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    Please use this thread to suggest ideas, ask questions, and post things like images, music, etc. Any roleplay is better when its players are proactive in creating it as it goes along, so I'm excited to see what we can create together.

    General World Info (open)

    A Victorian/Regency countryside sparsely populated by large country home of the well-to-do. Smaller towns nearby depend on the estates for employment and economic success and each estate or more or less self-sufficient. Most of the country denizens are city people who have chosen to get away from the increasing technology and filth of the main city, Roma. They've been looking to escape to a simpler, more wholesome (and less advanced) place.

    In the country is a wide swath of nature called the Tangle. Mysterious forest spirits inhabit it and the closer someone lives to the Tangle, the more wild they are. All houses in the country struggle with nature trying to creep in and forest spirits trying to bother residents of the houses. Forest spirits appear to be odd combinations of animals and vegetation with human-like faces and are varying degrees of transparent. No one goes into the Tangle and keeps their life or their humanity. People believe you can become a forest spirit if you spend too much time with wild nature or if you become possessed by forest spirits.

    At various points in history people have come to the countryside to escape Roma City. Much like London, Roma City is big business, big technology, but also big sin and big filth. Some families who desired to live in a more wholesome, more simple place and who had the means moved to the countryside. Unfortunately, they pay a price for trying to move backwards in time.

    Near Roma City is Excelsior University, a fine place of learning where Dr. Colridge sometimes teaches and where Dr. Angstrom studied medicine.

    Farther to the southwest is the ocean and Bath Island, a small beach community where the well-to-do spend their summers. The mineral springs are said to be a good tonic for any ailing person, but few people venture into the western part of the island.

    Brighton Church is located in Brighton Village, a relatively normal village whose inhabitants are very reluctant to travel or move anywhere else despite the issues they have with encroaching nature. Brighton Church, although it hosts regular services and is frequently occupied, is said to be haunted. A beautiful angel statue was donated to the church ages ago and while pretty, frequently appears to be sad in certain afternoon/evening lights.

    Litchield Village is a much smaller village near the forest. Its inhabitants are much more reclusive and wary than those from Brighton, and loathe people from Brighton as a general rule. Their church has been empty for a number of years, but they will not allow anyone to settle and preach there. Rather, the townspeople can frequently be seen at Litchfield Crypt holding what appear to be candlelight vigils. The crypt has a very strange, sad gargoyle/demon statue.

    World Map (open)

    QCP Map.png
    To give an idea of scale, from Brighton Parsonage to Brighton Vilage is roughly a mile and some change. On average, a horse and buggy can go 5 mp/h and up to 70 miles a day. I would add a couple of mp/h for a lone, light rider, and cut back similarly for bad conditions or terrain.

    Edit: And humans seem to walk about 3.1 mp/h. I'm going to do some more research to make sure my numbers are right, but those are rough guesses.

    Families (open)

    Colridge at Colridge Estate (open)

    The house:
    The Inhabitants:
    Dr. Adam Colridge, 54, is a professor of psychology at Excelsior University who is gradually descending into dotage. Although brilliant and a pioneer in his earlier years, he began to descend into paranoia and depression at age 35 after the death of his daughter, Amelia. Amelia wandered into the Tangle and became a forest spirit who now ruthlessly haunts him. She is heralded by blue butterflies.


    Amelia Colridge is the deceased (10), but restless daughter of Dr. Adam Colridge. She met her end in the Tangle and now haunts him. She frequently is heard calling for her mother, Alice Colridge.

    Crazy Widow Hart (open)

    The house:
    The Inhabitants:


    Chelsea Hart, 46, was an unfortunate bride whose husband died on their wedding night. Heartbroken and mad with grief, she buried him in the tangle where she hoped he would become a forest spirit. She lives on the edge of the tangle, tended only by one person as she waits for her bridgegroom to return. She can only speak in grackled wheezes, making her impossible for anyone to understand. However, she seems to understand the weird speech of the forest spirits.


    Callahan Peerce, age 23, is sometimes seen with Widow Hart. She seems unaware of his ruffian nature and crooked dealings and allows him to come and go as he pleases. Much gossip swirls around the two, but she's too far gone to even be aware of it.

