability to teleport, but with Hermes title as messenger god, he's able traverse from the mortal plane to four places: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Avalon. Even with Heaven only having one entryway, he's still able to hop to and from the plane as he pleases.

    Anything Mechanical/Repairing Things
    Like a Rakshasa, he must first be invited into a building that is not his own. Should someone else own it.
    Traveling is easy, driving isn't.
    Won't step foot on an Airplane. No matter how dire the situation.
    Initiating a date and starting romantic relationships. No matter how charismatic he is, he just can't, for the love of god, do it.
    Operating a computer. Phones, sure. Computers? Nope.

    The Caduceus is always on his person. It's long since been a staff and has transformed into a modern touch phone with unlimited data, the fastest download speed, and universe wide coverage. Sucky battery life, though. The case is golden with a pair of snakes spiraling each other until their heads peak out the top. It has wing details on the side of the case that can actually unfold into real, functional wings. Not to be confused with the rod of Asclepius. In essence, you got a problem? Hermes has an app for that.
    As well, he has a ball cap with wings on it. It's a mix of lavender, light blue, and white. And it says HERMES instead of Arale. The hat allows him to see clearly when moving at high speeds and allows him to react as fast as he's moving.
    He also has a pair of winged trainers that, contrary to popular belief, don't grant him flight. They actually enhance his super speed in that it makes it possible for him to take sharp turns. Funny story: he didn't know how to make his sandals modern until he saw Kingsman in theaters. Suffice to say they are inspired by Eggsy's fucking ridiculous shoes.

    Group 2

    "Mercury? Yeah, I know the guy. He's kind of a dick."


    "I found mercy in a boy that hadn't been shown the meaning of the word. He found it in every single one of his bruises; he found it at the barrel end of a pistol."


    Vessel Name
    aric Hall




    Angel - Seraph

    Angel of Compassion and Forgiveness, Mercy
    Lead Angel of the Rit Zien
    Currently working in an animal shelter in Albuquerque
    Also bartends at a strip club. Yes. A. Strip. Club.

    "Fear and compassion; for some they are synonymous."

    Ironic that an Angel of Compassion elicits such fear in the peers around him. There's a very distinct image of who Zadkiel is among the Angels and what he's like. A stoic being, even by their standards, with a skewed sense of mercy. An angel who avoids conflict, yet thrives in it. Not a necessarily powerful being, but intimidating without ever truly meaning to be. The cost of having the abilities that he carries upon himself. To others, it seems Zadkiel is an agent of Death specifically designed to carry them off to his personal gates. And, with Zadkiel's lack of denial, it is an easy rumor to believe—something to tell the newly fledged recruits, have their skin crawl as the angel himself stands above the battlefield, their unwavering Valkyrie.

    What people see and what truly lies beneath aren't necessarily exclusive to one another. Zadkiel's already aloof nature is the cause for the rampant spread of such rumors and the lack of desire to impede on what other people say of him. No one truly knows how difficult it is to settle misguided fear, not like him, at least. So, Zadkiel stands further than most angels themselves; whereas, they were tasked with protection of mankind, he was tasked with the angels' protection. And like the angels currently, it's easiest to protect something as widespread as an entire species from a far. Sometimes that vantage point can be an awful weakness.

    Beneath that aloof nature, Zadkiel is a being that understands emotions on a molecular level—in wavelengths of color and brightness. Most of all, he understands pain. Unlike his brethren, who feel emotions on a different dimension, Zadkiel understands them on all levels. Of course, that only further drives a rift between him and both angels and humans. As such, Zadkiel can be very technical in the way that he treats things, almost clinical and with a needless precision. He just tends to hide it behind either schooled features or a genuine confusion. Where angels look down on humans for the way they feel, Zadkiel almost envies them, but most of all he knows them. Knowing what a feeling is and how to feel it are two distinct things and it's something Zadkiel has struggled with for millenia. Something that tends to hold him back and a reason he stays upon his perch, overlooking Heaven and the world below it.

