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  1. I am going on a road trip soon and really need something to keep in occupied while traveling. I have a few ideas in my head that my turn into full blown RPs but need to be tested and such.

    1: Human Emotions such as angry,sad,and greed (basically all emotions that are considered traits people don't want to have) feed of humans till they become sentient and eventually consume their hosts turning them into beasts of their emotions. The RP would focus on two detectives who have special suits to combat these creatures in a town or city.

    2: A meteor crashes near a New Mexico town and a creature comes out of it and wrecks havoc on the residents. This RP would be two people who come together to face the horror.

    3: A pair of superheroes or villains is playing a cat and mouse game against an insane Big Game Hunter who has limited their powers and set them in abandoned buildings to fight or die.

    4: Pacific Rim RP

    Also I am up for Sci-fi,Horror(as long as it isn't creepy pasta stuff),Fantasy RPs too. I hope someone helps and thanks again for looking. Also I can roleplay with two people doing different RPs.
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  2. Hooooo Pasific Rim one sounds interesting ^_^
  3. Good old Pacific Rim great movie...Anyways got any idea for the Pacific Rim one?
  4. Oops I am too late. I thought your number 2 was good. But I spoke to late.
  5. Of course not you are fine
  6. As far as number two goes. Would the two people coming back together be has lovers, old school mates, siblings or old, coworks? Just curious what you would prefer. Would the creature be alien like or invisible, like a parasite?
  7. The two can be anything really I don't care as long as they are not Siblings or Lovers and the creature will be an alien.
  8. Ah..alright. Well...hmmm....will have to think. Unless you have something in mind? I dont want to be rude to the other person.
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