Quicker access to watched threads?!

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  1. Hey-hey!!^^

    Kay so like to get to my watched threads I do this:

    Click Alerts -> Show all -> Your Account -> Watched threads -> Show all Watched -> Pass GO n collect 200bux!!!

    That's like 85gajillion clickies to get to my list of watched threads!!!>_<!!!

    So like the title states: Is there any quicker access to watched threads?! Or do I just click n click n click n click n click??!!

    Thanks Iwaku!

  2. I just put the link to my signature or bookmark/favorite the link in my browser. ;) Just one click away.
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  3. Yeah, there's a quicker way, depending on what you're using to access the site. If you're using a laptop or PC, there should be a menu bar up near the top of the page, just under the site logo, that has options like Forums, Groups Calendar, Chats, and so on. Under that there's another menu bar with options relevant to whatever section of the forum you're in (if you're looking at a group it'll be Browse By Category and My Groups, or if you're looking at a roleplay thread overview it'll have options for searching those or going to your created/watched roleplays, and so on). If the Forums section is already selected, or if you click it, the fourth option in the secondary menu bar will be Watched Threads, and you can click that and then Show All Watched Threads. That brings it down to 2 or 3 clicks.

    If you're on a mobile device, something with a screen small enough that instead of the menu under the site logo is a button that says Menu and a little speech bubble with three dots in it, then unfortunately you're out of luck. For some reason the mobile interface doesn't let you see that Forums secondary menu, so the roundabout way is the only path to your watched threads.

    Alternatively, you can use the site's Bookmark feature to make it quick on any device. On all posts, down near the Quote and Reply options, there is an option labeled Bookmark. If you press that you can bookmark that post on the site, not on your browser, and then access that list by clicking the Bookmarks option in the menu under the site logo. The perk of this method is it's easily accessible on all devices, with mobile users only needing one extra click to open the menu in the first place.
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  4. Oooooooooohhhh... wow..! ;D

    Thanks ya both for the advice!! Its always so nice to have smarter than Boo people tell Boo smarter than Boo things to do!!^^

    BOOKMARKS!! yeahh-yeah<3!!

    ~Ed. It.~

    Wows. Now I can bookmark muh charrie posts too. Easy access to Ed. It!!! Yayuh!!!

    Thanks again^^!! ~puckers up and blows Boo Girlie KissKiss~~<3
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