    - Knowing when to step back and look at a situation with nothing to hold him back is a key ability to succeed in almost any situation.
    Calm - Lacking any kind of temper, Zadkiel is resolutely calm in most circumstances. Eerily so.
    An Angel - Well, immortality and millenia of experience is definitely something.
    Technical - Almost to an undeniably irritating degree. Zadkiel can almost literally rip a part any kind of situation and explain it, thoroughly, and with sound logic. Does it mean he knows how to deal with certain things? Certainly not, but it gives people the ammunition with which to succeed. Hopefully. Most of the time it just gets on people's nerves, especially especially concerning jokes.
    Strategic - With how much he tends to distance himself it's only natural for Zadkiel to be strategically minded. Of course, he's never been in the thick of battle fighting, but his mind and his experience is definitely respected among the higher ranking angels. It's definitely not Sun Tzu worthy, though. That guy was brilliant.
    Compassionate - It's not just a fancy title. With Zadkiel's ability to hone in on pain and his acute understanding of how emotions work, it's not hard to be sympathetic to beings who require it. He may not have felt what they feel or been in their position at any point in his long life, but on some weird, otherwordly level Zadkiel can imagine precisely what it would feel like in his own mind. Thus, he easily brings himself down to whatever level necessary to fully understand an individual. Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily work on his own level; he tends to pull himself away, stand from far enough back, and observes. Never truly feel. Understanding is different and one only needs understanding to be able to help. To be able to hide the fact that he is entirely inexperienced in actually feeling things.
    Merciful - Just as depicted. Zadkiel knows both the greatness of this and the sorrows, as mercy to an angel is ending its life in pain. However, mercy goes far beyond that when concerning beings with a different capacity to feel. Mercy to them isn't using death to run from unspeakable pain, it's far more than that. It's giving people opportunities to better themselves, second chances, a helping hand, even so much as a kind smile. Mercy to them is small, simple, and undoubtedly big at the same time. Just watching humans, Zadkiel has learned more about his domain; it's odd when beings who have little regard for the actual concept know more about it than a being made of pure merciful holiness. Mercy is absolution, not from life or sin, but from pain.
    Strong Willed - There aren't many beings who could push Zadkiel from his ground, especially when it comes to protecting others. He's a stalwart being and a fortress. Not only that, but it's very difficult to sway him from his duty, either through manipulation or force.

    - Zadkiel tends to stray from actually feeling emotions and it tends to leave out any room for hope in that mix. In doing so, he tends to turn himself into a pessimistic, slightly cynical individual with a capacity for self loathing that may just rival Castiel.
    Distance - Ties in with the lack of actual emotional capacity. Being able to console someone and actually being able to feel their painwell, the former tends to be the easy thing to do. Likewise, he's unable to actually put himself in a situation rather than look at it from afar.
    Angel Blade - Like any other angel, he's susceptible to death via an angel blade. Everyone these days seems to have one of these damn things.
    Magic - Certain, very powerful spells cast by extremely experienced witches and warlocks can incapacitate him to some degree and some spells may even outright be able to kill him.
    Overly Sensitive - Not what it seems. Being able to sense the pain of every living being on the planet takes its toll on even a celestial being like himself. If he doesn't regulate his senses and powers and watch himself closely, he's prone to overloading and incapacitating himself.
    Easily Attached - If Zadkiel knows anything close to an emotion, it's yearning. He tends to feel such concerning humans and even other angels. In doing so, he tends to attach himself to people around him, despite his quiet, aloof nature, and breaking that attachment can leave him at a loss for what to do.
    Banishing - Banishing sigils throw him halfway across dimensions and it's not as easy as it looks to get back.
    Angel Warding - Not many people really know how to ward against angels, but those who do hold a powerful hand over him.
    Certain Biblical Weapons - There's always a weapon out there that holds tremendous power and every angel knows this, to some extent.
    Leviathans - They can literally eat an angel whole. What's not to worry about?

    Giving people further ammunition to fear him
    Seeing the fear in someone's eyes while mercy killing (he's always done it swift enough and with enough stealth)

    "Humans are peculiar. Simple acts. Simple Facts."

    No one knows him.

    People know of him.

    There seems to be a recurring theme; having one instance, hearsay, and having the truth. People tend to rely on hearsay as their form of truth. Even angels know the troubles of ignorance.

