PARTNER REQUEST QUICK Partner Search (FXF, Modern, Drama?)

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Hi there Iwaku! It's the New Year and while I have a couple roleplays going, I've also lost a couple! I've come here to find a partner who would be interested in a particular plot/pairing I have in mind! It's very specific, so that's why this is so short and to the point! I apologize for my lack of formatting, I'm a bad Asian, and most of my posts look like this.

Anyways, the basics! My name is Sun Lee, and I have been roleplaying for about ten years, and I also write as a hobby, so I like to think I know what I'm doing!

*Please be 18+. I wanted to post this in the Redstar search forum but I don't like adult scenes to make up too much of the roleplay. (And there are people with kink lists longer than the Bible! No judgement, just not my forte.)
*PLEASE be between advanced and adept. By this I mean 3+ paragraphs with details and character interaction. Never apologize for sending a novel!
*Coming back to adult themes, I have no limits on violence, language, drugs or whatever. But if you have any limits please let me know at the start and I will respect them.
*I try to respond same day to most posts, but that's in no way a promise, nor do I expect daily posts from you! Let's say we do our best to try 2+ a week? I can commit to that, and maybe you can too!
*Please be at least semi-aggressive! Granted, in this situation I have a pretty firm plot idea in mind, and a general setting. But aggressive just means if you have ideas I'd love to hear them! I'm not married to a lot of my ideas, so I'm very flexible and more than willing to make this our story.

Anyways I think that's it! So here's the story I'm interested in.

Rich/good girl x Poor/bad girl (Searching for Character A)

Character A is a city girl, born and raised. The last thing she expected was her family to start packing up, and moving into the heart of the south, Missouri. What's in Missouri? Character A might ask? Well, not much more than a business opportunity for an adult; being in the middle of nowhere, this business opportunity leaves Character A with a soft-spot for adventure, an a whole canvas of people with whom to make new friends.

Enter Character B. Meeting in class and seemingly innocuous enough, Character B is one of the few people who doesn't make Character A feel like the odd one out. She's charismatic, boisterous, and even a little bit defensive of her new friend. The two of them form an instant friendship, but it quickly moves past that. Character B becomes a bit taken with Character A, and her plan to rob the wealthier girl, and her family (of whatever valuables seem worth it) fall to the wayside. Now Character B has to convince her family she hasn't gone soft, while not trying to jeopardize the person she may be in love with.



I'm sorry, I'm sure there is a time where I would have more to offer, but this is one of the few stories I want to start a roleplay based on!

Of course if there are any tweaks you'd like to make, in order to make it your style, I understand! Anyways, anyone who is interested, please drop me a line!

(I can offer a writing sample when required too. Just didn't want to make this quick-search thread hang on too long! Message me and I'll be sure to get back to you. Can't wait to hear!)


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I really like this idea! I'd love to write this with you if you're still looking.


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If you're looking for a partner feel free to message me.