    The Kingsleys at Brighton Manor (open)

    The house:

    The Inhabitants:
    Mrs. Violet Kingsley, age 40, was always a beauty and so quickly caught a husband with her fastidious, no-nonsense way of running a house even as she played the shy, gentle belle. Once Mr. Kingsley was sufficiently wedded, she took over the house and bore four children, three of which she is very proud of.


    Mr. Scott Kingsley, 45, didn't really know what he was getting into when he married Violet Ashwell, but thought it a fortunate match when she proved useful, fertile, and faithful. However, when their sickly child Eliza's health demanded they move into the countryside, he found himself suddenly spending far more time with his wife and far less time at the bank, which has put a strain on their marriage.


    Eliza Kingsley, 16, has always suffered from a mysterious illness that eventually forced her family to move into the country.


    Allen Leonard Kingsley, 19, is one of the Kingsley twins. Inseperable from his twin, he loves the piano and has aspirations to be a doctor.


    Leanne Aemilia Kingsley, 19, is the other Kingsley twin. Inseperable from her brother, Allen, Leanne aspires to be a nurse and has a curious ability to make flora grow and thrive.


    Maria Kingsley, 17, looks like a porcelain doll, although is considerably sturdier. She fills a very maternal role and dreams of marrying well.

    Dwynwyn Oihana Mnêmê McKinley, 20, is the family's governess who is usually in charge of making sure Eliza is doing well and what a decent lady should.

    The Angstroms at The Wywolfe Estate (open)

    The house:

    The Inhabitants:


    Dr. Archibald Angstrom, 39, is one of three doctors in the country, and so services all of the families that live outside of the towns. His wife died mysteriously and all he has left now is his son.


    Archie Angstrom, 18, is the shy and retiring son of Dr. Angstrom. Although he desires to travel, he greatly fears it.


    Lyall F. Mouse, 4mo, is the tiniest and youngest at the Wywolfe estate. She is Archie's trained companion who fetches items for treats.

    The Stonewalls at Litchfield Manor (open)

    The house:

    The Inhabitants:

    The Stonewalls are a reclusive and sullen lot, rarely ever seen outside of their house, which is surrounded by a tall stone wall. They have 20 children of various ages, although very few of them are ever seen.

    Pippa Stonewall, 13, is one of the children seen outside of the home. She is very wild and rebellious, and values her freedom greatly.

    Henry Weston at Brighton Parsonage (open)

    The house:


    The Inhabitants:


    Henry Weston, 21, is the country's parson and one of the most normal people in the countryside aside from the Kingsleys. A patient and kind man.

    Alastair Lovelace at Moorhouse Estate (open)

    The house:

    The Inhabitants:


    Mr. Alastair Lovelace, 25 (ish), is an exceedingly wealthy merchant recently arrived from France. He is rarely up before late noon/early evening, and leaves any day-business to his maid. Although quite charming and loves attending parties and gatherings, he has no aspirations to settle down and is very much the local rake. Has an intense dislike of anything like nature, but despises the dirtiness of Roma even more.


    Bianca "Bibi" Bernadette, 23, is Mr. Lovelace's maid and very tired of his shit. She has traveled all over the world and is a very accomplished French maid in charge of doing all of Mr. Lovelace's daytime business.

    What to Expect and Player Etiquette (open)

    I'm looking for players who can post at least every two or three days. I'd like to keep this RP rolling at a decent clip. If for some reason you're not going to be able to post for a bit, please let me know before/during so I can make arrangements. If you're going to be gone more than a week, frequently are gone for long periods, or just disappear, I will have to drop your character from the game. If you want to get back in, message me and we can talk.

    You do not have to be a master writer, but please make sure your grammar, punctuation, and capitalization are easily understandable. I ask that my players post at least a paragraph and make an effort to engage the plot and what other players are writing. I vastly prefer aggressive to passive players.

    Please be polite and considerate of the other players. If there's trouble, I will mediate if you two can't work it out yourselves. I reserve the right to boot people who are rude or harass other players. Also, no overpowered characters, godmodding, or anything of the sort.​

    Event Calendar!

    1617181920 - Prolouge
    30 - Chapter One
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Eliza Anne Kingsley
    Age: 16
    Birthday: August 11
    Occupation: None
    Physical Description: Thin and pale, often looks a little jaundiced and frequently has dark circles under her eyes. Long, weak neck. Large, doe-like hazel/green eyes and blondish-brown hair. Stands about 5'1, weighs a hundred pounds soaking wet. Usually has a wracking cough or heavy wheezing after physical exertion or when afraid. Built like a lot of sticks tied together.