    Zadkiel thought nothing of swaying opinion, satisfied with the quiet his corner of Heaven often held. Wars in Heaven often had no precedent; they were rare and came once in a few million or so years. When they hit, however, they lasted for millenia. That's where he came in, that's where a multitude of his kind came in. Rit Zien could very well be considered Valkyries, lifting their warriors to the skies of Valhalla. The destination of which the only thing of concern. No one really wanted to find out.

    The most recent war, the one that earned Zadkiel his multitude of wings, had taken many of his Rit Zien from the grasp of Heaven. Something held Lucifer, told him to rebel, and cast him and many of his followers down. Heaven raged with war, charcoal wings blackened by a darkness that spread among them. The pain overwhelmed his garrison, took them by surprise, and swayed them to a cause Zadkiel had no intention of succumbing to. Many saw purging the earth and Heaven alike as some kind of mercy. He knew mercy; he embodied mercy. Genocide could never be considered anything but murder.

    Almost lucky for him, most Rit Zien hadn't the seasoned training that most angels had and they fell to Zadkiel's sword in droves. Last of his garrison and among one of the only Rit Zien not out of commission for the recent battles. Thus, he proved his worth, threw his sword down and dedicated himself to saving people. No one really knew the toll slaughtering his garrison took on the angel, but the cold faces of the celestial being made no indication of the pain that ran a scar straight through. They saw that—the ache turned into raging determination—and the ones that lived, the ones saved by his hand, were the ones closest to knowing what lay beneath that mask of his.

    The rest?

    They feared him, as if he was Death himself. Just lacking the penchant for greasy foods.

    The angel could never truly be that powerful, though, and many realized the over-exaggeration for what it was. However, that never quelled their fear. Zadkiel continued to live with that, standing alone. They thought he stood above them, but Zadkiel only ever placed himself beneath. He saw himself a willing servant; they saw him as an omen. Showing them different, after millenia of such thinking became an impossibility, so he stopped. He let them think what they needed to. But a being who stood outside of the realm of emotion couldn't tell if he was stricken with grief if Michael had dangled it like an order in front of his face.

    As such, the Apocalypse drew him ever further from his kind. And again, like a recurring nightmare, the beings he called his own family saw it as a mercy. But they would not draw their swords upon him this time. They were far too busy with themselves and many had fallen under confusion rather than took to arms. Like many around him, Zadkiel took to his work in stead of the thoughts that plagued him and his ranking of angels. Often times, sitting on the fence ended up the worst crime to commit. For that he couldn't quite forgive himself.

    Guilt felt a part of him, as was pain and regret. For a being that thought he couldn't feel, he felt the strongest of them all. Ignorance keeps a mind blinded and lack of any counter emotions made things seem normal, unchanging. Unfortunate that an angel of compassion had not known the difference between neutral ground and utter sorrow.

    Zadkiel sank further into the background upon Raphael's bid for power, for another go at the Apocalypse. Someone placed so far away from the core of things could clearly see the lines drawn in the sand. Of factions cracking like borders through the spheres of Heaven. Each pain those angels felt came differently; they all felt off. He could practically taste the differences separating them. What could a simple observer do, however? Fear still instilled at the mention of his name, of his angels, and nothing but an iron fist could be seen should he take a step forward. He held no power regardless, not as Castiel or Raphael did or many of the other angels, for that matter.

    Castiel had no idea how many angels looked Zadkiel in the eye as each felt the absolution of death he gave them. Nor would he likely remember the words exchanged between them.

    "You are absolved."

    "I don't need your forgiveness."

    "It is not mine that I am giving."

    So many wings burned into the flowers.

    Reconstruction began anew, with Castiel gone and Raphael dethroned. Zadkiel, as usual, found his perch once more and let the quiet fill his sphere of Heaven. And he saw a continuous line streak through the very ranks of angels before him. Cracks and branches encompassing whole garrisons and angels further driving these lines until finally the entirety of Heaven fractured. He'd blame those fractures for the ground breaking loose beneath them and casting them headlong into humanity. It would have happened eventually; supposedly, Metatron was that push they needed.

