Quick RP sample not my best work

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  1. Anna Cannon sat in the hospital waiting room sobbing, her knees tucked into her chest and her head in hiding between them. Her parents had been mauled by some freaked out mutant while coming back from a nice dinner out, and now clung to life in the emergency room. Her brother, David, stormed into the lobby of the hospital fresh off the plane from New York, and he knew it wasn't going to be good. The tone of voice from the doctor he had spoke to on the phone pretty much told him they were all but dead. All David hoped for now was that they'd hang on long enough to see him one last time.

    That only happens in movies though. By the time he made it to Anna and yanked her up into a consoling hug, the doctor emerged and stood by, letting the two share the moment. David finally noticed and sat Anna down, making her sit there while he turned to bare the grave news. "You're David, correct?" The doc asked. David shook his head yes and closed his eyes, knowing the doc's words before he even spoke them. "I'm sorry son, they have both passed away. We did all we could." The doc said softly with compassion. Despite his mental preparation of the news, it still hit him hard, but now was not the time to cry. He would do so alone, in private, so not to depress his younger sibling even more. "I would ask if you wanted to come in and say your last respects to them, but honestly Mr. Cannon, they were pretty badly mangled up. Whoever or whatever did this was a savage." He warned. David would hear none of it. In perhaps a ill advised move, caught up in emotion, David grabbed Anna by the hand and ordered the doc to lead them in to the room, and so they went.