    Personality: Tries to overcompensate for always being the sickly one. Puts on a brave front, always taxes herself, and craves adventure. Tries to pretend she is older and more mature than she is too, but means well and works hard to not be a burden to her family and siblings. Quick, sharp mind that is good at solving puzzles and mysteries, but can be shy about demonstrating this to anyone. Quick to stand up for what she thinks is right or fair.
    Motivation(s): Getting better, exploring the world, proving she can do anything healthy and/or male people can do
    Goal in Life: Go to university and earn a real degree
    Greatest Fear: Always being sick and weak; the dark
    Useless Skill: Great at tying and untying knots

    Favorite Things: Biscuits, rosemary tea, blackberries, going for walks, arguing, the color yellow, stuffed animals
    Least Favorite Things: Beetles, crybabies, sewing, dancing, pompous people, corsets

    Eliza was a breech birth and a sickly child from the first days of her life up until the present day. Her family initially lived in Roma where her father was a banker, but a doctor prescribed the fresh air of the country for her respiratory woes and so on her 16th birthday the family packed up and moved into the countryside.

    Throughout her childhood Eliza lived vicariously through any book she could get her hands on since she was rarely allowed outside with her siblings. Eliza frequently felt left out of the activities and relationship her siblings developed and so tends to try to fit in with them and the family at large any way she can. Eliza usually tries to stay in the middle of things and often ends up in the way, often trying to but into whatever her siblings are doing. She can be something of a know-it-all and prone to arguing or debating, but Eliza is also very intelligent and on the mark most of the time. A whiz at solving puzzles, mysteries, and codes, Eliza dreams of going to university and studying linguistics alongside the men and earning a degree equal to theirs so that, once she is well, she can explore the world and learn the languages of foreign countries.

    To compensate for her weak body, Eliza has a strong personality akin to that of a bulldog. Anyone who will bend, she bends to her will and tends to be the leader unless other people assert themselves.

  3. Name: Pippa Stonewall
    Age: 13
    Birthday: March 8
    Occupation (if relevant): None unless you count the dreaded household chores.
    Physical Description: [Coming soon! Imma draw her!]
    Pippa is a medium sized girl, standing at 5'7", with pale skin that she despises and manage to coat with dust and dirt every day. Her eyes are dark brown, which she also hates, but as tossing dirt in her eyes would most likely blind her, she just deals with it. Her hair, is dark brown and a complete mess, which she loves. No matter what her parents or older siblings try to do, a twig or a button or a grasshopper can always be found in the girl's hair. They say 'disgusting!' she says, 'It gives me more character!'. Another feature that 'gives her more character' are her teeth. Her family has always had peculiar teeth. They're either terribly jagged, missing some, extremely sharp, horribly blunt or they have some extra. Pippa has the latter. Instead of four canines she has eight, and they are terribly, extremely, horribly, sharp.

    Attire wise-- Pippa would love to wear trousers and a simple shirt like the boys but that's one thing her parents manage to control, so she wears a simple off white chemise with a brown ribbon tied around the middle. As for shoes--Well, it's almost impossible to climb and fight with clunky shoes on! And so, Pippa tends to go barefoot.

    Personality: Pippa can only be described with two words; Wild Child. She is the definition of the term, always running around, climbing things, biting people and things and yelling crude language or incoherent babble. It's not that she's crazy, it's that she never wants to lose her child likeness, so she always acts like one.
    She can however, hold an intelligent conversation but that's usually only happens when she's messing with you or angry with you or her older siblings have threatened her with something and unless she 'sits up straight, acts right and be nice!' they'll deprive her of it.
    Motivation(s): To stay wild and never become a 'proper young lady'.
    Goal in Life: To live in the Tangle.
    Greatest Fear: Falling in love, having children and resigning to a normal life.
    Useless Skill: She can grab things with her feet. (But her parents and older siblings never allow her to do that now!)

    Favorite Things: Running, climbing, fighting with animals or people, being dirty, her hair, and her teeth.
    Least Favorite Things: Sitting still, being told to 'be quiet!', washing up, running errands, and boring people.
    Biting people was cute when she was younger. And so was yelling gibberish, and running around like a monkey and kicking people in the shins. But now her strange antics are no longer found adorable by her family, and her parents and older siblings have continuously told her to "Grow up, Pippa!" But she doesn't want to grow up. In fact she has no intention of growing up! At least not mentally and emotionally, since she can't help the physical part. Growing up was hard! You had to stop doing the fun stuff and resign yourself to a life of depression and misery! And you had to get married! Because if you didn't get married people looked at you funny and went 'Tsk. Tsk. What a shame!'

