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Wasn't sure if this is the proper place to put this, though I assume it is... so here is my question. But first, a bit of background:

The last time I even remotely attempted to RP was at RPG [Role play gateway] and for all its flaws, it has a pretty decent RP set up, I admit. However, one thing that kind of confused me a bit was [well a lot of stuff about there confused me but that isn't the point] that the GM in the one RP I joined put up the following disclaimer:

"If you do not want your characters maimed, killed, hurt, kidnapped, etc. do not use them in this RP! Instead create a minor character which you do not mind being bashed up."

To me, this sent the message of: If your character gets beaten up and bruised or potentially killed in one roleplay... it carries said effects into the next roleplay you put it in.

Now, RPG seems to have a different operational means when it comes to RP, and I haven't ever asked any of the mods about that, but the general consensus by the way people were talking, is the summation I had come to before.

Do you guys carry that sort of unspoken rule here, or is that just a bunch of pucky?


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If you do not want your characters maimed, killed, hurt, kidnapped, etc. do not use them in this RP! Instead create a minor character which you do not mind being bashed up.

That's generally saying that in this roleplay, there will be character killing, torturing, etc. Some players aren't cool with that, so I guess your GM wants to open up the option of avoiding those possibilities. In place of your main character suffering, you can opt to throw in a character with a less important role. Like if your main one has comrades of some kind that you're okay with disposing.

This roleplay is separate from any other game you play in, also. You could use your same character for any other game on Iwaku, even if they died or acquired an injury in something else because it will be a completely different story. :] Unless you want this to carry on to the other roleplay, of course. I've seen people make those types of connections before, and I myself have done it.

I hope this helped. We do run things differently around here, it looks like. I'm also very tired right now, so I should quit trying to be useful before I say anything else lame.


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Fluffy explained it nicely. :D

I think the GM just wanted to put that warning up, because some players get really mad if their characters get any sort of injury or have a potential for dying. Cause some people DO like to use the same character in ALL their rps and just continue their story. So even though there's no reason why they can't pretend it "never happened" they don't like to, for whatever reason. D:

Iwaku isn't a site -designed- for all RPs to be connected, but people do it sometimes. XD Sometimes I resuse characters too and use another RPs events as back history. I just ignore all the bits I didn't care for. (unless it actually is a same-universe plot. .__.)


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oh, I see! Thank you guys for clearing that up.

I shall certainly keep that in mind for future RPs. : 3