Quick Roleplays (QR)



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Quick Roleplays, just like they sound they are Roleplays that run by very quickly. Well brainstorming I found out a nice little way to actually do one of these and it involves a bit of dice roll.

NOTICE: No you don't have to roll dice, only the GM Does. And the GM will be me for the first installment.

Now here is how this whole thing works. Like a normal roleplay, you will pitch in a character sheet, doesn't have to be all that detailed because hey, you just might die. Pretty much the basics on Name, Personality, Appearance, and Equipment.

Once everyone is signed up each player will be assigned a number, again that will mostly be tracked by the GM. Now that numbers are assigned we can begin the IC. In the story you write like a normal one except the GM controls all the antagonists and the antagonists, no matter what they are, are out to get you, the players. Once a few have posted, the GM will try to attack a player. This is where the first dice roll comes in. The number that pops up is how many hours after the GM posted that you get to make a response that gets you out alive for sure.

Othewise if you fail to post within that time limit the GM gets a chance to kill off your character. Now the second, or rather the second, third, and possibly fourth dice roll come in. Depending on how many enemies are around you the GM will roll 1-3 times. If the number rolled matches your player number then you proceed to get killed.

So what hope is there for the players? Well they need to find a way to get away from the antagonists or destroy the leader or something. (The exact objective is up to the GM) Now there are two primary rules to each side.

1. The GM needs to be constantly active and ready to answer the call of killing.

2. The players cannot complete the objective right away. The GM will provide escape routes after two or three attempts at players lives. (That is rolling for the hours not to kill someone.)

So what do you think? It is pretty simple and all you have to do is write. I'll be conducting my first QR after I see how much interest people have in this.
I like the idea. It has promise and keeps attention. Only problem I can see is when people hit writers block.
Heh well writer's block will be like the same thing as not knowing what to do in a battle situation so you die.
I think quick roleplays are the only ones that can keep your attention, Piro. LOL

In any case, Good Idea. ^_^
*steps over the tripwire*
* dodges the sliding blades, coming up into a crouch to avoid the crushing walls*
*goes prone and holds breath as the poisoned darts fly overhead. *
*Crawls out, leaps to his feet. Sprints for the wall on the other side of the room as the bridge collapses*
*Lights the two long-dead torches with his flint. Tossing them into the depths of the chasm.*
* hops the meter down to the bottom if the chasm, stepping in the ring the torches cleared from the sea of snakes.*
*Opens the trapdoor, falls into the thread*


My interest is piqued. For now I must escape being chased by skeletons. And yell at my able sidekick to start the plane/boat.

*climbs the rusty ropeladder(wut) to freedom*
That IS an interesting concept, yes. >:D
*side kicks Khang into the blade trap* We haven't started yet smart one!