    A boy was all he could remember of his own fall, all six of his wings burning in a brilliant blaze of red and pink. He sat with a gun at his side and bloody hands cradling his bruised and battered face. At that instant, he knew he'd lost everything. This child knew nothing of mercy, of forgiveness, much less compassion. Zadkiel, on instinct, without a thought, wrapped the boy in the burning grace of his fractured body. He showed him the stars and smiling faces. Swirling storms of cosmic brilliance and pleasant times he never knew had been locked within his memories.

    He said yes in an instant and Zadkiel wrapped him up in the blues of his body and pressed him tight against the heartbeat of a galaxy roaring within his very heart. The boy buried a hole within his own mind, took the happiest parts of himself, and tethered that to the barest part of his mind in wait for the gates of Heaven to swing open once more. They did, after a time, and Zadkiel was left with the body as his own.

    In all the turmoil that the fall had caused him, Zadkiel had not once allowed himself to be swayed by the offers of other angels. By the multitude of factions and groups of angels supposedly superior to their neighbors after billions of years of kinship. He'd seen it from a far and just because he no longer had the vantage point they provided him didn't mean they'd just disappear. They were very much there and he very much wanted nothing to do with their pettiness. Once everything had been acclimated, his mind and body, Zadkiel left the small UK islands in hopes for the expanse and large body of America. It hadn't been long after that he made his way through various cities, finding customs and culture along the way—the wonders of it all stalled him most of the time—before Zadkiel had finally found a place to settle.

    He had different obligations now, which entitled a group of hopeful mutts, a few kittens, and a remainder of various other animals—as well as an entire staff of individuals looking for a better future. Even after everything that rocked the nation's supernatural community—if it could be called that—Zadkiel had not once budged from his position in New Mexico. The humans around him were finally teaching him what it meant to be merciful, compassionate, magnanimous. It only proved the extremist he'd slaughtered wrong, but it never did get rid of that feeling that perpetually clung to his being.

    Standard Angel Powers
    - The standard things, but with angels largely disconnected from Heaven and lacking their wings, most things that used to be so simple take so much from them. Things like chronokinesis, flight, reality warping, and anything massive (like mass smiting used to level entire cities) have been rendered far too dangerous for them to even think of using. However, things like minor reality warping, slight pyrokinesis, holy light emission, telekinesis, and telepathy are all things most angels are still capable of.
    Angel Smiting - As the lead Rit Zien and on par with most Seraphs, Zadkiel can actually smite angels. He can wipe them clean from existence in one absolute touch, of course, it takes a great deal more energy than beforehand and he can't do it on the level he used to, but if Zadkiel can get a good concentrated burst of energy into an angel, he can burn them out completely.
    Mass Healing - Once a Rit Zien himself, Zadkiel has enhanced healing properties and can, to an extent, heal an individual within his surrounding space with a simple look. Of course, those theatrics take a lot out of him, too much, and leave him vulnerable to the pain he can perceive on an even wider scale. He keeps to touching and healing one or two individuals at a time. Without his connection to Heaven, though, it takes longer than usual to heal someone. As well, he can tell from a touch the extent of one's injuries.
    Resurrection - A kind of burst of life, he can do this to a better extent than most other angels, even without his full power. Of course, like other angels, it only works for a certain amount of time and only once for even more time between. It's definitely not without its drawbacks, most of which are on him.
    Emotional Perception - Zadkiel is able to perceive emotions on an entirely different level and spectrum than even other angels. As well, he's able to perceive pain on a global scale and can hone in one any one individual's pain. He is able to block this out to an extent, but any drop in focus, however subconscious repressing it may be, can lead to overloading him with the sense, now that he is at a much, much weaker state.
    Lip Syncing and Singing - It's a good way to past time. Shush. Hush. Shshshshsh.