    So Pippa refuses to grow up. She refuses to stop running around and getting dirty. She refuses to stop socking people in the shins or the eyes when they piss her off. And she absolutely refuses to cut or manage her hair in anyway! She figures that if she ever becomes 'proper' (which she doesn't plan to), her hair will be the only great thing that she has left, and of course her teeth. Her teeth were important, they were good rippers and chompers in her opinion. If she ever becomes a 'proper, young lady', she'll need to keep her teeth and her hair. After all that's what separates her from her siblings. Their hair was always limp and lifeless, and their teeth were strong like hers but they used them for mundane things, like bending spoons back to the way they were or baring them at wild animals that jumped out at them. They never chomped pretty patterns into the spoons or fought the animals like Pippa. When they were younger sure! but as they got older they began to get more mature and moved on to stupider, and less exciting things.

  4. Name: 'Archie' Augustine Agstrom The Second.

    Age: 19.

    Birthday: August 13, 18?? (Subject to change if there is a set time in the 1800's.)

    Occupation: Future Cartographer In Training-- but an inventor on the side.

    Physical Description: Slender, at best. Tight hipbones and a skinny frame work-- if you hugged him, you'd hug a skeleton. He stands a tall 6'5", with no meat on his bones--he weighs in at a small 110 pounds. He wouldn't know what physical labor was unless it hit him on the side of the head. He's always been healthy, despite his weight. His father is a doctor, of course. Archie's only muscle mass comes from holding a pencil. He spends most of his time alone, in his father's study, which is why he's so sickly pale. He has mossy green eyes, often adorned with bags underneath.
    Personality: He's a nervous man, and very careful. He fears the worst to come from every situation, even if it is something simple. Archie also fears for his father every so often, but they rarely see eachother anymore. Archie occupies the basement-- The doctor's old study. His father spends his time on the top level, and in the attic dwells his mother. He is ready to shy from any situation, like a deer in the headlights, but if you get to know him (which is VERY hard, mind you) he might be willing to talk to you. Archie keeps to himself, and hardly ever gets noticed. But, every so often, one of his father's co-workers would happen upon him for a conversation, and he'd find himself a small map-making job. He would get plenty of business, only because he's the only cartographer on that side of The Tangle, let alone that side of Roma.

    Motivation(s): He wakes up every morning because he is alive, and that's the only thing that motivates him most of the time. "I'm still breathing. I'm still living."

    Goal in Life: To leave the country. Really, he wants to explore the world, and every time he tries to muster up the courage, he feels this force pulling down on him in his gut. He hasn't left his house in months, maybe years. All he really wants to do is high-tail it out of there.

    Greatest Fear: Hodophobia-- fear of traveling, and that doesn't just mean by a car. Oh no, he fears traveling by land, by sea, or by flight. He can't remember the last time he's left his house, let alone his workplace in the basement. But what he finds odd is that he fears traveling in his dreams, aswell. He stays up days on end, only to crash in the worst possible way. When he wakes up, he checks himself and panics. Horribly. He can barely leave to go to the restroom upstairs, and when he does, he tries to hold back the nervousness.

    Useless Skill: Cartographic, but he is also a very peculiar tap-dancer, and artist. If you can give him the time, he can create almost anything from scrap metal.
    Favorite Things: Silence, daylight, freshly sharpened pencils, and thinking of fond memories.

    Least Favorite Things: Screaming, loud noises, and broken pencils.

    History: He was born in Roma, to a humble doctor and his lovely history-buff for a wife. Archie was named after his father, which makes him the second person in his family to be named Archibald. He lived inside the city for six years of his life, and it was the best six years he could have every asked for. With the convenience store right around the corner, and the school precisely placed near the park, it was heaven on earth for a six year old. A history teacher for a mother, and a doctor for a father, Archie lived the good life. Well, he did.

    On his seventh birthday, his parents announced that they were moving. To where, he asked. They were to move from the city to the outskirts of Roma, so that way he may still attend the school and he may still visit his friends. Archibald, still being as skeptical as a child could be, announced his disdain for his birthday gift, but still reluctantly left with his family.

