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  1. I am really no good at recognizing ages so could anyone tell me how old you think this girl looks?

  2. Hard to say, I don't guess people's ages on how they look. I'm 28, and when I tell people that they're always surprised because they think I'm a lot younger. I've also been in retail a long time, and my current job put us through 'Challenge 30' training (if they look under 30 and want to buy something like a kitchen knife, check their ID) and we had to guess the ages of some people from photos, and they all looked like late teens and early 20's... but they were all under 15.

    So, sorry, can't help much here! She looks around 17 but most likely is drastically older or younger.
  3. How old would you say she is?

  4. Based on her face I would say about 15, but overall I would agree with Hondo with the guess of 17 or even 18. Somewhere between there.
  5. I'm terrible at guessing anime ages but maybe... 9ish?
  6. If you're using anime images, you have a lot of leeway for your characters' ages. She could be a teenager if you want her to be.
  7. In anime logic, she might be a teenager or a young adult.

    In reality, she looks like a nine year old.
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  8. 30.

    Japan, man. Japan.
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  9. Do you really need two threads for the same question with different images?

    Also she looks over 20 judging by breast size alone.
  10. Teen to maybe mid 20s
  11. Going off eye-size alone she's under ten.

    FTLOG, don't use this in an RP. It's creepy enough you have to ask twice.
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  12. What can I do about them merging this? They just put the later question as a comment on the first. It makes it confusing.
  13. @Original Pic

    Looks like a lot of make-up and/or plastic surgery or photo shop got used (on the girl, obviously the background and wolf is photo shopped) so that all make sit more unpredictable.

    I'd say it could pass anywhere from 13 (Early Puberty) to 18-19.
    I can see someone in their early 20's keeping that look though putting some heavy effort into it.


    Anime is never consistent with this, so instead of trying to predict what the artists meant I'm going with "what do they realistically look like?".
    And in this case I'm going to assume 9-12.

    14 being possible if heavy effort was put into maintaining it.
    Then again the eyes and the pose could be making her look younger than she really is, so with that in consideration anything from 10-15 would be passable.
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  14. The wolf is clearly underage.
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  15. The first looks 16, the second looks 11
  16. Mid to late teens. (15-19.)

    As for that anime picture... Way too young for whatever you're thinking. Like... Eight? Anime age translates into pedophile defense cases, so, I honestly wouldn't use this picture anywhere. For any reason. "I swear your honour, she looked older than 8!"
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  17. Roleplay does not only have to be sexual.
  18. No, but the disturbing level of detail on that "8-year-old" girl's labia lends itself to that assumption.
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Someone get Brovo a seat, right over there.
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