Quick Request - Medieval Themed

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  1. Alright, I'll make this short and simple. I'm looking for a few peeps to do a ONE ON ONE rp with me over the same little loose leaf plot below.

    Age Difference - My character will start out @ 16, sexual stuff won't happen till he's 18. I would like it if your character starts out at age 25+ at a minimum.
    Euphemisms Dirty/Explicit - Cock, Balls, Testicles, Penis, asshole, anus... You get the point.
    Hardcore Kink - I'd love to have some non-vanilla stuff thrown in at some point be it rape, non-con, etc. We can talk about this but it's not absolutely necessary.
    Hurt/Comfort - Not the primary intent of the rp, but my character will suffer various emotional and/or physical hurts at one point or another.
    Multi-Partners - Yet another one that isn't the primary intent, but we can absolutely have multi-partners or have either character involved with another in some manner or another to spice things up x3.
    Gay Males/Dude On Dude - OUR CHARACTERS will be bisexual at a minimum, completely gay otherwise. Not interested in playing, or playing with a female character unless she is an npc or side character.
    Critters - Primarily meaning large canines or felines. Kink of mine and does not have to be done AT ALL in the rp, let me know.

    Until we skip-rp across about the space of at least 6-12 months there will be minimal mention of sex. Thereafter I'm aiming for about 50/50% between sex and plot. Yes, there will be sex though, promise, otherwise this would have been posted elsewhere.

    Nikoli(MC)'s an orphan boy, a slave to the Master and Mistress of the house. Little does he know, until his mentor(YC) comes along and finds him, that he is Prince Nikoli Illian II, Heir to the throne and due to be crowned king immediately upon his arrival at the castle. Nikoli of course knows nothing of how to be a prince, or rule a castle. Can his mentor teach him in time? Or is the Kingdom doomed to remain Kingless?

    RP Methods;
    I'd prefer off-Iwaku as opposed to On-Iwaku, but if you want to do it here then that's alright. I can post anywhere from 5+ times a day, to once a week depending on my current muse/mood e.e;