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  1. What are "plot bunnies"? This confuses me a little. I think I may have a general idea of what it is, but I'm not sure. o-o
    Can someone please explain?
    Thanks. ^-^
  2. Well, it's what it sounds like, in a sense- plot bunnies, are just affectionate ways to refer to plot ideas.

    Some people have an over abundance of plot bunnies, some have a problem of having too many at once, some have a problem with not having enough, or their "plot bunnies" dying halfway through the RPs.

    Did that help?
  3. Yes, thank you. ^-^
    I figured it was something along the lines of a "nickname" for plot ideas.
  4. We talk about plot bunnies and muses a lot here.
  5. Plot bunny: pretty much a plot idea. The reason we call them 'bunnies' is because on idea tends to lead to another until you have a whole pile of stories you want to try out! Pretty much they breed like rabbits.

    Muses are another common term; a muse is anything that provides you with inspiration on a regular basis. Some people find nature to be an effective muse, going for walks and whatnot, mine was/is a sort of 'imaginary friend' character that I bounce ideas off of, some people even consider their pets to be muses!
  6. Ooooh, okay. Thanks for explaining. ^^