    Feeling Emotions
    - Not yet at least. Hopefully.
    Intensive Fighting - As a field medic, essentially, and despite his innate power, Zadkiel isn't a seasoned warrior and has no desire to become one. He's there for support and to heal (and possibly end someone's life if they are beyond healing). Doesn't mean he can't or won't defend himself, though.
    Espionage - There's no room for subtlety. Actually, the only thing he can do that's relatively sneaky is mercy kill someone without them knowing about it. Anything else and he just utterly fails at it.
    Pop Culture References - Hey, Castiel isn't the only one who's braindead when it comes to human's pop culture. Well, most angels are like that.
    Killing - It's not that he can't, he simply refuses to do so, unless it's a mercy killing. Actually, he usually is unable to kill anything unless... it's a mercy killing. Uh, well, there is self defense and, if threatened, he'll put his full power into it. If someone dies, best it not be him. Otherwise, he's not the killing type. Apprehending, sure, but outright killing someone? If it's not in self defense, it's unnecessary and trifling.
    Cooking - He'll cause a nuclear explosion. Best to keep him away from the kitchen.
    Writing - Ask him to write something and he'll give you garbage.
    Using Doors Properly - It's better if you find a nice window for him to crawl through. Less expensive when he bursts through it.

    His angel blade
    Some dog treats
    A cat toy
    Part of his mangled up sleeve
    An iPod with only Taylor Swift on it
    A key to a Subaru Legacy that is decidedly out of gas. He doesn't know what to do with it.

    Group 2

    "When you stand so far away it shouldn't be a surprise to find out that you were never there in the first place."
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  11. Aah, that's unfortunate. But, thanks very much for the consideration, regardless!


    How dare you. *Sobs in all the gorgeous men*
  12. Thank you for your invitation! And you can definitely count me in.

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  13. Well of course I want to join! I'm only gonna do one character for now though, not big on having a lot of them.

    @Left Half of Lancelot, would it be alright if your character (Percival Whitehall age 49) was the estranged father of mine (WIP: 19-22 female)? No problem if not, :)
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  14. Karissa Nora Stone

    The Vampire.


    — Name —
    Karissa Nora Stone

    — Age —
    125 (looks 25)

    — Gender —

    — Sexuality —

    — Species —

    — Occupation —
    Crime Investigator/ Detective

    — Appearance —
    — Personality —
    Karissa is the type of person who has seen too much, but not enough. She keeps herself hidden behind a wall of sarcasm, coldness and icy humour. She's also the type who don't like to follow orders, always doing what pleases her the most, even if it leads her to a self-destructive path. She can also be reckless, not really thinking about the consequences until they hit her, or someone she loves. That's why she tries not to get too attached, such things are never good for your health.

    However, what most don't know is that Karissa can, and is, a gentle and loving person. She is able to show love and kinship, even if through doubtful methods sometimes. But that's who she is. The caring, sarcastic, proud woman. The one who protects from the dark, the one who loves from the dark.

    — Strengths —

    Determination: Once Karissa gets her head on something, you better be sure she'll have it, whatever it may be.

    Soul of Steel: It doesn't if she's half dead on the battle field, she'll keep fighting until the last breath leaves her body. No sooner, no later.

    Puzzle Mind: Being a detective herself, Karissa is used to puzzles, having a quick mind to solve them.

    Actress: The vampire is a perfect actress, she can, and will, deceive anyone who might deserve it.

    — Weaknesses —
    Mother Hen: Karissa will put anyone she loves above herself, she'll literaly give up on her life for them.

    Bull Head: When angered, she won't think before acting, she'll fly straight to the action. This can prove useful sometimes, but rarely.

    Vampire's curses: Sunlight, and garlic are capable of weakening her. Blood of a dead person and beheading are capable of killing her.

    Love: Karissa is the type of person who loves too hard, so, if someone dear to her ends up betraying her love, she'll colapse. She might become a pile of bubbling mess, or a heartless monster.

    — Fears —
    -Losing those dearest to her;


    -Dark, narrow places;

    -Being betrayed;


    — Biography —

    Born in a poor neighbourhood, Karissa grew up surrounded by violence; inside her home, and outside. This was an important item to the definition of the little girl's personality. Watching her mother get beat up by her stepfather almost everyday took a toll on the child, who grew colder and colder as time flew by. No one understood why such a pretty girl was as quiet as she was, or as cold and sarcastic. Poor little angel, people said in pity. Karissa hated that. She hated them. She hated her. And, among all, she hated her mother, for she was the one who let this all happen.