    They moved roughly five miles away from a large woodland area that some people call 'The Tangle'. Archibald didn't like the place to begin with, it gave off a bad aura. He could see shadows moving at night, and he could hear things. Terrible thing. The things that could have potentially saved his mother.

    The accident that happened was what started it all, really. He was nine years old by then, and changing greatly. The forest spirits would whisper to him at night, telling him of his future, and they spoke greatly of his mother. One evening in the summer, while she was washing strawberries near the sink, and his father was out on a house-call, Archibald saw it. It was a large creature, roughly the size of a large cat, and it had the face of a very mean man. It had a large beak on his face, and walked like a dog trying to stand up. If Archibald recalled it (and he didn't like to,) he could remember very scraggly vines and weeds blooming from the creature, as if it was it's hair. He tried to warn his mother of the thing, he really did, but she thought it as a way to get attention.

    It happened so quickly, no one knew what to make of it. When his father came home, he was screaming and crying, talking wildly of The Tangle and of the creatures inside the damned forest. The spirits stopped talking to him. His father buried his mother near the house, and moved on. His mother, bless her heart, didn't want to move on. Archibald could still hear her voice in the attic, and he could hear the frantic whispers of his father as he tried to calm down the poltergeist.

    He and his father developed insomnia of the highest degree, and neither of them wanted to medicate for it. His father got the worst bit of it, really. Every night, on the day of his mothers death, Dr. Agstrom would wander into The Tangle-- or so he thinks. The house is always covered by a large, dense fog that makes it hard to travel through. It's one of the reasons he has such bad travel anxiety. But, non the less, his father would leave through The Fog, and not return for hours on end. He would know his father had left, because that's when the screaming started from the attic.
    It had almost been ten years later, and nothing was different. The intolerable screaming was still there every second day of every month, and his father would leave for roughly 12 hours every second day of every month at six o'clock, and return in the morning. They talked nothing of it. Archibald would return to his study, his father would stay upstairs, with his gaze always on the steps, and his mother would just stay up in the attic. She would occasionally knock something over, or mutter in foreign tongues. It was normal.


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  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Allen Leonard Kingsley

    Age: 19

    Birthday: April 1

    Occupation: Student

    Physical Description: Has a good physique but more on a slender proportion with slightly defined muscles, pale, quite tall for his age since he hit puberty, soft facial features-long lashes, round and bright blue eyes and thin but curvy rather effeminate lips, moves with the dignified poise of a good man but appears as a youthful boy

    Personality: relaxed, attentive, observant, mature, contemplative, prioritizes his favorite sisters above anything and everything, caring, sometimes playful, positive
    manipulative, will not hesitate to commit crime for the sake of his loved ones, self-sacrificial, stubborn,
    does what he think is right, dislikes to be proven wrong

    Motivation(s): Lianne, Maria and Eliza

    Goal in Life: become a doctor/ professional pianist

    Greatest Fear: losing his favorite sisters

    Useless Skill: overly precise aim

    Favorite Things: piano, music sheets, pastries, fresh fruit juice, rain, horse riding with his Leanne, being with his twin sister, the beauty of all seasons except for the heat of summer

    Least Favorite Things: being apart from Leanne, soiling his clothes, messing his hair, garlic, distractions, being idle, pointless chatter

    History: As children, the twins were inseparable, constantly with each other. When Eliza was born, they were told very sternly that they had to be responsible siblings as opposed to their idiosyncratic childish pranks and mischievous tales. They took those stern words to heart. They turned their back on their childhood and learned to take responsibility for Maria and Eliza. They have taken to having the semblance of parents by the time they reached their early teens.

    When their mother took Leanne away for a weekend in an attempt to teach the twins to grow out of their co-dependence, they both grew seriously ill. In desperation, the twins were brought back together and through the night, they both survived and became more inseparable than ever.

    Their intense separation anxiety returned in a new degree when they reached their late teens. Using their skills in trickery and manipulation, they have sent away Leanne's suitors and arranged for Allen to continue studying at home. But they both know it's only a matter of time before they would have to really be separated. That day is what the twins fear most, aside from losing both (or either) Maria and Eliza.

    Moving to the countryside was a joy for the twins, for leaving the dreaded city and everything it symbolized for them.

