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  1. Just another search thread~~

    About Me:

    I'm a female, looking for either male or female partners who can provide around 3 to 5 solid paragraphs per reply, and enjoy both plot and development, as well as drama and romance. Although I have my likes and dislikes, I'd consider myself fairly adaptable to styles and preferences, and can usually be inspired and motivated to write about almost anything. Though as a rule of thumb, I prefer my roleplays to be around 70% plot. That being said, I don't shy away from more kinky, controversial or gruesome/abuse type scenes, so if you have an itch you'd like me to scratch, feel free to bring it up. (though no sexual scenes with underage partners)

    Also, generally I prefer to work specific plots out with my partners, but, just to give you an idea, I tend to prefer roleplays that are more on the realistic than fantasy side. Usually I dislike stuff like furries, vampires or werewolves, though I might be willing to play something like elves or fairies. But still, most of the time I lean toward more realistic rps.

    When it comes character dynamic, I'd probably consider myself a switch. Admittedly, if I were to choose I'd prefer playing the more submissive role, but since my characters usually end up fairly confident and independent, they are switchy more often than not. Also, while I'm more than happy to attempt scenarios like abductions or slavery, I really can't play the stereotypical 'victim' character. On the contrary, I much prefer my characters to be responsible for their own demise. On a sidenote, I generally prefer portraying teens/young adults.

    Hmm, what else. I love intricate and dramatic themes in my rps, such as abuse, betrayal, crushed dreams, loneliness, twisted romance, suffering, violence etc. Not particularly fond of vanilla stuff, nor anime for that matter.

    Fandoms for inspiration:

    - Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and fire (book or show, canon or oc characters, though I'm really craving to play either Arya or Sansa)
    - Walking Dead
    - Memoirs of a Geisha
    - Shades of Grey (book inspired, with original characters)
    - Ghibli (Spirited Away, Kiki, Mononoke, Totoro etc)
    - Hunger Games (book inspired)
    - Lolita (book inspired)
    - Star Wars (oc characters)
    - Skyrim (oc characters, although I'd love to play a Forsworn)
    - Saw/Hostel
    - Disney
    - The Last of Us
    - 1984
    - Charles Dickens-esque (Oliver Twist, Great Expectations)
    - Leon
    - TLA/LOK

    Original Settings I enjoy:

    - Wild West
    - Jungle
    - Steampunk/Cyberpunk
    - Modern
    - Space/Sci-fi
    - Medieval Europe/Japan/India
    - WW 2
    - Modern Iraq/afghanistan conflicts
    - Post-Apocalyptic

    A couple themes I adore:

    - Slavery
    - Taboo Romance (Older/younger, incest, teacher/student)
    - Orphans/Runaways
    - Sugardaddies
    - Bad Ends
    - Piracy
    - Non/Dub-con (dramatic and realistic, not hentai-ish)
    - Serial Killers/Jack the Ripper-esque
    - Mad Scientists
    - Psychological issues
    - Corruption/Addictions
    - Psychedelic
    - Hitchhiking
    - Superheroes (batman, kickass)
    - Celebrities

    A couple plot-bunnies:

    - A scientist whose obsessions/experiments endanger his family.
    - A young girl that develops a taboo obsession for an older man. (Neighbour, Teacher, Uncle, Sugar Daddy etc)
    - A lonely girl that searches for love and affection online, ignoring the dangers.
    - A poor girl from an abusive home dreaming of becoming a celebrity and running away to fulfill her dreams. (Dark)
    - A male fan who develops an unhealthy obsession for an actresses' fictional character, to the point where he kidnaps the actual actress so she can portray her character in his own little dungeon movie.
    - A female anime/video games fan dressing/cosplaying in particularly skimpy outfits to catch the guy's attention.
    - A second grade celebrity approaching a discreet bdsm club to film a sex tape and leak it online to increase her popularity.
    - A native's first contact with settlers.
    - A superheroine/female warrior/pirate/soldier being defeated and claimed by the victor. (Dark I guess)

    I guess this should be good for now. If I can think of any other ideas I'll update the thread, and if anything caught your eye, please pm me. I'm going to ignore posts in this thread. Also, I'm more than happy to tweak my ideas, brainstorm up something new or listen to any ideas my partners might have. =)
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  2. Memoirs of a Geisha or Ghibli sounds good to me, I can do around a paragraph to three or less, and I apologize for that. I'm not on all the time but I can try to be.
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