    But mother had promised, no more beatings. She was done. It was all sunshine and roses for three weeks, until he came back, forcing his way back through words of lies. Mother was foolish, she believed. Never have Karissa felt more betrayed than that moment. Her mother chose him over her. The monster. Oh, but he would pay. She'd make sure of that.

    At the age of 18, Karissa had enough. She was tired of seeing her mother suffer day after day. So, she started to direct his violence against herself; it was easy, just a few well put words and curses and voila. She endured for almost a year, before she finally exploded. Oh, the knife was sharp, the cleaness of the cut was proof of that. A terrifying work. Unfortunately, it resulted in years of prison, and then of asylum. The incident glued itself on the girl's mind, repeating itself as if on an infinite loop. It almost drove her crazy, if it wasn't for the man who helped her.

    He was kind, patient, wise. Almost like the father Karissa never had. He helped her get better and finally leave the rotten place. He gave her a home, food, comfort, and love. Not romantinc love, mind you. No. It was mostly trust. Trust that had been broken. Again. The man wasn't was perfect as she thought he was. And everything came with a price. Later, Karissa found out that this price was her own humanity, whether she wanted it or not. Either way, she had it striped from her. She felt naked, exposed. Cold. Hungry. All sorts of feelings at the same time. And the man laughed. Until Karissa riped his head apart.

    From that day on, there was a new Karissa Nora Stone, desperately looking for the old one.

    — Abilities/Skills —

    -Super Strength

    -Super Speed

    -Super Senses



    -Singing, playing the guitar and the piano (she has had a lot of free time)

    -Muay Thai master

    — Inabilities —

    -Must be invited into any building.

    -She has problems with anything too modern, such as a smart phone.

    -Karissa would rather eat a Garlic pan, than step foot on a boat.


    -Keeping her temper in check.


    — Equipment —

    - A couple of pistols. As well as bullets.

    - Combat knife.

    - An old mobile phone used exclusively for calls. No smart phones whatsoever.

    - Just enough money.

    - A little bag with the blood of the ten humans she killed during all her life. She swore that if the number reaches past 20 humans, she'll drink their dead blood, or tell someone to force her to it.

    — Other —
    Group no. 2

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  15. @HelloBeautifulChild

    Oh, I've never thought of that. That'd be a great idea, though! He is from the British chapter of the Men of Letters, just as a tid bit of information. So he could have left that big distance there to keep himself away or not. Where she's from is entirely up to you.

    Heh, dealing with the Grand Coven in Europe sounds like a good plot point. Not sure I want to stretch us too far, so I may leave that as a decision we can all vote on later.



    Oh, and welcome to those that just joined in. ;D I am more than glad to have you all.

    And omg a vampire. :o I was expecting at least one person to sweep up an angel by now. I guess they aren't as appealing as I thought they were. Loool.
  16. I might end up making Markus into an angel instead. I'm debating if I should or not, if I do, it's bye bye Chris Pratt and hello Tom Hiddleston, or maybe Chris Hemsworth. I might end up making a God.
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  17. Lol, just remember that I'm not entirely sure what happened to the real Loki or if Gabriel was the real Loki this entire time? I dunno. And I'm not sure if Thor was present at the Elysium, but I do know that Baldur and Odin are both technically dead. The only one who survived Lucifer's onslaught was Kali. ;-;


    The only Gods I remembered that Lucifer killed were Odin, Baldur, Mercury, Ganesha... and that's it. I forgot who the others were. It's been awhile lol.
  18. [​IMG]
    — Name —
    Cordelia Chase

    — Age —

    — Gender —

    — Sexuality —

    — Species —
    Human (with visions)

    — Occupation —

    — Appearance —

    Cordelia has a tall, proud appearance. She stands at 5'4" and always looks 10/10. He has medium length, brown hair that she curls much of the time. It is just long enough to put into a pony tail, and she won't cut it shorter than that for convenience's sake. She has chestnut brown eyes.
    — Personality —
    Cordelia is skeptical to say the least. She doesn't trust easily, but she's also fairly carefree. Why? Because fuck it, that's why. She's determined, and loyal (or was, back when she had friends). She's generally honest, but doesn't see lying as a bad thing, rather she she's it as a tool to be used at will. She's also tough, strong as a nail with borderline obsessive stubbornness. Cordelia is also curious, 'curiosity killed the cat'? No. Knowledge is power, and she plans on possessing as much as she can.