    Allen knew he would have to pursue proper studies and understood that his parents might never support his dream to keep writing and playing piano. He sorrowfully set his mind to studying medicine to find a cure for Eliza's illness, to understand Maria's strange behaviors and to have Leanne with him as his assistant so they don't have to part.

    Play the song and watch Allen. Gave me the feels.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Leanne Aemilia Kingsley

    Age: 19

    Birthday: April 1

    Occupation: Student

    Physical Description: Pale with platinum blonde hair giving her a fairy-like beauty, slender and curved in all the right places, slightly tall but not as tall as her twin, soft facial features with long lashes, round and icy silver-blue eyes and full pink lips, moves flawlessly and gracefully as any noble lady but appears more as a lady in fairytales

    Personality: mature, patient, gentle, kind, quick-thinker, possessive, witty, observant, stern when needed, prioritizes her siblings above everything,
    manipulative with a touch of mischievousness, somewhat stubborn but not that much, isn't afraid to appear as a villain to protect those she loves, will use anything and anyone to make sure that her siblings are safe and well, fidget-y if her brother is as restless or unhappy

    Motivation(s): Allen, Eliza, Maria

    Goal in Life: To be a Mother/Nurse

    Greatest Fear: Being separated from her twin brother/Losing her baby sister/Getting married

    Useless Skill: Any plant she plants will always grow and bloom

    Favorite Things: being with her twin brother, baking, cooking, sewing, horse back riding, listening to her twin playing the piano, singing, dancing, reading, gardening, exploring, snow, butterflies, chess

    Least Favorite Things: messy rooms/things, soiled/damaged clothes, pointless chatter, loud noise, thunder never lightning, spiders, filth

    History: As children, the twins were inseparable, constantly with each other. When Eliza was born, they were told very sternly that they had to be responsible siblings as opposed to their idiosyncratic childish pranks and mischievous tales. They took those stern words to heart. They turned their back on their childhood and learned to take responsibility for Eliza and Maria. They had taken to having the semblance of parents by the time they reached their early teens.

    When their mother took Leanne away for a weekend in an attempt to teach the twins to grow out of their co-dependence. They both grew seriously ill. In desperation, the twins were brought back together and through the night, they both survived and became more inseparable than ever.

    Their intense separation anxiety returned in a new degree when they reached their late teens. Using their skills in trickery and manipulation, they have sent away Leanne's suitors and arranged for Allen to continue studying at home. But they both know it's only a matter of time before they would have to really be separated. That day is what the twins fear most, aside from either losing Eliza and Maria.

    Moving to the countryside was a joy for the twins, for leaving the dreaded city and everything it symbolized for them.

    Leanne knew that perhaps one day, she will be forced to marry into a loveless marriage to secure her place in society, but before it would happen, she'd fight tooth and nail to prevent it. Her dream has always been to become a true mother, to have her own children, but she'd rather void herself of that dream to avoid marriage at any cost. She'd never part from her brother and knowing her brother's secret dream, she pursued singing in a manner to soothe him and their sister. She studies to become her brother's nurse to assist him in his dream to find a cure for Eliza. She often wonders about Maria but shrugs it off a teenage rebellion but never really knowing for sure since she, herself, never went through it.

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  7. Oh, Leanne is afraid of spiders! Bless her heart. @Lorchenne, @Temper Tantrum, I love your characters! It looks like Allen's interest in the medical field is going to put him in a lot of contact with Dr. Angstrom and is a great platform for bringing Archie in as quickly as possible. It's also very interesting that Leanne has a talent for making things grow: given how afraid of nature the people in the countryside are, that'll create an interesting stigma for her.

    So here's what's coming up:
    I'm going to be making a shitty paint map soon of where all of the houses are in relation to one another. If other people bring in characters I need to make homes for, I'll adjust accordingly and upload a more accurate version.

    I'm looking forward to getting all of the character profiles in as well as plot candies you guys would like to see

    I'll periodically post some "getting to know your character" questions. You're not required to answer them, but they're fun and I love reading your answers :D
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  8. That's a bit of me I'm afraid. I added in a "lady"-ish fear in her to keep her well, lady-ish.

    Thank you so much liking our characters. :) We worked hard on them. ;) Plot candies makes RP grow isn't it. :D She'll make a quaint little garden and scare everyone away! jk.