    — Strengths —
    Lying: Cordelia seeing lying as a tool, and with much practice is very good at it. She tells convincing lies and keeps up with them, even years later.
    Knowledge: Cordelia knows a lot about the supernatural world and the world itself.
    Degree: Cordelia has a degree in Neurology from Harvard.

    — Weaknesses —
    Awkward: Though one wouldn't notice it at first, after spending any length of time with her it becomes obvious that Cordelia has no idea how to handle a friendship or relationship.
    Scared: Cordelia appears brave, but she's mostly terrified of the supernatural world. For the moment it fuels her, but given time it may take her down.
    Food: Cordelia has a habit of forgetting to eat for lengths at a time.

    — Fears —
    Supernatural: The supernatural world, a dark mystery that she will never fully understand or conquer.
    Weakness: Cordelia is terrified of being weak, terrified that one day she will be too weak and will fail.
    Needles/Her Own Blood: She's been to hunter bars, she knows that it's weird to be squeamish as a hunter, but she considers it a like preservation instinct and refuses to be ashamed.


    — Biography —
    Cordelia was born in Roswell, New Mexico and was soon after moved to Odessa, TX with her mother. She was raised in a single parent home and was taught from a young age how to defend herself from all threats. Her mother, a hardcore feminist, was a strong and determined young woman. Cordelia has never wanted anything more than to be like her mother, though she's also never considered herself a hardcore feminist. Her mother wasn't as obsessed with knowledge like Cordelia was, but she recognized the thirst in her daughter and used it as a tool. She raised Cordelia not to be a hunter but to know how to protect herself. She focused Cordelia on school, and because of her mother Cordelia graduated valedictorian with an acceptance letter from Harvard.

    However, despite her mother's great efforts, after Ms. Chase was murdered by a demon 2 weeks before Cordelia graduated she knew she was going to be a hunter. She left Harvard, gaining her degree but not participating in her graduation, and headed straight home. She skipped her mothers funeral and headed straight to Roswell, New Mexico. Born there, she was sure her father was there somewhere and had to know why her mother was killed.

    — Abilities/Skills —
    Krav Maga: Cordelia's mother knew when she was young that she needed to be able to defend herself, so she started learning krav maga when she was 12.
    Seduction: Cordelia is by no means a seductress, however she is also more than willing to use her looks to her advantage.
    Visions: Cordelia has visions occasionally about people that need help. She's had two so far, they started when her mother died.

    — Inabilities —
    : Cordelia has never been able to ride a bike, she's tried and tried and she jut can't.
    Nuts: Cordelia is allergic to nuts
    Ironing: She cannot iron anything without burning it, not that it comes up much.
    Fire: Cordelia cannot set things on fire without using an obscene amount of gas and matches.

    — Equipment —
    Cordelia drives her mother's black fiat and keeps (as much as she can) within it. The following is inside her car at all times:​
    • Toothbrush/toothpaste/hairbrush/shampoo/conditioner/body wash/towel/etc​
    • Pillow/Blanket​
    • Clothes: 2 Pair of jeans, 5 shirts, 2 plaid flannels, 3 short socks, 3 long socks, 1 pair of converse (or Doc Martins, which ever she is not wearing), 2 pair of shorts, 4 underwear/bra sets, 1 leather jacket.​
    • A gun with silver bullets​
    • Holy Water Bottle: Mostly for drinking water, Cordelia keeps the water in her reusable bottle holy at all times.​
    • Journal: Like most hunters, Cordelia has a journal of her hunting accounts​
    • 3 different knives (2 normal metal, 1 silver)​
    • Rock Salt​
    • Flash Light​
    • First Aid Kit​
    • Fake IDs​
    • Duck Tape​
    • Chalk/Spray paint​
    • A bible and other relevant books (4 total)​
    — Other —
    1 - Regular Hunter

    Herm, how about he was visiting Roswell for something and that's where he met her mother?​
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