    Kewl! I like making Character Sheets and answering questions! They're totally fun! :D I'm really excited! :)
  9. I actually like the idea of her growing a garden and scaring people away, though! Is that something you want to include?
  10. Yeah, I can add it in. :) She loves gardening after all. She just won't understand why no one wants to approach her is all. :D
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  11. Thanks, Midian! You have a wonderful roleplay and we're honored to be part of it. I didn't realize the medical part, I just added it because of Allen's fixation to protect/take care of his precious sisters. :]
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  12. Aww shucks Lorchenne, you're going to give me a big head ;)
  13. Thank YOU, Midian. :D
    I hope Dr. Angstrom will be chill with Allen, too.
  14. Nonsense. Praise is supposed to be given to those who deserve it. :) And you totally deserve it.
  15. <3 Lorchenne, I think @Dip is controlling Dr. Abraham, so get in touch with them, but I think things should work out well.

    And thank you TemperTantrum, I'm really excited to get to play this with all of you :)
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  16. :D We are too! Can't wait. (feel free to call me either ;D )
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  17. I hope you don't mind overly attached big brother Allen!
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  18. Or Motherly Leanne! :D
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  19. I don't have anymore premade roles open for grabs, but if you'd like to propose one I'll consider it :)
  20. Aaaaand posting here as well, as requested.

    Name: Maria Kingsley

    Age: 17

    Birthday: October, 23

    Occupation (if relevant): N/A

    Physical Description:


    Maria is a petite young woman, though obviously much more healthy than her younger sister, standing at a mere 5'3". She weighs roughly one hundred and thirty two pounds. Straight, platinum blonde hair cascades around her shoulders, and long lashed, crystal blue eyes, coupled with her light skin gives Maria the look of a porcelain doll. Her fondness for lovely dresses compliments this feature.


    Maria is a kind, gentle, and soft-spoken individual. She has a motherly affection towards her younger sister, feeling sorry for her weaker disposition. However, this can make her rather over protective. While a doting person, Maria does have quite the temper on her, and will snap at anyone who provokes it. Maria is a romantic at heart, and while Eliza relies on her intelligence, Maria excels at charisma and her delicate looks to get through life. She hopes to marry in to a well off family, to assist Eliza with her goals.


    Seeing her siblings, particularly Eliza, succeed in life, being able to have a warm, happy family.

    Goal in Life:

    To marry someone of high standing, so she can give her sister a better chance at living her life, and being able to bring up a strong, happy family.

    Greatest Fear:

    Seeing Eliza's health deteriorate further, being unable to help her family. And spiders. She hates spiders.

    Useless Skill:

    Maria can identify almost any type of bird.

    Favorite Things:

    Sewing, poetry, singing, dancing, making friends, spending time with her family.

    Least Favorite Things:

    Spiders, boring conversations, unclean areas, rude people


    With hardly even a year apart in age, Maria's earliest memories include her family constantly fussing over her less healthy sister, Eliza. There was hardly time to care for two young children at once, so from an early age, Maria learned to primarily take care of herself. On a psychological stand point, one might say that her motherly attention towards Eliza developed mainly out of need to feel a part of her family, whilst simultaneously learning to take care of her own needs. As such she grew up with a strong, if not obsessive, love for her family, and Eliza in particular. Maria constantly sought to bring home books and the like for Eliza to enjoy, and while such kind, doting behavior might usually lead to a bond between sisters, for Maria, it became the opposite. Her desire to perform her believed sense of duties as the elder sister seems to have created more of a wall than a bridge for her.

    As such, Maria desperately tries to make up for this, whether she realizes it or not, through heavily socializing in her community. Specifically, like many girls her age, Maria seeks to marry in to a well off family, believing it to be the right thing to do in order to provide a better life for her sickly sister. This has caused some to wonder at the mental health of Maria, and whether or not her interest is going just a bit too far...

    However, Maria takes little notice of such concerns, including that of her elder siblings. Maria can't bring herself to understand Leanne's dislike for marriage, nor Allen's determination to assist her in this, and whether they realize it or not, this has set up another wall that blocks others from the inner workings of Maria's mind. A darker part of her wonders if they have they capability of really giving Eliza what she needs, and as the days pass, it gets harder and harder for Maria to ignore that terrible whispering. Nonetheless, she keeps up a smile, and for now, remains a kind individual, even to Leanne and Allen.

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